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NY Times quotes unnamed sources that say Barbra Walters is retiring from ABC News. 

Why is it News Organizations trip all over themselves when it comes to “breaking news” but are always scooped when “News” happens within their own organizations.

Review: Broadcast News

This review was originally published on InReview Online on Oct. 6, 2008. 

Broadcast News (1987)

Directed By James L. Brooks

When we think of great romantic comedies, dynamic duos frequently come to mind. The term conjures images of Tracy and Hepburn, Hanks and Ryan, and, for the less cinematically cultured, McConnaughey and Hudson. That’s because the standard romantic comedy focuses on a pair of reasonably unfit mates who come together against the odds. In the case of Meg Ryan, we get to have our orgasm, and eat it, too.

However, James L. Brooks’ 1988 film, “Broadcast News,” defies the stereotypes of the genre. Set in the fast-paced Washington bureau of a major news organization, the plot follows much more than the romantic misadventures of its heroine. It also provides a unique, intelligent window into the ethics of broadcast journalism, a battle over quality that is particularly relevant today as political discourse in the media continues to divide America.

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