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Here we go, just Ruffalo and RDJ singing a romantic song together in an interview… I hadn’t seen this video in a while so I felt like posting it. I hope people enjoy it

“WAIT!” Gordon practically hollered into John’s ear while draping himself over John’s lap, “Where are the pictures?!”

“The picture’s on the cover Gordon,” John said as he held the book aloft his head from shock. “I told you this already.”

“I thought you were joking with me.” Gordon bemoaned as he forlornly looked at the black print on the page, “How am I supposed to enjoy a story without no pictures in it!”

It was not the first time today that John didn’t ask himself how Scott did the big brother thing so effortlessly. He looked down at his younger brother in confusion as to what he was referring to. Then as a soft breeze blew in, it hit him; Gordon is four.  He’s only ever seen books with pictures. It’s all he knows.

“The pictures are in your head,” John said gently as he re-positioned his book above Allan’s reach. “Chapter one-”

“I don’t know how to do that~!” Gordon huffed and kicked his feet in agitation, “Can you read me Torchy instead?? THAT ONE HAS PICTURES.”

Breathe John, he thought to himself as he purposely looked at the words in the book, be patient…he’s only four. Convince him and you won’t have to read Torchy fifty times before he gets tired and passes out.

“Weren’t you the one that insisted that I read out loud the story I was reading?” he retorted while giving his younger brother one of his knowing looks, “Allan doesn’t seem to mind. Why not take his example?”

“Alan is a baby and doesn’t know better,” Gordon responded while flopping his feet to the ground and watched as his baby brother casually grabbed his starfish plushie. “I’m watching out for him just as much as I am watching out for me.  Besides, I didn’t know the book was broken and had no pictures. That’s not fair Johnny, you should have told me!”

“The book is not broken,” John frowned, doing his best at not getting annoyed with the nickname Gordon keeps using to irritate him. He brought the cover close to Gordon’s face, “Take a good look. That’s Jim Hawkins, that’s what the artist thought he should look like. Remember it and…take a mind picture.”

Gordon glared at the book cover, every once in a while giving his older brother incredulous looks.  John let his younger brother hold the book in his hands while he gently re-positioned his baby brother into a more comfortable position. Allan gurgled a few sounds, playfully held up the starfish and noisily  sucked on his binkie.

“So, no Torchy?” Gordon asked as John retrieved his book from his small hands.

“It’s either Treasure Island or nap time,” John said as he re opened the book and glanced down at Gordon’s face. “What’s it going to be?”

“Broken book it is,” Gordon sighed as he realized it was the only way to escape the dreaded nap time.

“Good. Chapte-”


John held perfectly still as Gordon grabbed his hand and glared at the cover once more.

“Ok, now.”



“Chapter one…”



“What is it Gordon?” John’s image responded with a look of annoyance, “And don’t call me Johnny.”

“Fine, read me a story and I’ll stop calling you that.”

“Gordon, you are nineteen.  You can read on your own now.”

“But you do it better.” Gordon smiled as he leaned back on the couch and positioned himself to see his older brother better.

“…You shouldn’t be lazy about reading Gordon-”

“OH, is John going to read us a story?!” Allan exclaimed as he rushed to sit adjacent to John’s image, “What are you going to read? Which one?”

John let out an exasperated sigh, “I wasn’t going to-”

“Story, story, story, story~!” Gordon chanted as Allan joined in to John’s dismay.

“Fine. I’m sure I can find something.”


okay. well this is vaguely more of a warm-up looking thing i guess, due to the fact that it’s not awful but it’s also not grea t??

