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  • Friend: Are you okay?
  • Me to myself: To my recollection, Eliza is the only character who has a pony tail in act two, which is kinda weird. Except, if you think about it, all the characters in act 1 that have a ponytail (Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, etc.)are fighting in a war. But Eliza's battles are in act 2. Her husband's affair, the loss of her son, Alexander's death, and her 50 year struggle to preserve his legacy from the slandering of his enemies. She also had to raise 7 other children by herself and-
  • Me: I'm fine.
lin-manuel miranda show lines that i relate to

“i never win shit”

“hey guys it’s me, the biggest disappointment you know”


“hamilton sit down”

“i can never be satisfied”

“a mess she looked pathetic”

“ive never seen this much money in my life”

“i disagree”

“actually, it said us navy”

“talk less” “im sorry what” “shut up, go home and pull your damn pants up”

“I think a lot about trying to meet the moment as honestly as possible, because I don’t pretend to have any answers. In fact, I have infinitely more questions than answers.”

LAFAYETTE: nobody calls marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert du motier de lafayette, marquis de lafayette a liar!

ALEXANDER: nobody has the time

  • Hamilton: would you like to join us, or stay mellow doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello?
  • Jefferson: which is Madison
  • Hamilton: excuse me?
  • Jefferson: nothing
  • Washington: *thinking* if I see another gay person I'm going to cry

hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))


You guys.



and if they do the entire series we’ll get to see NICO FREAKIN DI ANGELO SING

An Afternoon Well Spent

“Greetings and salutations.”

You opened your front door to reveal Jason Dean standing on your porch, holding a bouquet of sunflowers in his hands.

“Oh, hello.” You said, remembering that your mother said he was coming by today to hang out with you. She insisted you could do with the social interaction and that Jason Dean and you would get along well.

He looked down at the flowers before handing them out to you. “My dad may or may not have mentioned that your mom and you share the same favorite flower, so I thought you’d both enjoy these.”

“Well thank you,” You told him, taking them from his grasp and opening the door more for him. “Won’t you come in?”

Jason smiled at you. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” He said, stepping inside as you closed the door behind him. “Quite the place you got here.”

“Hmm? Oh, thank you.” You said to him, turning to see him looking around your living room, apparently scanning the photographs that were lining the walls.

You moved into the kitchen, setting the sunflowers down to fetch a vase from the cupboards.

“You don’t talk very much do you?”

The sudden volume of his voice made you jump, almost sending the glass vase shattering to the ground. You whirled around only to come face to face with Jason, who was now hovering over you.

“Yes, so I’ve been told,” You answered, moving around him to place the flowers in the water. “I’m afriad I’m not much of a people person.”

Jason raised an eyebrow at you, following you around the kitchen. “I could say the same for myself, there’s a certain subset of people I’d rather not talk to.”

You placed your hands in your pockets as you shifted uncomfortably. “I could show you around the house, if you’d like?”

Jason made a sweeping motion with his hand. “Lead the way.”

So you did, showing him all the rooms downstairs and a small overview of the basement. You tried to keep a good bit of distance between the two of you, but everytime you blinked he seemed to be pressed right up to your shoulder.

To be honest you had no idea what to do with him, he didn’t seem like the ‘grab a book and read to classic music’ sort of fellow, you rarely had people over to hang out with, and the ones that did were close and intimate friends.

“Have you read all these books?” Jason asked as he walked up to one of the bookcases that lined the one wall of the basement.

“Um, most of them, yes.” You answered, your hands were slightly pulling onto the ends of your cardigan.

“Really? That’s a lot of words,” He said with a smile, his hand flipping through one of the thicker. “Which one’s your favorite?”

“Look,” You said with a heavy huff as your grip tightened. “I know your only here because our parents are making you hang out with me,” You explained as your eyes remainded trained on your hands. “But you really don’t have to pretend to care about what I’m interested in,” You laughed bitterly. “Hell, you can leave if you want to, I can always just tell my mom you were here.”

Jason looked at you for a good couple of seconds before putting the book away and moving to sit on the end of the arm of the sofa infront of you. “Hey, it’s not like that,” He said, titling his head fowards so he could look at you. “I mean my dad doesn’t really care what I do, he didn’t make me come over.”

Your gaze snapped to him. “Well then what did you come for?”

Jason shrugged and gave you that charming smile again. “Cause I wanted to hang out with you.”

Still trapped in your own denial you laughed again. “So what? Is my mom like paying you or something?” You asked as you started to fidget again. “Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Wait what?” Jason asked, lightly pulling on your hands before you tore a hole into the knitted material. “Come on, I dont think you’re that bad.”

You looked at him and offered a weak smile. “I told you, I’m not a people person. I’m usually a bit boring to hang around after so long, so I just stopped briging others over.”

“Well luckily for you, I happen to get along with all kinds of people,” He said, still holding onto your hands. “And I for one, don’t mind if you spend the next four hours going on about the books you like to read.”

You looked at him before smiling. “You don’t mean that.”

“Oh but I do!” He said, tilted his head to give you a funny expression. “I take great joy in listening to the things others are passionate about, it’s a great way to get to know a person.”

“Well…,” You trailed off, gaze going back to the bookshelves. “There is this one book,” You dropped his hands to locate it on the shelf, brushing your hand over the cover before giving it to him.

