broadcast coffee


And the last time-shift! Before that, they all sign the car. It goes back to 2002, Homura Uta.

Mucc now have the option to do something they only ever did once, ten years ago. Neoki daikirai! So this is something they do every ten years!

Tatsu disappears first, wanting more sleep.
The others continue drinking and watch footage from the last time.

Then they go to sleep too, for just ~45min, until 5:30am.
Then an alarm will ring and they have to play a song with all their might and energy.

In the meantime, the audience gets to watch some live footage from this year’s uka tour.

(if you heard of the windows screensaver light show, this is what it refers to. that’s what the opening looked like.)



5:30 AM!


Followed by some MUCC taisou to wake up properly.

   ~   T H E   E N D   ~  

blue night radio has released their official schedule for the week of monday, december 19th - sunday, december 25th. though all the usual weekly guests still apply the days that some are guesting on have been switched up. (it has not been confirmed whether this is a one time or fixed scheduling.) dear cloud’s nine, who normally guests during the thursday broadcast, is switching broadcast days with coffee boy and soran’s go young bae, who usually guest during the tuesday.

for this week’s special broadcasts: sweet sorrow’s sung jin hwan will be guesting on the friday broadcast (for the live) and go young bae will be guesting for his second time this week for a christmas eve special on saturday.

today’s vixx tv is makin me so emotional like i’m so happy seeing them all together eating and joking around it feels like we haven’t gotten to see this side in awhile and they get along with their ceo so well and they’re all just so cute and precious i love these children so much i am crying a little i just get rly happy when i see them happy………….