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i think i found the video you were talking about and shane framed it as unwanted, he also listed the fine bros. trish on the other hand was really aggressively sexual and hot. thats harassment. unwanted explicitly sexual comments made in front of a massive audience who come to her partly for her soft-core porn is putting him in a sexual context without any say from him. its creepy. and its not even your place to say ever its okay, you cant consent for link.

I’m not consenting for Link.

But in the same way you are saying it isn’t okay unless he says it is, I’m saying he hasn’t said it isn’t. She didn’t tag him. Didn’t message him to try to get in his pants, etc, as far as we know. Also, whoa, judging her on her audience and adult content? Cool story, bro. That’s weak.

She posted a tweet saying “hey, I had a sex dream about him.”

There are literally people in this fandom who know about the sex dreams I’ve had about them.

We are literally in a fandom that is based on sexuality, etc, calling someone out for saying she had a sex dream. Many people with massive audiences say this all the time. Hell, Rhett has made sexual/flirtatious comments about men and women on the show and in interviews. Oh my God, so has Link! Are we going to call them whores and skanks because they’ve said sexual things about people who did not expressly consent to them saying those things? No? Or are you going to be all brb, phoning ryan gosling, the rock, elvis, and any number of other people? If not, we are done here.