broadway to bluegrass...ish


Didn’t know I needed Georges Washington de Lafayette and Phillip until now. Georges was sent to America during the rein of terror and visited the Hamilton’s house often. He and Phillip were around the same age, so its plausible

Basically a continuation of this

bonnie and clyde the musical asks
  • prologue: where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • picture show: what is your dream profession, whether realistic or not?
  • this world will remember me: how would you like to be remembered after death?
  • you're going back to jail: one aspect of your life, past or present, that you wish you could give a second chance
  • how 'bout a dance: favorite popular song
  • when i drive: describe your hobbies, or something you're really good at
  • god's arms are always open: are you generally a forgiving person?
  • you can do better than him: any experience with jealousy?
  • you love who you love: have you ever loved something that someone else disapproved of?
  • raise a little hell: worst punishment you've ever received, and what for
  • this world will remember us: most you've ever done for attention
  • made in america: do you like where you live? if not, where would you rather be living?
  • too late to turn back now: a decision or mistake you made that changed your life
  • that's what you call a dream: do you ever want to have a family of your own?
  • what was good enough for you: if you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
  • bonnie: list your crushes, past and present
  • raise a little hell reprise: biggest "screw it" moment
  • dyin' ain't so bad: is there anything/one you'd be willing to die for?
  • dyin' ain't so bad reprise: name something you couldn't live without
  • how 'bout a dance reprise: favorite song from a different decade
  • this never happened before: something you fear or that makes you uncomfortable

“Poison and wine” Broadway to Bluegrass…ish

@raminkarimloo and @sierraboggess should sing this freakin’ beautiful song!


omgosh… this is SO sweet!!  The crowd at the 229 joins Ramin in singing “Coming Home”……. I can see now why he had tweeted:

“Hearing folks sing and chant the bits in Broken, Constant Angel, Coming Home, Music of the Night..and some, is something I’ll never forget”

oh, and HERE’s a video of it more full-frame and it shows a bit more of his reaction at 0:45… a little bow and hand over his heart…. #sob



She is Loved

229 Club

26 Nov 12

** At ~0:28 both forget the words…. and don’t miss the look on Ramin’s face when that happens!  LoL!