just a sudden thought: imagine he tian and he cheng’re sitting together and talking - after all that time of misunderstanding, they’re just having a conversation. you know, a quiet and peaceful night, they’re alone. he tian’s smoking, then giving his cig to cheng. he cheng asks tian about his life and he tian says: “there’s one guy…”

he’d wanted to talk about guan shan to someone (who could really listen to him, whom he could trust and who’s… wiser?) for a long time, to get it off his chest, so maybe he doesn’t tell cheng everything, but he tells him something, about his feelings and thoughts, because it’s very important to him, because he’s not sure he will do it right by himself (lbr, he fucked up so many times). he cheng listens to him calmly and then, when he tian falls silent, he gives him an advice and says to follow his heart.

So this is a thing I do on Sundays and Wednesdays. I have a ton of high resolution screenshots of various games that I’m probably never going to use again, so I figured I’d share them for other people to use for their studies and for their blog graphics!

Credit is nice but not 100% necessary. You can credit in your post, or at the end of your tags, or in a separate post on your blog.

Download the screenshots here;

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Feel free to send me suggestions for future screenshot packs!

having a sleepover with my brother’s cat tonight!!! cause my brother’s out of town and the cat misses people and sleeping in the bedroom alskdjf ( he isn’t allowed inside without supervision because he eats the bamboo and knocks glass over  ) (」゜ロ゜)」

anyway i gotta pack a backpack because it’s in the guesthouse and i’m lowkey scared but we’re going to watch moana and eat snacks

kinda cackling at the concept of Yona basically being all like hey suwon im selling ur gift to fund my new man’s plans to fuck with ur plans hope ur cool with that 💅💅💅

like the SHADE in that action is incredible