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So Ransom and Holster are having a terrible time deciding whether to give Nursey or Dex their dibs (they didn’t think it was gonna be an issue, but then it became obvious that Lardo’s dibs would go to Ford because of course they should, manager in the haus is such an excellent tradition we should really put it in the bylaws, bro).

They’d ruled out the possibility of joint dibs a long time ago, because those two frogs fight too much. Which is what they tell Nursey when they offer him the dibs and he’s shocked they aren’t joint with Dex (it was a close call, but Nursey found them their new manager and even Dex has to admit that’s the most important contribution anyone could possibly make to the team, dryer maintenance be damned).

Nursey, being Nursey, says “c'mon bros, Poindexter and I are totally chill now. We’ve been getting along great since, like, a month before we started dating. Ask Chow.”

Holster stares at Nursey suspiciously. Ransom runs downstairs to ask Chowder, who confirms both that the other two frogs are getting along now, and that they’re dating (though he places the start of the the getting along about a month *after* the dating).

The co-captains then have to retreat to their attic for a huddle. They are deeply concerned about the advisability of rooming with one’s significant other, because after all neither of them have managed to date anybody for longer than three months or so, and what happens if the frogs break up? They reach no conclusions, and have to call in Bitty and Lardo.

Bitty and Lardo, once they figure out what all the fuss is about, look at each other very solemnly.

“Well, Bits,” says Lardo,“ the time has finally come. Do you want to tell them, or should I?”

“Oh, you should do the honors; you’ve been here since the beginning.”

“Well then. Ransom, Holster. The reason neither of you has succeeded in dating anyone for very long is that you’re essentially dating each other. And it takes about two months for your girlfriends to work that out.”

Ransom and Holster stare at Lardo, then at Bitty, and then at each other. They declare a D-man conference, and kick the other two back out of the attic–Bitty laughing loudly, and Lardo just shaking her head.

It takes them a couple hours to announce their decision, but Nursey and Dex do eventually get their dibs, together.


One of the reasons why I like sex-swapping “man to woman” is because it is easier to bring forth diversity, something that is well needed amongst the animated ladies. There is only one woman in the main cast in Iron Giant (which is a separate issue) and her design is the typical “pretty face with a petit, slim hourglass figure” which we are so used to seeing. So “Deana” makes me happy! <3

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  • Me: *watched the Spiderman Homecoming trailer with my sister*
  • Me: Ahhh it looks so good!
  • My Sister: I know!!!
  • Me: I'm so excited! And I love how Tony is totally dading Peter.
  • My sister: *laughing* Oh my gosh that's a great word!

Showed my Rule 63 work to a friend, but because she is not familiar with some of the movies, it was hard for her to see what changes I had done (expect for adding/removing boobs :P) so I put together this post. Then she was all like “How do you remove facial hair?!” XD

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PS: Some of the designs are based on Lettherebedoodles’ work! :D