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Musical Theatre Themed Ask

Some musical theatre related questions I often find mylsef thinking about:

1. What was the first musical you saw?

2. What musical got you really  into theatre?

3. Who was your first Broadway crush?

4. Name three of your current Broadway crushes.

5. Name four of your dream roles.

6. Favourite off-broadway show:

7. Favourite cast recording.

8. 2013 Tony opening number or 2016 Tony opening number?

9. Favourite show currently on Broadway.

10. A musical that closed and you’re still bitter about. Rant a bit.

11. Best stage to screen adaptation?

12. Worst  stage to screen adaptation?

13. Favourite #ham4ham?

14. A musical you would love to see produced by Deaf West?

15. If you could revive any musical, which one would it be and who would you cast in it?

16. If you could go to a concert at the 54 below, who’s would it be?

17. Do you watch vlogs? Which one is your favourite?

18. Make a broadway related confession.

19. What do musicals mean to you?

20. Express some love for understudies and swings!

21. Best Disney musical:

22. Which Disney movie should be made into a musical?

23. Which musical fandom has the funniest memes?

24. Name a character from a musical you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

25. Name a Broadway star you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

26. Best on stage chemistry?

27. A Broadway duo you love.

28. What book, tv show, movie, biography, video game, etc. should be turned into a musical?

29. If you could make a jukebox musical, what artist or genre would you pick?

30. Favourite role played by _________________?

31. What musical has made you cry the most?

32. What musical has made you laugh the most?

33. Current showtune stuck in you head:

34. A musical that has left you thinking about life for a long time or deeply inspired you.

35. If you could perform any ensemble number , which one would you pick?

36. Name a musical you didn’t like at first but ended up loving.

37. What are some customes you’d love to try on?

38. Favourite dance break.

39. Favourite Starkid musical:

40. What’s a musical more people should know about?

41. What are some lines from musicals you really like?

42. Name a Tony performance you rewatch and rewatch.

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you might get an ovation

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, lin-manuel miranda x reader, daveed x reader x lin (i think that’s how this should be listed idk) 

request: @iamafangirlforeverthing​: “Can you write a reader imagine where daveed and Lin compete for her affections and just pure nsfw…” and @itsme-ashley-marie​: “Can I get some super kinky role play?!” AND @derpypenguin​: “Lin smut with maybe some nice daddy/sir kink with some bondage maybe??”

summary: lin and daveed are both super into reader. she goes with this for a little, before they realize there’s only one way to make them all happy.

warnings: NSFW, smut, flirting, wall sex, dom/sub, begging, dirty talk, clippng lyrics, oral sex, prof/student roleplay, bath sex, threesome (kinda…), spitroasting, mentions of other kinks,

word count: 4,936

a/n: i am going straight to hell. probably tomorrow, honestly. title from clippng’s “wriggle.” this was fun. enjoy!! lemme know whatchu think!! the sequel to this smut sin is here 

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broadwaygirlnyc: Remember that time #WillRoland showed #DarrenCriss, #MikeFaist, #AnthonyRosenthal & me how to use the #flashlight on a #secondphone to #light a #selfie? #Throwback to the #speechanddebate #filmpremiere!!! 📱📸👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 #premiere #photography #speechanddebatefilm #dearevanhansen #falsettos #crushes #cuteboys #broadway #fangirling #squadgoals #flashback #boys


A 2010 video of Lucas Steele (with Hetalia France-esque hair) performing “Breathe Me” by Sia

Theatre Asks
  • 1: First musical you saw?
  • 2: Last musical you saw?
  • 3: First straight play you saw?
  • 4: Last straight play you saw?
  • 5: First musical movie you saw?
  • 6: Last musical movie you saw?
  • 7: Favorite musical(s)?
  • 8: Least favorite musical(s)?
  • 9: Favorite play(s)?
  • 10: Least favorite play(s)?
  • 11: Favorite actor(s)?
  • 12: Favorite actress(es)?
  • 13: Most overrated musical(s)?
  • 14: Most underrated musical(s)?
  • 15: Most overrated play(s)?
  • 16: Most underrated play(s)?
  • 17: Favorite scene(s)?
  • 18: Favorite musical number(s)?
  • 19: Favorite role(s)?
  • 20: Favorite composer(s)?
  • 21: Favorite score(s)?
  • 22: Favorite movie musical(s)?
  • 23: Least favorite movie musical(s)?
  • 24: Favorite film adaption of a play?
  • 25: Least favorite film adaption of a play?
  • 26: Favorite show you've been in?
  • 27: Least favorite show you've been in?
  • 28: What kind of theatre excites you?
  • 29: Favorite warm-up?
  • 30: How did you get into theatre?
  • 31: Who are your biggest inspirations when it comes to theatre?
  • 32: What is your dream show?
  • 33: What is your dream role?
  • 34: What musical would you like to see turn into a movie?
  • 35: A showtune that describes _____?
  • 36: Dream cast for _____?
  • 37: A show that you hate that most people like?
  • 38: A show that you like that most people hate?
  • 39: Broadway crush?
  • 40: Have you ever had stage fright?
  • 41: A role that you feel you've been cheated out of?
  • 42: Have you taken a theatre class?
  • 43: Best experience in the theatre?
  • 44: Worst experience in the theatre?
  • 45: Funniest experience in the theatre?
  • 46: Weirdest experience in the theatre?
  • 47: Favorite thing about theatre?
  • 48: Least favorite thing about theatre?
  • 49: Favorite choreography in a show?
  • 50: If you could have dinner with any 3 Broadway people (actors, composers, directors, etc) who would it be with and why?