broadway bomb


This time last weekend I was hurting….. Hurting in the best way after Skating 8.5 miles through downtown Manhattan as  part of the Broadway bomb. I flew to NYC to meet up with a few friends from Sector 9 Skateboards and we had a blast. Luckily for me though, I didn’t have to stay with the crew of five dudes at the Sector 9 pad on Bleeker…haha… I flew in solo, hopped the train to Williamsburg and stayed with my friend Steph, who always seems to have a place for me to crash when I go to the city. I love her for that!! I enjoyed an amazing first night in(which is a shocker) breaking in Steph’s kitchen at her new place, chilling and checking out the view of the Williamsburg Bridge from her rooftop. While I was in the city for a few short days I skated the Chelsea Skate Park which is a mega challenge for me. Its so big and fast that its a little frightening. I love watching the local guys skate it though, they draw amazing lines and get so much speed out of the perfect transitions there. Friday night before the race, as I was leaving a place called the Rusty Knott, i notice the moon was getting full. I walked across the street to the edge of the Hudson River and saw the most amazing sight. The moon was almost full and its shine off the river was stunning. I don’t think the photo I took does it justice…

The race itself was amazing. This year there were over 1,000 skaters participated in the Broadway Bomb which starts at 114th st. and runs all the way down to wall street, ending with a bbq and a few beers in Battery Park.  Compared with the 400 last year, the race was bigger and better than its ever been. Imagine a critical mass bikeride on skateboards. That’s the Broadway Bomb. Unregulated, unharnessed, unstoppable skateboarders racing through the busiest streets in New York City.  At the end of the race we were all beat. Calves so tight it felt like a golf ball had been implanted in mine. We hung at the park for a bit then headed to Cafe Habana-my favorite food spot in NY. The place was so busy we ordered food from the takeaway counter and ate on the street. It couldn’t have worked out better since the weather was so epic and none of us cared whether we sat on a bench on the sidewalk or a booth indoors. Nothing beats a good, healthy meal after flogging your body through fun activities like skating. 



cops R so dumb

Ok. The Broadway Bomb weekend of 2013 was pretty cool. There was a turn out of around 1,500+ skaters from all around the world. Got to see a ton of people that I haven’t seen in what feels like ages. Unfortunately, the slide jam scheduled for sunday was shut down by the police. A lot of us met up around Central Park and still had a pretty chill time. Check back later this week for more photos.