Laurens: Who are you?

Mulligan: Who are you?

Laf: Who are you?

All three: Who who is this kid - 

Laurens: What the heck I gotta do to be with you?

  • Laurens: Hamil-fun
  • Lafayette: Hamil-won
  • Hercules: Hamil-bruhn
  • Burr: Hamil-outrun
  • Washington: Hamil-son
  • Eliza: Hamil-hun
  • Angelica: Hamil-stun
  • King George: Hamil-none
  • Madison: Hamil-done
  • Jefferson: Hamil-get-your-ass-back-to-the-mother-fucking-ca-ribbeAN
Me trying to rap Guns and Ships
  • *song starts playing*
  • Me: Okay I got this, I already know the entire rap
  • *Lafayette starts rapping*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Yup I think I did it

Adrienne and Lafayette are my otp, 

They were in an arranged marriage, had six children and named their son Georges Washington, after the war Lafayette was tried with treason and arrested, Adrienne was arrested as well, survived the reign of terror and her last words to Lafayette were, “I am all yours.” 

Thats the cliff notes version, but please feel free to read up on her, I plan on drawing other Hamilton ladies, like Martha Washington, Sally Hemmings, Dolly Madison, women are just so bad-ass and amazing 


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If you’re having a bad day, just remember that Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury of the US, would  probably definitely cheat on his wife with you