 (trust me im normally way better, its a little off here due to the fact i was trying not to let my shades fling across the room)

(( ah.. the break was fun while it lasted ))
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Tsukishima’s face tho

You enjoy this too much, bby.

just bro things
  • steve: *works hard to get into the military* *risks losing everything for bucky*
  • I just need one name
  • please tell me if hes alive, sir
  • hell no. I’m following that little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to walk away from a fight. steve: *blushes, looks away*
  • colonel: *narrows eyes at bucky after steve brings him back and then looks at steve with a grin* *turns to peggy* faith huh? not a crush   (reminder that steve has always had faith in bucky and vice versa)
  • what do you plan to do, walk to Austria? If that’s what it takes.
  • he doesn’t remember you. he will.
  • your friend is most likely dead. you don’t know that.
  • he’s not the kind you save - he’s the kind you stop. I don’t think I can do that.
  • you’re going after him aren’t you? you don’t have to come with me.
  • this is my choice
  • if you read the report you know that’s not true
  • all I had to do was hold on
  • I got in over my head. Bucky waded in and pulled me out just like he always did and the one time he needed me to return the favor, I couldn’t (confirms that part of the reason he joined the military was to keep Bucky safe since he’d did the same for him his entire life)
  • steve: don’t win the war till I get there (I’m coming with you like it or not)
  • steve: be careful
  • bucky: come on lets get you cleaned up (patches steve up after fights)
  • even when I had nothing I had Bucky
  • bucky: *doesn’t seem to have long term relationships* steve: *ignores girls* this is the longest conversation I’ve had with one.
  • I’m perfectly happy chasing cold leads on our missing persons case [Sam]
  • remember that time I made you ride the Cyclone at Coney Island? yeah and I threw up
  • we could put couch cushions on the floor like when we were kids (let me move in to take care of you please. I’ll sleep on the couch cushions and I won’t mind. It’ll be like when we were kids - a sleepover that doesn’t end) *hands him the key*
  • ‘cause you got nothing to prove
  • your buddy, your pal, your Bucky (they’ve always belonged to one another which is why it hurt so damn bad when steve got the serum and met peggy and didn’t seem to only be his anymore)
  • I’m with you ‘till the end of the line
  • then finish it ‘cause I’m with you ‘till the end of the line
  • *storms an enemy base by himself* Is there anybody else? I’m looking for a Sergeant James Barnes
  • *leans in close and winks* but you’re keeping the outfit, right?
  • I know men who are worth ten of you
  • *sadly watches old footage of himself and bucky*
  • *doesn’t date for two years because hes still mourning*
  • I won’t fight you, you’re my friend *decides to let bucky kill him*
  • steve: *becomes a death seeker after coming out of the ice*
  • nat: *flirts* what do you want me to be? steve: I could use a friend
  • inseparable on the school yard and battlefield
  • what’d you tell her about me? *grins* only the good stuff
  • bucky: *watches steve instead of his date*
  • steve: *abandons his date*
  • steve: *falls for peggy who is bucky’s parallel*
  • NO! NOT WITHOUT YOU! (willing to die for one another)
  • bucky: *interrupts peggy and steves moment with tears in his eyes*
  • bucky: *clenches his jaw and fists when he sees peggy and steve eyeballing one another in the bar* *tries to hit on peggy even though hes not feeling it and was glaring at her when they first came back to base and hes not the kind of friend who’d steal steves girl*
  • peggy: *sees all of this, wanted to gauge buckys reaction and he really showed his cards by being jealous and sad* *after he dies: he must’ve thought you were damn well worth it [dying for] * (translation: he loved you more than you’ll ever know; enough to die for without hesitation)
  • bucky: *sadly looks from peggy to steve and down to the floor*
  • says after: I-I’m invisible. I’m turning into you - it’s like a horrible dream. *looks like hes trying not to cry*
  • bucky: *follows steve back into hell even though he desperately needs rest and tlc*
  • both: *naturally gravitate toward one another*
  • steve: *keeps staring at bucky even before the mask comes off so much so that he nearly gets himself/sam/natasha killed*
  • steve: *turns down dates for two years saying he doesn’t ask because the potential woman might say yes to the date*
  • steve: *makes it his mission to avenge buckys death and make them pay for touching him*
  • steve: *lingers at the bar with bucky even though peggy basically left the door open for sex or at least heated kisses*
  • steve: *hears the colonel and peggy are going to london where bucky is* *pleads to follow*
  • Well, asking a woman to dance always seemed so terrifying. And the past few years, it just didn’t seem to matter that much. (Bucky would’ve been already enrolled in the military and away at Pearl Harbor in ‘41 - gone a lot)
  • bucky: *cries when he thinks steve is going to die in that hydra base* *cries when he remembers steve* *cries when he thinks steve no longer wants or needs him - after the rescue* *cries when he remembers steve on the hellicarrier*
  • bucky: *saves steve in the alley, in the war and again on the hellicarrier*
  • bucky: *eyeing steves transformation* is it permanent? (he had it bad for skinny steve)
  • bucky: *watches steve through the scope on his firearm*
  • steve: *gives bucky heart eyes when he tells him hes with him until death* bucky: *does the same and holds onto steve’s shoulder a little too long while looking in his eyes*
  • bucky: *gets steve a date that seems to be more into her friend than him*
  • bucky: *remembers steve before he even remembers who he is or his own name*
  • bucky: *lingers on the roof after shooting fury when he’d normally get out of there fast*
  • bucky: *40s song plays about dreaming about the one you love and how empty those dreams seemed without them + kissing 2min before steve sees bucky for the first time in ages and bucky has tears in his eyes*
  • bucky: *is most likely wiped numerous times because he keeps remembering steve*
  • howling commandos: *sing a song about being abandoned by the one you love because they chose a damsel dark and then dying of love and peggy enters* bucky: *dies the next day*
  • both: *remember the same sentimental moment where bucky vowed to stay with steve the rest of his life*
  • steve: *is willing to let hydra shoot him without fighting back and gets captured because bucky doesn’t know him*
  • steve: *drops everything to find bucky* *when it can’t be avoided he sends sam to keep searching*
  • steve: *ignores nat’s offers to find him a date* *flirts with sam*

