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Musical Theatre Challenge: [4/6] duets
↳ Take Me or Leave Me (Rent)

That’s it, the straw that breaks my back
I quit, unless you take it back
Women, what is it about them?
Can’t live

With them or without them

I was going to make an audio of the professional recording of “Stay With Me” and Ben Platt’s cover playing at the same time, but Ben’s cover is 55 seconds longer than the original because of all his riffing and now I can’t stop laughing because honestly I should’ve expected that

when i said i wanted a supergirl musical episode i meant, a Supergirl. Musical. Episode. not a crossover with the flash where kara sings like twice. i want a karaoke episode, Kara and Winn singing duets and broadway musicals and then roping Alex into signing so she goes up and serenades Maggie and Maggie’s panties just dROP because ‘damn Danvers i knew you had some impressive lungs on you but not like this’ which ofc makes Alex blush 50 shades of red

and then James goes up and impresses tf outta everyone bc ‘oh my god james i didnt know you could sing!!’ 

j’onn softly croaks out some raspy martian song that has everyone in tears (he tells them later that it was a lullaby he sang many time to his daughters) and kara and alex sing together and lena and maggie are simply dying okay they’re so gay for the danvers sisters. 

maggie goes up and screams some rock anthem that she knows alex used to love and alex is so embarassed that maggie even knows that (eliza showed her the pictures of alex’s rebelious years and maggie thought it was adorable) 

lena and maggie then teaming up to sing some sappy love song to the danvers sisters and eliza thinks it just about the funniest thing ever, the way her daughters just melt

just, the supersquad having a good time and singing together


honestly blessed tbh 

My friend, Naima-san, just shared this snapshot of the songs in the new Frozen Broadway show.

Hans gets a solo song “Hans of the Southern Isles" with 2 reprises and it looks like there is also song called “Monster”, which is sung by Hans, Elsa and the volunteers—so it’s a semi-duet? ^^ It seems it’s probably the scene in the Ice Palace (“Don’t be the monster they fear you are!”).

Neat if there are actual duet phrasing in the song between the pair! :)

I just hope they keep how it happened and the depth of the scene from the film intact! (With Hans saving Elsa and being the only one able to get through to her with his wise words!)

Plus, it appears there are a couple of duets between Anna and Kristoff, and a lullabye! :)

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RFA reacts to catching MC singing along to phantom of the Opera soundtrack

I haven’t watched the musical so it’s not all Phantom gifs but i tried ;-; ~~ mod stranger

Zen: *inner diva triggered*

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Yoosung: tfw when your bae hits that high note

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Jaehee: she thinks you’re pretty good at singing at first until she hears you belt out the more difficult songs like it’s nothing to you

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V: he just overhears you singing to phantom of the opera a bit and then suddenly he hears you hit the high notes and he’s like ‘HOLD UP!’

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Seven: he’s going to make you duet other broadway musical songs with him (and he has all the costumes too)

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Jumin: starts singing along to you with a very VERY operatic voice (jumin sings opera fight me)

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Saeran: kidnaps you and starts to train you to be an amazing opera singer

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That Would Be Enough - vocal score and piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Transcribed by: Courtnie H (@thefrozen-phantomof-hogwarts​) and Alexandra Taylor (@pianissimomezzoforte)

AGAIN thanks to @thefrozen-phantomof-hogwarts​‘s here is another vocal transcription for the singers out there who needed this type of score for their accompanists and auditions!

It’s long so please:



Laura Osnes and Husband sing “A Whole New World”

@eponniia and I were talking about how much we appreciate the beautiful duo that is Laura Osnes and her husband Nathan Johnson, and here they are singing the song that literally brought them together, and just being generally adorable. Appreciate it, folks. ;)

Band & Youtubers Masterlist...

