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i dont really have anything spefic but just even and isak being sickengly cute it makes everyone around them puke rainbows ( not literally hahaha)

Hiiii there anon who prompted me this months ago. I love you don’t leave me I’m sorry <3 :P also, I hope you don’t mind this in text form. I just think that the boys would rib Isak so much in their group chat :D


Magnus: yo Isak

Magnus: Isssaaakkkkk

Isak: what

Magnus: Are you alive?

Isak: clearly not

Mahdi: it’s a fair question bro, you were almost dead last night. Even had to literally carry your fat ass home. It was pretty fucking funny.

Isak: maybe for you. my head hurts like a motherfucker

Magnus: dude you and Even are so in love. Did you know that?

Jonas: do we really need to talk about this?

Isak: I agree with Jonas

Magnus: hold up

it’s true!! bro you’d blush so bad if you knew some of the lovey shit you said about Even last night

and whispering in his ear and playing with his fingers and shit

Mahdi: and fucking Even is just as bad. Do you have like a magnet on your hip? because I s2g Even’s hand was fucking stuck there all night

or in your hair

Magnus: and your face was stuck in his neck after drink # 3000

Jonas: ok yeah and does he ever call you anything but ‘baby’

just out of curiosity

Isak: et tu Jonas?

Jonas: sorry man but as a single person, I am bitter

Magnus: but like its sweet

Mahdi: no its not

Jonas: no

Mahdi: maybe a little bit

but did you guys really make out in a pool? like what are the mechanics of that man

Isak: what kind of question is that

actually don’t answer

i’m muting this group

Jonas: :(

Mahdi: :(

Magnus: :)

* :(


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Magnus: and bro the stuff we learned about your sex life. get it, Isak!!

Isak: NOPE

Just Roommates: Part 3

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate+College Adventures lol.

Characters- Y/N, Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jin, Namjoon

Word Count- 1.6k+

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  



This was definitely weird. I was no longer in the position to function like a real dude. I was frozen and shook. I was literally so vulnerable to death and threatened by a hung set of lingerie.

“JK, please. Get used to it now. It was bound to happen in the process of living with the opposite gender.” I try to cheer up myself and get the blood flowing into my body again. But honestly, my blood was rushing to different places where I didn’t want it to.


I somehow managed to take the shower but wasn’t feeling okay. I wasn’t okay, perhaps the feeling of a sexually frustrated boy and mine were strangely similar. Part of me wanted several things to happen.



I wrapped the towel around my stream waist, just below my belly button and slightly about the V line. I exist the bathroom and saw Y/N?! She was right there sat on the floor eavesdropping maybe? WTF?! She gave me a slight smile and rushed inside to quickly collect her garments. In less than 5 seconds she was out of my way from the door. “SORRY. I’ll just go now.” She stutters and bow at me in apology. The way she ran was faster than anything in that moment.

We apologize to each other so much. It was like every action contains an apology, no matter what it is. GOSH! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO WEIRD?!


MAN. I SAW HIM SHIRTLESS AND WET AND Holy Shitzo. R.I.P. Innocence. 



I rushed to the door and opened it.

“Excuse me? Y/N, so rude of you, you didn’t even give me your number.” Jimin tells me jokingly. 

“I uh-“

“Park Jimin, you cunt, what the hell?! Where were you all this time? I told you to stay here till I got back but you didn’t.” Jungkook was lowkey mad.

“Yah, relax. Y/N had come in at that time. She seemed trustworthy so I left.” Jimin gave that bright cheeky smile of his.

“Ah, seriously You-!” he told, meanwhile I was stood there smiling like an idiot.

“Okay, you both quickly grab your asses to the college, we have an orientation lecture today.” Jimin informed us.

Jungkook and I both got dressed as quickly as possible and left with Jimin to the college. It felt so awkward and awesome just walking between those two handsome hunks. I couldn’t help but notice Jungkook’s fashion. It was nothing too much, but his looks were kind of killing me. We accidentally managed to brush our arms several times while we were on our way. We exchanged looks and quickly increased the distance as to avoid any more awkward moments. we soon reached the campus hall and then, we all found seats to get on.

Little did I know, I was amused to see a good bunch of guys walking towards us. I was really shook and scared. “College ragging, perhaps?” I thought.

“Yah, you, you and you, tell us all you know about yourself.”, the guy with blonde hair spoke.

“Uh- I- Well, I’m Y/N. Hi. I’m from-“ I was cut off.

“Yah, you’re kinda pretty. Jungkook-ah, Jimin-ah, how did you manage to get along with such a princess?” The guy with a pretty smile said, making me blush.

“Y/N is Jungkook’s roommate!” Jimin busted out.

