bro thing


BRO-THINGS #4: That one time the Paladins went to visit Earth… and Kuro got Lance a kitty.

But Kuro has no idea what terran cats look like… so he grabbed the first animal he met and thought fit Lance’s describtion (”smol, fluffy and super cute”).

And that’s how they got a baby skunk as a team mascot.

They called her Empress.

BRO-THINGS #5: Scolding each other for being dumb

Return of the bro-things! Yay!

So Kuro got his ass handed to him and Lance scolds him for being such a reckless idiot. Because he cares a lot about Kuro’s well-being but can’t really express how much it scared him to see Kuro like this.

Kuro on the other hand… couldn’t care less about the lecture. ♥ He’d do it all again for his “bro”.

anonymous asked:

You know how at the end of brotherhood they show pictures pinned up on that board? I want the same thing except it's all Mama!Hawk! PLEAAAAAASSEEEEEE!

I didn’t know that i needed this so much. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS ANON!! And i know you said Mama!Hawk but i wanted to throw in Papa!Roy too!!! I love me some parentals!