Edgar Allan Bro Part Two: This Time, It’s Brosenal. [x]
  1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You // UCLA Scattertones
  2. Follow Me // Uncle Kracker
  3. Raise Ur Glass // P!nk
  4. We Are Young // fun.
  5. All These Things I’ve Done // The Killers
  6. Strangers Like Me // Phil Collins
  7. If I Die Young // The Band Perry
  8. Us // Regina Spektor
  9. Stay Young, Go Dancing // Death Cab for Cutie
  10. A Whole New World // Brad Kane and Lea Salonga
  11. Hakuna Matata // Lion King
  12. Lighters (FEAT. Bruno Mars) // Eminem
  13. You’ll be in My Heart // Phil Collins
  14. When You Were Young // The Killers
  15. Where the Story Ends // The Fray
  16. Some Nights // fun.
  17. A-Punk // Vampire Weekend
  18. You’ve Got a Friend in Me // Randy Newman
  19. Stars // fun.
honestly i can't believe some of the reactions to mcrx

When they first uploaded the video they didn’t say anything about a tour/reunion/new music/etc. Nothing had been confirmed.
Then it turned out that it would be a rerelease of The Black Parade, by far their most successful album, and some of you had the nerve to call them “liars” and blame them for getting your hopes up? Even when they hadn’t confirmed anything in the first place? MCR don’t owe you a damn thing.


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What About It? - Eddie Hazel (Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs, 1977)