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I adore Sombra’s sassy personality and her messin with papa Reaper. Literally all I want is her and McCree to be Reaper’s two lil’ trouble makin’ children that just sass him. But bless Reaper. The guy is the real MVP dad here. 

“WAIT!” Gordon practically hollered into John’s ear while draping himself over John’s lap, “Where are the pictures?!”

“The picture’s on the cover Gordon,” John said as he held the book aloft his head from shock. “I told you this already.”

“I thought you were joking with me.” Gordon bemoaned as he forlornly looked at the black print on the page, “How am I supposed to enjoy a story without no pictures in it!”

It was not the first time today that John didn’t ask himself how Scott did the big brother thing so effortlessly. He looked down at his younger brother in confusion as to what he was referring to. Then as a soft breeze blew in, it hit him; Gordon is four.  He’s only ever seen books with pictures. It’s all he knows.

“The pictures are in your head,” John said gently as he re-positioned his book above Allan’s reach. “Chapter one-”

“I don’t know how to do that~!” Gordon huffed and kicked his feet in agitation, “Can you read me Torchy instead?? THAT ONE HAS PICTURES.”

Breathe John, he thought to himself as he purposely looked at the words in the book, be patient…he’s only four. Convince him and you won’t have to read Torchy fifty times before he gets tired and passes out.

“Weren’t you the one that insisted that I read out loud the story I was reading?” he retorted while giving his younger brother one of his knowing looks, “Allan doesn’t seem to mind. Why not take his example?”

“Alan is a baby and doesn’t know better,” Gordon responded while flopping his feet to the ground and watched as his baby brother casually grabbed his starfish plushie. “I’m watching out for him just as much as I am watching out for me.  Besides, I didn’t know the book was broken and had no pictures. That’s not fair Johnny, you should have told me!”

“The book is not broken,” John frowned, doing his best at not getting annoyed with the nickname Gordon keeps using to irritate him. He brought the cover close to Gordon’s face, “Take a good look. That’s Jim Hawkins, that’s what the artist thought he should look like. Remember it and…take a mind picture.”

Gordon glared at the book cover, every once in a while giving his older brother incredulous looks.  John let his younger brother hold the book in his hands while he gently re-positioned his baby brother into a more comfortable position. Allan gurgled a few sounds, playfully held up the starfish and noisily  sucked on his binkie.

“So, no Torchy?” Gordon asked as John retrieved his book from his small hands.

“It’s either Treasure Island or nap time,” John said as he re opened the book and glanced down at Gordon’s face. “What’s it going to be?”

“Broken book it is,” Gordon sighed as he realized it was the only way to escape the dreaded nap time.

“Good. Chapte-”


John held perfectly still as Gordon grabbed his hand and glared at the cover once more.

“Ok, now.”



“Chapter one…”



“What is it Gordon?” John’s image responded with a look of annoyance, “And don’t call me Johnny.”

“Fine, read me a story and I’ll stop calling you that.”

“Gordon, you are nineteen.  You can read on your own now.”

“But you do it better.” Gordon smiled as he leaned back on the couch and positioned himself to see his older brother better.

“…You shouldn’t be lazy about reading Gordon-”

“OH, is John going to read us a story?!” Allan exclaimed as he rushed to sit adjacent to John’s image, “What are you going to read? Which one?”

John let out an exasperated sigh, “I wasn’t going to-”

“Story, story, story, story~!” Gordon chanted as Allan joined in to John’s dismay.

“Fine. I’m sure I can find something.”


@mushkia​ asked for another Mikayuu video and I can’t say no to those (they have some of the cheesiest lines ever).

This has been done before (I don’t remember who already translated this event, but I didn’t copy his/her work, mind you, although I remember I liked that version a lot, so go read that as well if you have time ^.^), so I’m sure many people already know what’s gonna happen, but for those who don’t, enjoy! Or cry, I don’t know, the background music is so sad and you can’t see Yuu’s blushing clearly (because that’s obviously important lol).

And ignore my shadow. Please.

Mike & Louis Comparison

the mike faist and louis tomlinson voice comparison that no one asked for (x)



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Walking into the Zag Studio, these were some things that we saw. Also @thelastpilot and I were true bros that stuck together cuz Nino Lahiffe.
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Here we go, just Ruffalo and RDJ singing a romantic song together in an interview… I hadn’t seen this video in a while so I felt like posting it. I hope people enjoy it

okay. well this is vaguely more of a warm-up looking thing i guess, due to the fact that it’s not awful but it’s also not grea t??

 (trust me im normally way better, its a little off here due to the fact i was trying not to let my shades fling across the room)

taethereal  asked:

*shoves mic (gently ofc) in your face* hi yes, i would love to hear your in-depth feelings on all the jin-in-ken's-lap footage. Specifically maybe all the heavy petting and general level of boyfriendness thank you.

DUDE everything and I mean 100% everything I saw from ALL that delicious Jin-in-ken’s-lap action gave me the general impression that they couldn’t wait to possibly go make out behind some bleachers as soon as they could shake pesky-lil-bro kookie, like WITH a quickness…

I honestly can’t handle any of it, all 2:49 of this fancam - not to mention all the vines - are just pure cute flirty hell and I can’t handle it one bit nope 92FUCKINGMUCH right here and I’m pretty much destroyed. Honestly I want Jin to get all the pets and all the attention, so any time that happens and he enjoys it I’m super excited like woah.  And it sure does look like everyone is enjoying themselves a lil bit, I mean it’s just so cute…

I have this whole AU worked up in my mindhole where Jin & Ken are two boyfriends going for a romantic afternoon casual date and get stuck with the younger bro, and keep trying to sneak off to make out but never get to all afternoon until they finally get home and shake lil bro and start making out and then get interrupted by the mom.  Maybe like home for college on winter break AU or something, but yeah. 

