bro on the go

Alone, Lost and wandering. Too many eyes ,Hands ,Voices. 
It doesn’t stop, Like drowning on land.

Look at me, You are not lost. It’s going to be okay, Breath.

You found me

I found you.

raph-the-muscle  asked:

*Gives Donnie a bowl of Meat Salad. Pats him on the head and walks off*

What is this? Is this a salad of….meat? 

*Arches a brow ridge to raph as he is patted upon the head. But, he likes meat and so he’s going to eat it.* 

Thanks, Bro!


Okay bro, that AU tho. That AU where the one being rescued instantly recognizes the superhero as someone they know. it’s wonderful. because like Bakugou as the one being rescued is just super pissed, because one: he totally does not need to be rescued. he’s not weak damn it. Two: why did the idiot get the superpowers and not him. It will be more awesome if he got the powers. And three: Kirishima is actually cool, and Bakugou cannot handle emotions other than being pissed so.

Meanwhile, poor Kirishima is just trying to disguise himself, and totally failing. 

anonymous asked:

please show a scenario where the tsukinami bros go against shu and reiji in a brothers only team competition for their school festival. would reiji and shu show teamwork vs the tsukinami bros? and what kind if trashtalk will they do

[MTK: Eeeeh, I’m sorry, but I’m already doing my worst best with the roleplays, so I don’t think I can do scenarios… they’d take too much time…

I’ll tell you what could happen, though!

So… I think the Tsukinami’s themselves would challenge the Sakamaki older brothers, to show them how incapable they are compared with the First Bloods.

At first, Reiji-san wouldn’t really like to collaborate with Shuu-san (who’s just gonna complain at how boring and annoying this team competion is), but I do think they would work together later on…

… but, they would start fighting very soon, too. Like, talking about their flaws and insulting each other. A brotherly fight which the First Blood are gonna enjoy, and they’ll all forget the competion.]


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…