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judging by the fact that all the ny events have been crammed into 2 days, gillian will only be in new york very briefly. maybe she has to get back to london because of other commitments. i wonder if she's attending the british press guild awards. the crown and war & peace are both nominated. the ceremony is in march obviously but i don't know the date.

We don’t know whether she’s staying longer than her public appearances, or not. She may fly straight back to London or stay in NY for an extra day or two.

She’s also got the same 24 hours in the day that the rest of us do.  So it doesn’t preclude her from doing personal things in her off-time.

As for the BPG, if she does attend, it’s being held during lunch on March 17th. Here’s an excerpt of the description:

The BPG Awards – given only for work commissioned in the UK – are highly prized by programme-makers because they are selected independently by TV and radio correspondents, critics and previewers.

The Awards lunch, at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane on Friday March 17th 2017, will be sponsored for the first time by Virgin Media (see ‘Notes to editors’ below). The event will be attended by the winners, BPG members and leading broadcasting executives.

The BPG is again recognising the growing importance of programmes commissioned for streaming or showing online first, instead of on a broadcast channel. The Best Online First/Streaming award will be contested by The Crown and Black Mirror (both Netflix), Adam Curtis: HyperNormalisation (BBC iPlayer) and Fleabag (BBC Three).


And I’m assuming that she probably will attend them, seeing as The Crown is nominated and she obviously has some arrangement with PM and appearances.  With so many executives who’ll also be present, it’ll be the perfect opportunity for her to network.  But I’m also expecting the same sort of interaction we had before - which is to say, nothing much because she isn’t with him. 

Aidan won the Broadcasting Press Guild Breakthrough Award! :D He was not present at the ceremony, so he gave his speech in a video.  The video has not been released (yet!) but they have shown us this screencap, which I edited to see Aidan better ;)


Broadcasting Press Guild Interview: Hugh Skinner (link)