You guys asked for one so here you go :) Will try and keep updated every month…enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending me those imagines :)

-Beth *fangirl94stuff*


All Time Low

Finding out he has a crush on you (Jack)

Acoustic (Jack)

Attention seeker (Jack)

Bookshop Encounters (Jack)

Movie Night Trouble (Jack) (SMUT)

Did We Forget Something? (Jack)

Backseat Serenade (Jack)

Omegle Boy (Alex)

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex)

Time Bomb Dawson (Alex)

Vocal Rest (Alex)

Things Always Happen In Lifts (Alex)

Dammed If I Do Ya (Alex)

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack)

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack) (TRIGGER)

Fall Out Boy

Demon Patrick (1/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (2/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (3/3) (Patrick)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Patrick)

Stumped Love (Patrick)

Age Is Just A Number (Patrick)

Skype Sex (Patrick) (SMUT)

Pete sets you up (Patrick)

The Proposal (Patrick)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick) (SMUT)

My Student (Patrick) (SMUT)

Dirty Boy (Patrick) (SMUT)

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick)

He walks into your music class (Andy)

Just A Girl (Andy)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Pete)

You interview them (Pete & Patrick)

Cheering him up (Pete)

Fall Out (Pete)

Summer Makeover (Pete)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Colour (Pete)

Stop Biting Your Lip (Pete)

High School Flirt (Pete)

Out Of My League (Pete)

Pet Shelter (Pete)

Tall Cuddles (Pete)

Wet Dream (Pete) (SMUT)

Two Can Be Better Than One (Pete & Joe)

Tease (Joe) (SMUT)

Model Love (Joe)

Pierce The Veil

Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (1/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (2/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (3/3) (Whole Band)

New merch girl (Vic)

Height Doesn’t Matter (Vic)

Show Me What Love Is (Vic)

Firebug (Vic)

Broadway Duet (Vic)

Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic)

Beautiful Scars On Critical Veins (Vic)

Celebrity Crush (Vic)

Little Baby Fuentes (Mike)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mike)

Show Me Your Best Tattoo (Mike)

Dance In The Rain (Mike)

Drumming Lesson (Mike)

A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony)

Girls Can Play Guitar (Tony)

Skater Boy (Tony)

Comic Con (Tony)

Be The Luigi To My Mario (Jaime)

Record Store (Jaime)

Panic! at the Disco

Runner Runner (Brendon)

Strangers On A Plane (Brendon)

Coffee Shop Conversations (Brendon)

Defending you from haters (Brendon)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Brendon)

Meeting your parents for the first time (Brendon)

Late night Skyping (Brendon)

You’re his stylist (Brendon)

He’s a Vampire (Brendon)

Reading P!ATD smut (Brendon)

Signing (Brendon)

Black Veil Brides

Stay Behind (Andy)

Meet Uncle Andy (Andy)

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy)

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover (Andy)

Easter Egg Hunt (Andy)

Young Love (Andy)

I Can Date Who I Want (Andy & Oli Sykes)

Earthquake Shock (Ashley)

I’m Not One Of Your Whores (Ashley)

Purdy’s Girl (Ashley)

At The Rock Show (Ashley)

Daddy Jinxx (Jinxx) (SMUT)

My Boyfriend Is A Vampire (Jinxx)

Candy Shop (CC)

Of Mice & Men

Secret Kisses (Alan)

Cat In A Tree (Alan)

Food Court (Alan)

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan & Austin)

Daddy’s Little Dancer (Austin)

Not Just Another Girl (Austin)

Best Friends Before Hoes (Austin)

Friends With Benefits (Austin)

Christmas Surprise (Austin)

Duet Love (Austin)

Lady and the Tramp (Austin)

The Amity Affliction

Signing (Whole Band)

First meeting (Ahren)

Not Just Another Merch Girl (Ahren)

More Than Friends (Ahren) (SMUT)

Bring Me The Horizon

He finds your scars (Oli)

Kiss At Midnight (Oli)

How he wakes you up (Oli)

Sweet Nothings (Oli)

Dark Secrets (Oli)

Best Little Sister (Oli)

Cuddle Buddies (Oli)

I Can Date Who I Want (Oli & Andy Biersack)

Old Friends (Nicholls)

Sleeping with Sirens

Dedicates a song to you (Kellin)

Your family disapproves but he tells you he loves you (Kellin)

Possessive Quinn (Kellin)

Family Stick Together (Kellin)

Santa Kellin (Kellin)

Take Me Away (Kellin)

Alone (Kellin) (TRIGGER?)