TADASHI: Did you just delete ALL the girls’ numbers from my phone?

HIRO: I’m the only one you ever need, bro…

TADASHI: Hiro! This is stupid. You’re being an idiot.

HIRO: ….

HIRO: *turns on the karaoke set*

HIRO: *grabs up the microphone*


TADASHI: Hiro. No. Stop.

HIRO: Baby don’t hurt me

TADASHI: I said stop.

HIRO: Don’t hurt me…


HIRO: No more…

TADASHI: I’m so done 

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I get the music from Super Mario Bros 2 (US) stuck in my head more often than any other Mario game, am i broken?

This happened to me for a month or two last year and it wasn’t so bad.


tl;dr Hey look it’s (Hard)Case finally, as a cousin to the main 7 bros, and Dogma’s older brother.

RIGHT okay I meant to put my thinking cap on for Hardcase ages ago, but kept forgetting. Shoutout to @nevawaveharp for accidentally reminding me! When I first assembled the main Fett family, I was only vaguely aware of canon regiments and companies and whatnot. I just threw clones in semi-randomly based on things I recalled offhand from my first watchthrough of the first season or two. Actually, it was the “research” that I then did for this AU that made me better at being able to tell apart and keep track of clones in the show, so eventually I noticed that I missed Hardcase. I mean, I’ve missed a lot, but Hardcase routinely interacted with many of the clones I grabbed for bros.

I was stuck for a while on where to stick him. Stupidly, it was mostly because of his name. I’ve let weird things like “Dogma” slip by, but “Hardcase” is just… it doesn’t sound like a reasonable legal name at all to me. But I don’t want to overuse the “they just go by a weird nickname” thing, so I thought maybe he should be a pet? (Tangent: While Fives is stubborn to the point of possibly legally changing his name, Echo actually mostly just uses ‘Echo’ with family and older friends. When he’s an adult, colleagues and newer friends use his legal name.) But then my brain finally switched on and I was like “Wait… I have a dude friend named Casey. I bet just Case is a name, too.” And it is. But still, where to stick him?

I toyed with retconning myself and making him a bro between Echo and Tup, but I just like the dynamic I have set up for the 7 too much. I poked around Wookiepedia for inspiration, and his helmet designs made me think of freckles. Freckles! I gave Dogma freckles! BAM, bros. Especially once I started imagining how hilarious it would be watching them interact. So yeah. Case and Dogma, the freckle-y cousins.

On an unrelated note, teen Kix tho *^*