“Oh Shit down you! Really? Oh my god.” The handsome tall guy just came out of nowhere and said so. SHIIIIT. HE WAS SO ATTRACTIVE I WAS ALMOST UNCONCIOUSLY SWEATING AT HIS PERFECT VISUAL. I was just there contemplating as to what did I do to deserve this. I was stood there, kind of embarrassed and lamely smiling BETWEEN SUCH BEAUTIFUL GUYS I CANT-

“DAEBAK JUNGKOOK! How did you score without even telling us omg, this is crazy. I’m jealous!” The pretty smiled, guy hit him in the arm and I was going to explode with embarrassment.

“Hyung! Shut the fuck up OMG. She is just my roommate! I didn’t even know her before that! Omg, you’re embarrassing, hyung! Sorry Y/N, this hyung is crazy.” Jungkook blushed as he splattered out his madness. 

“That’s okay.” I laughed it off. I actually, uncomfortably scoffed and wanted to cry in the corner and leave the college right away. I couldn’t stand the company of such hot dudes.

“Anyway, Y/N, these are our hyungs and seniors, except this Taehyung, he’s gonna be with us.” Jimin told me comforting from all the fluster they caused.

“Hi, I’m Namjoon, from Physics major. This is Hoseok, from dancing Maj department and of course our little Taehyung, from literature department. Sorry for being so abrupt, I hope you’re fine.” The blonde, Namjoon introduced themselves. They were actually sweet! I thought they must be the creepy seniors who would rag us for weed money.


Somehow I couldn’t keep my eyes off Taehyung. His eerie-ness was attractive. I was dumbed so bad at that moment. We took our seats in the lecture hall and boy orientation got me so good! I was inspired to learn and score and learn! This was going to be a very exciting journey for me. I didn’t think about any of the guys who were around me.

After a while, the boys left and I was all alone, so I kind of started wandering about the campus and trying to socialize with others. As I was walking by, I hear some girls talking about “some hot guys” and being the ass I was, started to eavesdrop.

“Did you see the black haired guy! Omg, Stef, he is SO HOT! Ah-!” some girl said.

“I would literally do anything to get in those pants of his! WISH I COULD BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! UGH” I was still suspicious of as to who they were talking about.

“I know right! But he will be my score, I’m telling you that.” The blond girl said.

“But did you see that guy, Jimin! Holy cow! He’s like the sweetest guy! I would strip for him right now if he wants!”. 


“Oh look at you, slut!” i hear them.

I looked around and saw the boys sat under a tree and talking and giggling. I was so flushed at seeing Jungkook smile like that and I wanted to go and hug him for being so sweet all this time, already. WAIT-  these girls were talking about them! I felt  lucky to be the roommate of the guy who every girl wanted to fuck right there. I smirked to myself but also got sad, because the girls were really pretty and he might just end up with one of them.

Anyway, I didn’t want to ruin the day, so I left the place and went to explore the city.


Hyungs embarrassed the heck out of me should today! What would Y/N even think of me now! *cries*

“Hyungs, seriously though, please don’t bring out the perv inside of y’all in front of my roommate.” Jungkook decently told.

“Wooooohuuuu! Kookie got possessive. Y/N is cute though, isn’t she! Did you guys talk?”, Taehyung asked like an excited child.


“Not much. We just met, you know. “I said. 

“Yah, Kookie, she is your roommate now. You better get to know her before you pass out and sweat the fuck out of your body just in the process of ignoring her.”. “Yoongi hyung!” I scream as I see him. We both did a bro hug. “How have you been?!” I ask him happily. “I’m all good. I’m a to the g to the u to the std. You know that.” He made his infamous sassy face. “Aigo hyung I missed you. I wish we could talk more. I really seem to be needing your help.” I tell.

“Yah! What about us? Huh? Huh? Huuuh?” Hoseok hyung said. 

“You seem to have forgotten me, kook?”. It was Jin Hyung, finally! I trusted him with life. 


“Kookie you’ve grown up well. How is life here? Did you move yet?” he asked.

“I am in kind of trouble. When I was moving, I was told that I’ll have another scholar from another country living with me… and guess what? It’s Y/N and she is a girl. Kill me.” I face-palmed with sadness and the amount of ‘awkward’ that had built up in in the past 30 hours.

“Aww, you guys should bond together. I suggest you to go to for a nice hike with her over the weekend. So, that you guys get to know each other better.” Jin told. Everyone started woo-ing at me and the idea of me bonding with my ‘roommate’. “H-Hike? With a girl?! Hyung! Hell no! I will die.” I cried.

“Plus, Y/N doesn’t have many friends here, so she will have a good company over the weekend. I would so do this, JK!” Jimin exclaimed. 

“She seems harmless anyway… You won’t get raped. Chill.” Taehyung mocked me while everyone laughed along. I legit was having a panic attack. 

“Jungkook! This is now or never. You either suffer once or suffer for 4 years straight. GTFO, and tell her this if she doesn’t have plans yet. Trust us, we’ve been with girls. We know how this all works.” Yoongi ordered. 

