bro strider love

You got through finals!!

You’re so proud you don’t even know what to do with yourself!

@yurihands I am so proud of you making it through this year, it’s been a long one for you!! This isn’t super spectacular, but it’s worth it for you if I get a smile on your face from our college idiot sons

i like to think about dave and dirk eventually becoming quietly very touchy and affectionate with each other because they both grew up extremely contact-starved, dave by a hyper-masculine upbringing that taught that stoicism is “cool” and that boys don’t need shit like hugs and physical affection, and dirk by being isolated in the middle of a fucking ocean. with the initial awkwardness out of the way and various issues talked through and shit they can just be bros who care about each other a lot and just like lean into each other all the time and sometimes hug if they need it and sometimes after a hard day of drawing and goofing off just flop down together and take a nap all tangled together.