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Milex: Friends™️

DEFINITELY go to your local high schools high school musical production JUST IN CASE A) they perform a slow melancholy rendition of WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER featuring A GOSPEL CHOIR that brings you to ACTUAL TEARS and B) after the show when the GRADUATING SENIORS are being recognized, a very shy handsome senoir who played the baking basketball player receives a standing ovation for his ten lines, and then shyly grabs the mic and yells KATIE WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME after which, katie, who is of course working the spotlight, screams, so he has to yell FLASH THE SPOTLIGHT ONCE FOR NO OR TWICE FOR YES PLEASE and the whole audience waits in agony as the spotlight slowly blinks once…and then A SECOND TIME after which the other basketball dudes on stage SCREAM WITH JOY AND PHYSICALLY WRESTLE KATIES NEW PROM DATE INTO A JOYOUS BRO PILE WHILE HE SMILES SO HARD IT LITERALLY HURTS TO LOOK AT

Finally the yoi tag was reasonably safe again after everyone calmed down over that dumb love on ice movie was announced and a few other things but now again everyones being salty. This time about the crunchyroll awards that literally mean nothing lmao. Im just here for the fanarts and the cute headcanons okay pls let me live


My Saturday night ended with being in the middle of a beautiful A Loss For Words Bro pile up, singing into the mic with none other than the ever so talented Matt Arsenault. 

Pinkie Promise

Since adiwriting asked so nicely


Blaine doesn’t open his eyes and sighs into the phone.


“Yes, Sam.”

“You’re back in Ohio, dude!”

“I missed you too.”

Sam stays silent for a moment. “I won’t ask you how you’re doing, because that would be dumb.”

Blaine has never been so grateful for his friend, but he remains silent, because he just doesn’t know what to say.

“You know what you need?”

“Oh, Sam, no fanfiction or ice c–”

“Some Evans Love Fest!”

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