Motionless In White

Scream My Name (Chris) (SMUT)

Dance With Me (Chris)

Parental Disaster (Chris)

Be My Cannibal Queen (Chris)

Guitar Shop (Ricky)

The Stripper (Ricky) (SMUT)

Camp Counsellors (Ryan)

Beat Me Black And Blue (Ryan)

Lost In The Crowd (Ryan)

Corpse Bride (Devin)

Demonic Ragdoll (Josh)

Asking Alexandria

Camera Crush Pt.1 (Denis)

Camera Crush Pt.2 (Denis)

Blogger Blues (Ben)

Tease (Ben) (SMUT)

Twenty One Pilots

Baby Preparation (Josh)

Daddy? (Josh) (SMUT)

Crazy Meeting (Josh)

First Word (Tyler)

Falling In Reverse

Haunted House Scares (Ronnie) (SMUT)

Teenage Kisses (Ronnie)

Rough Patch (Ronnie)


Promise Ring (Lynn)

Rude Barista (Alex)

New Years Day

You’re My Girlfriend (Ash)

You Me At Six

Red Carpet Proposal (Josh)

My Chemical Romance

The Busker (Gerard)

Street Artist (Gerard)

I Trust You (Gerard) (SMUT)

You’re Mine (Frank) (SMUT)

The 1975

Surprise Encounter (Matt)

Set It Off

Please Take One Small Bite For Me! (Cody) (TRIGGER?)


Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Calum’s Little Munchkin (Calum)

State Champs

Don’t Listen To The Haters (Derek)

Imagine Dragons

Wake Me Up (Dan)

Violent New Breed

Lift Your Spirit (Max)


Dan Howell

Daddy’s Little Girl

Do You Like What You See (Dan & Phil)

Ice Skater Blues

Secret Tattoo

Halloween Costume

Make Love Not War

You’re Beautiful

Phan Is Real? (Dan & Phil)

Takes care of you when you’re ill

Finding out he has a crush on you

Help them escape from fans (Dan & Phil)

Friendly Pain

Love At First Twirl

First Night Nerves

Caught Red Handed (SMUT)

Dirty VidCon Messages (SMUT)

Publicity Love 

Existential Crisis

Phil Lester

Tries to get you out of bed

Finding out he has a crush on you

Best friends (Dan & Phil)

Jack & Finn

Cheers you up on Skype (Finn)

Bored in class (Jack & Finn)

Chris Kendall

Making faces behind the camera

how to find the types when you lose them in a crowd
  • ENTJ: challenge anyone listening to a competition. make it very clear that you are the best and no one has ever beaten you
  • ENTP: look for crowds of people looking mystified but interested and shout "wait, I have a better idea!"
  • ESFP: ask if anyone knows anything cool to do around here. doesn't matter if they're not local
  • ESFJ: yell "MOM." doesn't matter if they don't have kids
  • ESTP: pretend to make a call ordering a massive and wildly high tech bounce house
  • ISTP: play a really badly recorded song and screw up the EQ on the speakers
  • ISFP: "has anyone ever heard of [insert really obscure band, movie, etc.]?"
  • INFP: "all fanfiction sucks"
  • INTP: "they should have taken the eagles to mordor"
  • ENFP: start singing a broadway or Disney duet
  • ISFJ: mention offhandedly that you haven't eaten yet today and prepare to be dragged off to fix that
  • ESTJ: put up obnoxiously tacky decorations that you wouldn't mind being thrown at you
  • INFJ: if telepathy doesn't work, drop some kind of bomb in a debate and seek out the most powerful death stare
  • ENFJ: look for quiet areas where they may be having serious conversations and assert your place in line
  • ISTJ: tell a story about something that happened to the two of you, but get some detail colossally wrong
  • INTJ: ask if anyone has taken the mbti test

30 Day Theatre Challenge: Day 7

Favorite Duet

The Point of No Return from The Phantom of the Opera is one of my all time favorite duets. Erik and Christine’s passion is this song is so intense, and the choreography, and the lyrics, and the pure wonderful-ness. It’s perfect. I love Broadway versions, but Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum hold a special place in my heart. <3

Can we duet? A collection of musical theatre duets that I love and cherish. 

Seventeen|| Heathers: The Musical \ Falling Slowly|| Once \ Unworthy Of Your Love|| Assassins \ Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad {Reprise}|| Bonnie & Clyde \ Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind|| Spring Awakening \ Sunrise|| In the Heights \ A Whole New World|| Aladdin \ My Eyes|| Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog \ I Hate You|| If/Then \ Mr. & Mrs. Smith|| SMASH \ Something to Believe In|| Newsies \ All I Ask Of You|| Phantom of the Opera \ Heart Shaped Wreckage|| SMASH \