“Jungki, don’t think too much bro. You’re not taking her on a date. She is just your roommate. You feel me?” Namjoon added, making my hart skip a beat. 

Everyone was excited with the idea of it, but I was dying. I was in pain. I couldn’t refuse and I was about to it regardless. 

I need to get over this, War Of Hormones. 


Feedback? x 

I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry I’ll try to post often. I have been really busy with college and stuff. :’( 

Things will get exciting and saucy af in the next one, I promise. ~w~

Twelve Years Later

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Best Friend 

Summary: You and Sehun were both in an orphanage and you two were best friends. Sehun gets adopted by a rich family and leaves you behind. Twelve years later, you both meet again but this time, you hate Sehun for leaving and forgetting you.

Word Count: 3,603

“Do you pinky promise that we’re going to be best friends forever?” you asked innocently.

“Of course!”  

“But what if we get separated?”

Sehun looked at you with a face as serious as ever.

“Do you trust me ____?”

You didn’t even hesitate before nodding your head.

“If we ever get separated, I promise I’ll come and find you. We’ll run away together and we’ll work. Once we have enough money, we’ll start a family.”

Sehun was two years older than you were. Although he was only ten, it seems as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. Where are we going to run away to? How do you start a family? Though there were many things you didn’t understand, his eyes gave you reassurance. It soothed your silly little eight year old heart.

You smiled and stuck out your pinky finger.

“It’s not official until you seal the deal with a pinky promise.”

Sehun smiled and nodded his head.

“Now, it’s official.”

Everything was perfect and wonderful. You didn’t care if you didn’t have a family. You had Sehun. Sadly, beautiful moments always gets cut short in your life. In just a week, the smiles on your face disappeared. They were replaced with sleepless nights and endless streams of tears.

“Where’s Sehun?”

“Oh Sweetie… He’s not going to be here anymore…”

“Why not? Where did he go? I have to go find him!”

“Sweetie, he left with his new family… But don’t worry! Real soon you’ll have a real family too.”

Your heart pounded. You didn’t need a family. You need Sehun.  As you ran to the window, you watched the black car take away your best friend.

“Sehun! Sehun!” you screamed as you pounded the window.

“___, sweetie, you need to calm down.”

No matter who tried to comfort you, you refused to leave the window.

I’ll just wait for him here. He’ll be back. I know he will. He promised. He pinky promised, and he never broke a pinky promise before.

You waited and waited but you saw no sign of Sehun.






Three-Hundred Sixty Five Days have passed but he never showed up.

Everyday you waited by the window, like a silly little fool.  

Even on the day you got adopted, you never gave up. That day, you remained by the window.

“____, it’s time to go.”

You looked through the window one last time before leaving. Of course he didn’t come stupid girl. As you left the orphanage, your faith in Sehun died. From that day on, you trusted no one. Even though you were only eight, you were old enough to understand that he lied to you. Nothing has hurt more than abandonment.    

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lightning bug meme first time Dirk and Jake kiss??? :3

haha I see what you did there, anon.  Nice try. ;)

They’re not a couple in lightning bug au but I wrote you something canon anyway. <3


“What’s wrong with me?”

You blink sort of dazedly at Jake, reaching up to slide your shades back into place where they’ve come awry.  You’re no expert or anything but this is not the follow-up you tend to expect after being ambush-kissed by an attractive South Asian engineer in the mess hall.

But Jake’s staring at you with his face scrunched up in distress, his own glasses crooked, dark hair mussed, lips still pink and swollen, and—okay, enough, time to function on all cylinders, here, Strider.  Get your head back in the game. You trace your lower lip with your tongue as you sit back, groping blindly for something useful and coherent to say.  “I’m going to need you to clarify that statement a bit, bro.  What kind of problem are we talking about here?”

“Why the devil can’t I make this kissing tomfoolery come out right?”

You swipe a fallen strand of hair from your face, only to come to the realization that the usual precision order of your gelled hair is probably a complete loss for the day.  Okay then.  “I’d venture to say that you’re doing all right from this end.”

Jake’s unhappy face just gets more unhappy and oh.  Oh.

That’s… disappointing.  But.  Right.  You’re cool.  You try to put a little expression back into your blankface.  Something calm and reassuring.  “Sometimes it just doesn’t click, bro. Attraction’s not some magical paint-by-numbers.  Maybe now’s not the time or maybe I’m just not the right person for you to test drive the tongue-tangomobile.”

“But it didn’t work with Roxy or Jane either.”

Wow, you ranked last in Jake’s experimental run-through of the crew.  You are so flattered.

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Prompt: AU where they aren’t famous. They don’t know each other but saw each other at the club but didn’t get a chance to talk. Fate puts them into a car accident. Will it be a one nighter or more…

Note: I wrote it from a different kind of angle, did it from both their perspectives and changed it up a lil bit

Requested by: Anonymous 

Other stuff

Enjoy xx Sabrina

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