broadway kids: sophia gennusa


Happy trails to Beatrice “Queen Bea” Tulchin, who takes her final bow as Amanda today.

Since everyone in Matilda fandom knows how amazing Beatrice is, I don’t really need to say anything, but I will anyway: Bea is one of the best dancers I’ve seen onstage in my life, of ANY age.  It never mattered who I intended to watch during Bruce or Revolting Children; my eyes always gravitated towards her.  She has tremendous stage presence and a lovely singing voice as well.  Should she so choose, we’ll be seeing her onstage for years to come.


happy trails to jill paice, who will take her final bow as miss honey today.  i’ll miss her sweet, gentle nature and fragility as miss honey.   she broke my heart every single time i saw her.

an audio of jill as miss honey, if you’ve somehow missed hearing her, can be found here:


happy trails to sophia gennusa, who is taking her final bow as matilda.  sophia was the first matilda i ever saw (and the only one i’ve seen multiple times.)  she is truly a unique matilda, with the most sophisticated, interesting, unusual take on the role - i’ll miss her so much and am so grateful to have seen her second-to-last performance.


so…bailey’s final show.

i literally don’t know where to begin.  SUCH A GREAT SHOW. 

i guess i should start with bailey.  look, even the matildas i don’t like, i have things i like about.  they’re all talented girls.  but bailey is one of those one in a million young performers who, beyond unusual ability, has such star quality you know you’ll be seeing her again.  i compare her to anna kendrick often, and i really think she’ll go from broadway as a girl to an incredible adult career, be it onscreen or onstage or both. 

there are other matildas i think have star quality, for sure, but bailey has so much maturity as a performer it’s downright staggering.  it’s not just charisma, though she has that.  she understands nuance, subtlety, comedic timing; she has instincts for when to play something big, when to dial it down, when to let someone else take focus and when she needs to command the stage.  while she doesn’t have the raw quality i tend to appreciate in younger performers - she’s very polished, a complete professional - i think what bailey has accomplished is more impressive in the long run.  she’s mastered things you don’t anticipate seeing in a child actor.  and i believe in not dismissing child actors by saying “oh, they’re so young, you can’t expect much from them."  you can and i do, but bailey has made me reevaluate just how much you can expect.  

(read more for more details about bailey’s final performance and comments on the other performers, including betsy, ben, sean and thayne.)

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