Pride & Prejudice,” He read aloud, opening to the first couple of pages. “A classic literature sort of girl then?”

You nodded enthusiastically. “People sometimes think I’m just trying to be pretentious whenever I read them or talk about them. But they really are good reads.”

Jason smiled before looking up at you. “Didn’t peg you as the flittery romance type.”

“Oh no,” You said, shaking your head as you took the book from him, holding it close to you. “This is a lot more than that. It’s a story about how to people come to grow fond of one another, it’s not the usual love at first sight sort of thing, the two characters grow a lot over the course of the story, and in the end they find solace in one another and live happily,” You finished, looking over at Jason before feeling a rush of embarrassment flow over you.

“I rambled didn’t I?” You said with a laugh before setting the book to the side.

“See that’s what I was talking about,” He said, giving you a bright grin. “Unadulterated passion over something you love, it’s great!” He took the book from where it was sitting. “If you like it so much maybe I should give it a read?”

“You can, but I don’t think it’s the sort of thing you’d enjoy,” You told him, before getting an idea. “But you might like this one instead,”

You returned to his side and presented him with the book. “Just a feeling I had.”

“The Count of Monte Cristo, eh?” He asked, giving it a look over. “What’s it about?”

“I’ll let you figure that out.”

Jason smiled. “Alright, I’ll trust the expert on this one.”

“Again, sorry if I wasn’t the best of company.” You told him as you walked him to the door.

“Are you kidding? I mean really, today was great!” He rejected as he stepped out of the opened door. “You’re really more interesting than you give yourself credit for, and hey,” Jason said as held up his book. “Now I have something to look forward to.”

“Well I hope you enjoy it.”

“Maybe I could stop by again later this week? Tell you what I think?” He asked, giving you a smile.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” You returned his smile and then sighed. “I hope you have a good day, Jason.”

“J.D” He corrected.


“My friends call me J.D,” He told you, giving you a wink before he walked down your porch, waving once before he hopped on his bike and sped away.

A/n: This was like, really bad so I’m sorry about that, I don’t really know how to write well for characters like J.D, so I’m sorry if this is really awkward but I did my best :,)

romantic feelings- the squip x reader

Anonymous said: idk i saw ur post act being v sexually attracted to the squip and i thought to myself, well same, and i was wondering if u could do a squip x gender questioning reader? or one where the reader has a crush on squip and squip finds out

summary: the squip thinks ur hot, and u happen to think theyre hot as well. also ur queer as FUCK 

warnings: gender dysphoria, embarrasmentish

a/n: why not BOTH???? anyways hello there i don’t know why i like the squip BUT I THIRST FOR THEM gahhh also the squip will go by they/them idk why i feel its more respectful that way?????

you looked in the mirror, staring your reflection down. you were wearing a tight red dress, and were unsure of how you looked in it. you turned to the squip, a look of sheer smugness on their face. 

“what?” you asked frowning. they looked at you and rolled their eyes. 

all you humans are oblivious if you are still a virgin by the end of this night” he states, making your jaw drop. 

“what the- why would you say something like that?” you stuttered, blushing. the squip was attractive, and he did ‘flirt’ with you, but he was never this forward. 

so you think im attractive?” they smirked. you groaned and flopped on the bed. 

“i forgot you were in my head.”

“i am, luckily, so i also know, that this dress doesn’t suit you.” he laughed, making you sit up.

“what?” you were startled by their words.

i understand that you look stunning in this dress but you don’t want to wear it, not really. i think you want to wear something else. something more… you.” they state. you look at it, confused. they motioned you to follow and you did, letting them lead you towards your dads closet. in it, lay a suit in pristine condition, from his prom. you gasp as you run your hand through the fabric. 

“how did you-?” 

i don’t sleep when you do, y/n. i have lots of free time to explore…

“ok then…” you laughed, and started to undress. the squip “blushed” as you start to put the suit on. you chuckled as you twirled around in it, admiring the feel and the look of the suit on you. 

beautiful.” they breathe, and it was your turn to blush. 

“lets go fuck up some prom people.” you grin, running to your car. 

you were flirting with some girls, and squip was fuming behind you. you didn’t notice them, too engaged in your own conversations to care that the squip was about to kill someone. you felt a stern grip on your shoulder when you started to lean into one of the girls. you turned to see the squip glaring at you. 

lets get out of here.” it whispers through gritted teeth. you roll your eyes and get up, but was then stopped by michael and jeremy. 

“jeremy!” you exclaim, smiling and hugging him. you move onto michael, and the squip notices you cling onto michael a little longer than necessary. he kisses your hand and you two start to talk, leaving the squip jealous of michael and jeremy jealous of you. eventually you two, finished with your conversation, join jeremy to the dance floor. as the music gets more heated, you find yourself grinding on michael. 

of course, it was just a joke between two friends, but the squip didn’t see it that way. they knew you thought you two were just friends, but form what michael was thinking, the squip knew something else was going to happen if they didn’t put an end to this right now. they grabbed you arm and started to pull you away. 

not only would hooking up with michael be career suicide, but the squip would be broken if you chose anyone other than them, they’d be broken. you huffed away and then confronted the squip in your car. 

“what the fuck was that?” you seethed. 

i-uh- i think i may have contracted romantic feelings for you.”