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i used to be better, i used to be better, i used to be better

i was lucky enough to see The Great Comet on broadway last week (Oak’s second performance as Pierre)!! and now i’m reading war & peace so,,, here’s a pierre

No offense, but Broadway performers, or any performers in general who give their all every night to tell a story, aren’t required to meet you after a performance. Acting and putting on a show is exhausting, they’re tired, anyone who’s ever participated in theatre knows how taxing it is on an individual, I can’t imagine how tired ben platt must be after literally sobbing on stage every night. Please respect artists and actors and know they love you and appreciate you but that shits hard and they are human and they need rest

I want to be a Broadway performer.

I want to have rehearsals six days a week. I want to sign in on a call board. I want to see people at the stage door. I want to sing until my throat is sore. I want to dance until my blisters have blisters. I want to do a scene that leaves both me and the audience in tears.

I want to become friends with the people I perform with. I want to tweet my cast mates inside jokes. I want to inspire people, even if it’s from the smallest part of the ensemble. I want to fall asleep at night with the show on my mind and wake up the same way.

I want to be a Broadway performer.


“Journey to the Past” Christy Altomare Live Performance @ College-Conservatory of Music | ANASTASIA The Musical

So for the Tony's this weekend...

I wanna do what I did last year cause you all are super talented and I love it!! If you enjoy Broadway and want to perform/sing a Broadway song, go ahead and share a vid of you singing a Broadway song! I’m doing it on Twitter too with #TonysWithThomas! Use that hashtag so I can find and reblog!! I wanna do this all weekend so you’ve got some time! 🎭

hey look it’s your daily reminder that it costs $0 to be kind and respectful to broadway performers

Hey do you love the Great Comet?

Lets support the work of it’s stars!

Gelsey Bell also has two solo albums.

Brittian Ashford writes and sings songs, she also has a band called Prairie Empire!

Grace McLean has a band too! Grace McLean and Them Apples!

ok so like most of the cast has a solo career… and they are all amazing! 

Rachel Chavkin has an experimental theater group call the Team, and they are currently working on a project titled “Primer for a Failed Superpower. She is also directing Hadestown, which might transfer to Broadway. Bradley King is also the lighting Designer for Hadestown.

Dave Malloy is writing a musical about Moby Dick. But you can also listen to his music on the cast recordings for Ghost Quartet and Preludes!  

Lucas Steele has talked about wanting to direct, and if that happens  go see the work he directs! 

Follow these artists, because they are going to do some amazing work! 

Beyond that go see off and off-off Broadway shows. Thats where shows like Comet are getting made, tiny theatres with nothing to lose are producing the best work! Go see your local theatres shows! There is theatre outside of Broadway, go support it! There is so much amazing work out there go find the next Comet! Look at Ars Nova, next time your in New York, go see a show there, go see a show at the Mckitterick Hotel! Go see a show at the New York Theatre Workshop! There is so much theatre out there, that isn’t an adaptation of a popular movie, and isn’t a jukebox musical. Show Broadway we demand better by supporting better shows! 

Full Musicals 🎭🎈😻

The most annoying thing is being unable to watch the musicals you love.

Here, I’ve compiled the links to full or two-part musicals for your viewing!

NOTE: Not all of these are of the same quality, and not all of these are Broadway performances. This is a growing list. If there is a different portrayal of a musical you would like to see, just ask. Also, if there is a specific musical I haven’t added to the list, feel free to let me know! Thanks :)

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


Catch Me If You Can

The Phantom of the Opera

Love Never Dies

Jekyll and Hyde  -Act One     ~  Jekyll and Hyde -Act Two

Jesus Christ Superstar

Les Miserables (10th Anniversary)

My Fair Lady (Movie)


Bonnie and Clyde

Sweeny Todd

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Beauty and the Beast

Legally Blonde

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