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My Masterclass with Thayne Jasperson

HEY!! I just got out of my masterclass and lemme just say I adore him so much.

- So first we did singing, and it was rlly stressful and I SU C K ED at it

- it didn’t help that Thayne was literally sitting right in front of me

- I sang Once You See, and then he was like “Do you have any other songs?” And I awkwardly had to sing Good Morning Baltimore ( which he liked more??? Who knows)

- And he gave me notes on my nerves because I was very obviously scared ( hands shaking, nervous smile, etc.)

- Anyways he is an absolute teddy bear

- During our break I was talking to some of the people I befriended and he walked right past me and I like froze. I’m still in “Oh my god Thayne just walked past me” mode

- anyways i was also in my group talking about how not excited I was to dance and Thayne like came up to me and was like “Don’t worry about it! You’ll do great!” And I melted a little inside

-Another time when I was just talking to my friends, he was talking about his mess up last night ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about go to his insta story) and anyways I was like “Yeah I know, you put it on your Instagram story!” And he was so happy that I follow him

- We learned a little from “My Shot” and I’m not a dancer, but I’m proud of myself!!

-We had to stretch and stuff, which was awkward, but y'know whatever

-After dancing he had to leave to go to his show obviously, but I went up to him and gave him my fanart and he was so happy and he smiled and was like “You drew this?! Thank you so much!” And then he HUGGED me!! I WANTED TO C R Y

Anyways that was my experience! I highly suggest taking a masterclass with Broadway Artists Alliance! The next one is with Will Roland!