broadway kids: emma howard


Happy trails to Beatrice “Queen Bea” Tulchin, who takes her final bow as Amanda today.

Since everyone in Matilda fandom knows how amazing Beatrice is, I don’t really need to say anything, but I will anyway: Bea is one of the best dancers I’ve seen onstage in my life, of ANY age.  It never mattered who I intended to watch during Bruce or Revolting Children; my eyes always gravitated towards her.  She has tremendous stage presence and a lovely singing voice as well.  Should she so choose, we’ll be seeing her onstage for years to come.


and finally, happy trails to jared parker, who will take his final bow as nigel today.

another kid who never fails to crack the audience up every single time, i can’t wait to see how jared’s inevitable future in comedy plays out.  and i still think he’d be a great gavroche when the inevitable les miz kid recasting comes around.