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Clinging to This Hating Game 6/?

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the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~3900 (this chapter)

Forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink of course

Everything wonky is my fault.

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So I was considering adding to this part, which is why I was going to hold it a few days, but on reflection I think I like it as is. And I think they go better closer together.

WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER: Attempted sexual assault, homophobic slurs


Chapter 6

Kurt cut school on Friday too. Rachel had texted him to tell him that Blaine had also been accepted and asking him if he’d gotten a letter. Kurt ignored her.

His family had indulged him, and Finn had even been kind enough not to tell Rachel Kurt had been rejected, until Kurt had decided it would be easier for Finn to do it and then he wouldn’t have to answer any questions on Monday. Kurt turned his phone off completely after her seventh text asking how he was and what was he going to do now.

Monday turned out to be unbearable anyway. He managed to avoid talking to Rachel until glee club, but she went on and on until Kurt had to stop her.

“Rachel. You need to stop. You and Blaine can run off to New York together and be Broadway besties and I will stay here in Lima and become the first flaming midwestern car mechanic of Ohio.” The whole class went silent. “But until then could you keep your thrilling futures to yourselves? Please?” He wasn’t probably being unfair to Blaine. He hadn’t gloated about anything. He hadn’t really said anything at all in fact.

Until now.

“I’m not going to NYADA.”

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Broadway Besties with Joe Iconis and George Salazar for their upcoming show Two Player Game

Nicole and I met while doing Wicked on Broadway actually. As we got to know each other, we found out that we grew up about 15-20 minutes from each other back home in Southern California. I had even met Nicole’s mom, Dee Parker, before I met Nicole while I was in high school but didn’t know it. Dee used to work with the ear, nose and throat doctor I would go to. I would go in for doctor’s visits. This woman kept talking about how talented her daughter was and how she would be on Broadway someday. Cut to years later, when I met Nicole on Broadway. I can vouch that her mother was right about how talented her daughter is!
—  Alli Mauzey