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If you take a selfie at this Hirshhorn show, you’re part of the problem
Blame smartphones if there’s a five-hour wait to get into the Yayoi Kusama exhibit next year.

This is why people hate the art world. This woman’s argument that her reason for seeing the pretty lights in the mirrored room is better and more valid than someone who just wants a photo of it.

The article is lacking some basic fact checking as well. There’s a 5 hour wait for the mirrored room because there are hundreds of people wanting to see it. There is an attendant outside that makes people leave the room after 45 seconds, not 3 minutes like the guest who couldn’t wait suggests. A visitor can’t just sit in the mirrored room for hours if they would like to retake that selfie 1000x like she’s assuming is the case. Everyone gets the same amount of time no matter the reason and that’s fair. 

ALSO the way that the line works at the Broad for the infinity room is you give your information to an attendant who texts you when it’s about 10 minutes before you can go in so you wait in line then. There’s not some 5 hour line a la Abramovic in The Artist Is Present, it’s very efficient. 

I just don’t understand this woman’s POV. Is she superior because she remembers every show she’s been to vividly and didn’t take photos? I’m the biggest art snob I know and go to shows for what I am sure according to her are the “right reasons” and I love my selfies and my documentation to share with my friends and readers. If I’m not using a flash that will damage the artwork and the museum/donor doesn’t discourage it what is the problem? I’ve never seen a photograph bother another museum goer, if anything I see people moving out of the way encouraging their fellow goers to take photographs.

I’m of the mind that if it gets a new person into the museum, isn’t that a good thing? At the Broad they may come for the Infinity Room (my selfie) but they can stay and learn about something new from the Glenn Ligons, the Murakamis, the Chapman Bros. I think it’s in the public interest to get people in and get them excited about art! Share it with their friends! Learn something new, even if they are just doing it for a bomb ass selfie, you can’t help but be infected with the beauty and connection Kusama is expertly executing in that room. 

IMO if even just 1 person out of 1000 learns something new about Charles Ray or Jeff Wall or Andreas Gurskey on their trip for the ultimate selfie, I consider it a win.


“When the girls went apartment hunting”

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