broadcast from Eloise's brain

dumb niceart facultus things that are important to me

nice and art playing detectives and sneaking around to find ‘clues’

skill and nice competing for art’s attention

nice supplying art with sugar cubes when he’s run out

art helping nice patch up his jacket when it gets torn

nice greeting art with bear hugs

nice and art competing as to who can make the best paper plane and throw it down the stairs without paper noticing

nice sneaking art his pancakes under his shirt

art trying to teach nice the martial arts he learnt from three but nice just gets himself hurt

art putting on nice’s sticking plasters (and ripping them off too)

nice trying to sneak outside facultus with art right behind him

nice staying by art’s side for weeks after skill died

a few cool aus you should think about

  • dragon rider au
  • sky pirates au
  • feuding social sciences teachers au
  • skateboarders au
  •  street artists au
  • automaton au
  • latin dancers au
  • sailing trip gone wrong au
  • forget hunger games au, try a battle royale au
  • songwriters au
  • middle school scooter gang au
dumb music aus
  • you sit in front of me in orchestra and you turned around to laugh at the percussionist and holy fuck you’re really cute au
  • I hate you but we have to play a duet together au
  • band bus trip is a (very loud) disaster au
  • someone keeps putting songs they wrote about me in my locker au
  • we formed a band but all we do is argue over names in the garage au
  • I’m your page turner but I got distracted by you playing au
  • borrowing someone else’s concert clothes au
  • I wrote some lyrics for your composition au
  • I play percussion and you play brass but we switched instruments half way through rehearsal and we can’t play for shit au
  • chamber music competition au
  • please play this composition I wrote which is secretly inspired by you au
  • we had to share a practice room but it ended up being the best jam session of my life au
  • you were busking and I stood and listened to you for hours au
  • my stand partner has really cute markings on their sheet music au
  • you bought me reeds and asked me to go out with you au
  • we’re in jazz band and we have a competition to see who can improvise the coolest solo au
  • you keep using dirty musical pickup lines on me au
  • you’re taking sectionals and I’m being a little shit au
  • you always sit next to me in theory exams au
  • I’m a fan of your youtube channel au
  • we’re performing a musical together au
  • we bonded by doing dumb shit before our concert started au
  • we’ve been comissioned to write a piece/song together au

This scene is so important I mean not only is this the first time kiyoko’s properly opened up to anyone but she’s also talking about her own attitude to being confident I mean she’s not a confident person but she’s really curious and loves trying new things which is why she became the volleyball club’s manager
but not only that, the volleyball club is extremely important to her! Kiyoko might not be a player but she sure as hell puts her all into the team and I think that’s amazing I love shimizu kiyoko so much

things that have been confirmed

1. nice considers hajime his family

2. art still considers nice his invaluable friend

3. nice has only just come to the conclusion that he would beat art up to stop him from hurting himself. NOT ONCE HAS THE IDEA OF KILLING ART EVER CROSSED HIS MIND

4. murasaki and nice and hajime (notice the hat on the bust) live together and murasaki is an actual housewife

5. ratio and birthday are completely comfortable with joking about their possible homosexual tendencies

6. birthday and murasaki actually get on pretty well