That’s all from camp PLUSHMATIZED, now back to you in the newsroom. xxo

Count Me In

Notes:  The ever lovely wren-of-the-rain  asked “ahhh 43 sounds so cute.” So one must oblige. 😁💚



Alec wouldn’t say he hates clubs…Oh wait no…Yes…yes he would.

Alec hates clubs, he hates them with  every fiber of his being. He hates the air stained with the pungent combination of sweat and perfumes. He hates the ear shattering music roaring from no where, and every where all at once. And he especially hates the thriving bodies that swarm around him, (Just a bunch of horny adults dry humping in public in some pitiful veil of dancing.)

Honestly, the only reason Alec came here to the infamous Pandemonium night club was because his pain in the ass of a brother had dragged him flailing and screeching.

“Alec, you need a fucking break from all those text books,” Jace had declared with a harsh tugging on his arm out of the cramped apartment. “It’s not like you’ll fail law school from one night of fun.”

Alec admits that Jace may have had a point—he’s maybe been focussing a bit to entirely towards his studies in the passing months. So Alec’s  actually anticipating to have a fun night out with all his friends.

That is until—to his  great chagrin—Alec unceremoniously found out that Izzy and Clarry were incognito, making last minute adjustments to their trip around Europe…Which in turn meant that Alec was stuck either staring at a bunch of strangers rubbing against each other, or his brother making out with his boyfriend of a year and a half.

Not a fun position in the least.

Alec clears his throat a tad to loudly for it to be natural. “You know I hear if you don’t come out for air in at least five minute intervals, you can start losing braincells…And I don’t know about you Sheldon,  but I’m personally  under the impression that Jace can’t risk even another loss.”

Jace flips him off, and appears more than mildly  pissed when a chuckling Simon pulls away. “I think I’ll get us some new drinks,” Simon suggests, and  with a final peck onto Jace’s lips, commences his  maneuvering his way around the labyrinth of writhing bodies.

Alec roles his eyes at the way Jace can’t move his gaze from his boyfriend’s ass. “You know, you guys are pretty disgusting.”

“Oh spare me,” Jace scoffs. “You’re just salty that you haven’t went on a proper date sense you dumped that Adam dude last year.”

“I did not “dump” Adam,” Alec dismisses the idea, as if affronted by the insinuation . “Believe it or not Jace, people have the capacity to break up mutually, without any hurt feelings.)

“Oh?” Jace cranes a pale brow. “Is that why the poor bastard never came back for all his crap in our place?”

With a disgruntled pout, Alec merely averts his gaze—Honestly he didn’t have a comeback to that one.

“Admit it bro, you’re stuck in this perpetual circle where you want a boyfriend, but simultaneously suck at being one.”

“That’s not true,” Alec contends with an indignant twisting of the lips.

“Okay then,” Jace concedes with a pixilated glint in his miss-matching eyes. “Prove me wrong. dare you to get a number from a guy here tonight, and bring him to Clarry and Izzy’s going away party. I bet you guys can’t last the weekend.”

Oh hoe, Jace thinks he’s so clever with his dumb condescending smirk, and taunting and prodding. Hah he thinks that he can goad Alec so easily? Well he’s got another thing coming.

“Fine,” Alec bristles after approximately two minutes of holding himself back—his gaze immediately searching for the brunette who’s been tossing him suggestive winks the whole night.

“Oh no, not so fast my bro,” Jace needles with a sing-song tone of voice, and waving of the finger.  “One little caveat.”

“Let me guess,” Alec deadpans. “You get to choose the lucky guy.”

“You know me to well,” Jace leers with a hand running through his golden locks.

“Sometimes I wish I never knew you at all.”

Jace pointedly ignores him.

“I choose him!” He finally exclaims after a good two minutes of eyeing every seemingly available, (And sometimes not,) guy in the entire club.

Alec lazily flickers his glance towards where his brother is pointing, expecting the typical New Yorker guy. (Jelled hair to mimic a “Just got out of bed,” , look and all) But when Alec finally does take in the sight of the glittering bartender, every semblance of confidence that Alec has ever had, effectively  flies out the window.

“I-I can’t talk to him,” Alec tries to ignore the pleading edge to his voice, while he continues to gawk at the man not even ten feet from where he and Jace are lounging.

“Don’t tell me you’re intimidated Alexander,” Jace sneers with far too much amusement for it to be alright.

“NO! OF course not,” Alec scowls in a pathetic attempt to obscure the fact that his annoyingly smug fat face might be right. “It’s just…He’s like busy. you know, working!”

“Fine,” Jace nods in mock agreement. “Then you’ll just need to get us some drinks while your talking to him.”

“Isn’t that what you’re boyfriend’s doing?” Alec contends.

“Yeah, but the thing is even though I love the guy, I also know  Simon. He can’t not trip over his own two feet if we were to put him in some empty room.” Jace doesn’t give Alec another spare moment to argue against the mission, and instead shoves him towards where the bartender is filling up a new round of shots.

Alec curses him with the new latin words he’s learned by Maia while helping her study for her Classics midterm.

As he inches closer to the bar, Alec can more carefully take in the man’s intimidating appearance. From the shiny gloss swept across his lips, to the jewels adorning his fingers and ears, all the way too  how he withholds the ability to wear even a simple, silk button up with a prestige that Alec suspects not even actual royalty could pull off quite so successfully—The mysterious man with a fuchsia street in his hair, looks as if he has just stepped off the most esteemed fashion show in Milan, rather than working at some random nightclub in the middle of Brooklyn.

“Can I help you?”

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