proud to post this drawing from collab with lovely @sweet-childhood-dreams >w<
she did hella cute and wonderful sketch and i did lineart and color here~ it was so good time doing it and, gosh, check out her blog and drawings, not lying, you wont be dissapointed! luv her *blushes*


Don’t look back. Just look at me”

Some Things About The New Video...

× 2D is a great dancer, anyone who says otherwise can fight me.

× 2D! Noodle! Good bro-sis dance competition!

× Anyone that makes 2Nu out of this is dead to me.

× Russel was asleep the whole time?????

× Murdoc got some dudes number!!!! Good for him!

× Cannon bi Mudz?????

× On that note, he looked REALLY jealous and/or angry at the fact 2D and Noodz were dancing together…

× Murds gonna fuck shit up….

× But he said something at the end and looked really serious. And the people he was talking to nodded after he said it. What did he say????