Random Intro times yes this is my voice~ Hi guys!
Random Intro times yes this is my voice~ Hi guys!

[ Since I don’t have pictures unfortunately, have some OOC audio? ;w;

Now that I’ve gotten my introductions out there, let’s turn the microphone over to the rest of you. Some questions:

Ice-breakers! Let’s make this cakewalk happen!

What are your favorite desserts? Are you more of a cake person, or do cookies fit your fancy better? Any recipes you’d like to share? Or food in general?

What stories suit your fancy? Do you have a fairy tale you’ve loved growing up? An adventure novel you can’t put down? A detective story you’re into like Jane?

What are some songs/musicals that tugged on your heartstrings? Have that one song you heard on the radio that refuses to leave your head? A musical that left a good impression on you?

Sorry this is really late guys! Also you’re not limited to these question, just putting some ideas out there as this is all optional~ ]