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Draw the squad like Game Grumps (cause how can you not?)

Too hot, hot damn~ Make a dragon wanna retire man~  B)))))
Also please don’t use this sketch ty

Saeyoung: YO WHATUP LOLOL Saeyoung here with my cute lil bro Saeran! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you got! ★LET’S HAVE FUN LOL~!★

Saeran: Uh…this is Saeran…shit. Why do I have to do this? Whatever…don’t expect me to answer your questions. How annoying…

((Hey everyone! This is a Mystic Messenger ask blog! It contains major spoilers for Seven’s route so please take caution! The ask box is currently open!

The page is still undergoing construction but it’s fine~ Send me some asks! I’m ready! YAAH! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ))

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can u recommend any clexa blogs that still post semi-frequently? my dash is a mess of old fandom blogs that either devolved into a racist shit fest against bellamy or jumped to the supergirl fandom which i'm not really into

bro same. i Feel^TM this. Most of the time i’ll go to the tags if i want to reblog something but 3 off the top of my head are @closetclexa @elizasoulmate (lots of eliza) and @elizataylorsource (same deal) they post clexa stuff tho but i’m not sure at the frequency you’re looking for. I also have a /clexa tag that might have blogs i missed that i follow or have reblogged things from.

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The Mukami bro's with a self conscious, blind s/o? (I honestly have no idea where I'm going with this but this would be so cute to see! >///////< )

マリ: Just realised I have a shit ton of work to do this weekend, so I might as well take on this short lil request I received a couple of days ago! It might not be… cute, but I think I made it work with the aid of some casual NSFW(˶′◡‵˶)Hope you like it! 

Midnight. As you made your way through the gardens, your senses were invigorated by an overwhelming amount of stimuli – the prominent yet calming sound of crickets filled the air, a soft breeze played with strands of your hair, your fingers trailed along the petals of soft roses that diffused a pleasant and nostalgic flowery scent, the fairy lights that illuminated the garden cast white specks on your vision. Even though you were severely visually impaired, you could still distinguish between light and dark and your other senses were heightened, which helped you find your way back into the mansion with little effort. As soon as you had closed the door and stepped inside, the air was eerily quiet and there were no light sources in your vicinity, not even the faint glow of a tea light – you knew right away that something was off. You started feeling uneasy, and wrapped your arms around your upper body in an attempt to curb the shivers that ran along your spine.
     “Guys, please,” you called out in vain, “don’t play around, this isn’t funny…”
     You felt someone’s lips press against your ear, hands roaming your body from behind you. “N-no, wait,” you whimpered, your voice wobbling when he began to undo the buttons of your blouse, and heard the vampire inhale sharply as his slender fingers made their way underneath your bra, pinching your sensitive buds between his middle and ring finger. You writhed against him in protest, trying to push him off, but soon gave yourself over to his hands. The way his body tensed against yours made it obvious how pleased he was to elicit such shameless moans from you so quickly. 

Ruki ←
“Blatantly assuming that I’m fooling around? I couldn’t have anticipated for you to be that ignorant, Livestock. Say, do I ever joke around? Do I ever dare make fun of you? Come on, then. Open your pretty mouth and answer…” – you shake your head in response and mutter an expression of your gratitude – “You’re… grateful, even? Good girl. I felt like enjoying myself with you tonight, and, let’s be honest – you – ah – give away control too easily, Livestock…” – you hear the vampire chuckle lightly as one of his hands slides underneath your skirt, swiftly moving aside your panties before sliding two fingers inside of you, making you gasp and shiver – “Your lack of eyesight simply makes you an easy prey… Hah. You have your own pleasure as your top priority, don’t you? Such a lewd little girl, shamelessly writhing about in my arms like this… You may not be able to see me, but you will feel me, inside and out, and you will know my body as thoroughly as I know yours…”

“Evenin’, Sow” – the vampire hovers over you and grinds his body against yours from behind as he touches your sensitive areas – “I hear ya wanted to see me; well, that’s too bad in your case, heh. Luckily I can see you, though, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that erotic face of yours for a million bucks. Every single move I make right now resonates through your body and, honestly…” – suddenly, he forcefully thrusts two fingers into you – “Ah, yeah, Sow, so pretty. Exclusively for me… You’re practically drooling, such wet lips ya have. I know what I’d do to that mouth. Lemme show you, feel you…” – you hear Yuma undo his belt and he grabs your shoulders to violently get you on your knees, bruising you significantly as he forces himself into your mouth – “Mm, yeah, look… look up, Sow… I needa… see those empty, begging eyes…”

Kou ←
“But you’re so much fun to play with, M-Nekochan! You’re always so clueless. I could fool around with you all day long…” – you suddenly feel exposed and cold; the vampire has ripped off your blouse and you heard the soft thump of the fabric hitting the floor – “And maybe I will! I call the shots here anyway, right? You just have to abide by my rules if you want to stay alive.. But why do you even want to stay alive? Not being able to see my face must be very hard on you…Hey, M-Nekochan, I know what game we’re going to play tonight. Let’s play hide and seek!” – you feel him move his hands to cover your eyes, but removes them again almost instantly – “Oh, my bad! Blindfolding isn’t necessary! Then you’re going to have to rely on your hearing and… touch, heh” – the vampire guides your hand slowly towards his crotch, and straight into his jeans, making him moan obscenely -- “Here, have a little feel… so that you’ll remember properly…”

→ Azusa ←
“I was feeling… lonely… and wanted to… feed, and spend some time with you… So, Eve, please… lend me your neck first” – you push your hair aside and tilt your head, allowing the vampire easy access to your vessels, and you feel him placing your hands on his body as he feeds – “Oh, the way you just… moved… against me, does me draining you.. excite you? Please, do it more… it feels… nice… Your warm body against mine, that’s how it’s meant to be” – you spread your legs suggestively as he continues, and guide one of his hands to your wetness as to encourage him to finger you – “So naughty, Eve… I wish I could… give you back your eyesight… just so you can see… the scars I’ll be leaving on you from your head to your toes… bleeding all over. You are… mm… my prized… possession…”


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name: quinn
height: 5′2
hogwarts house: ravenclaw (but i also got 25% of each house so idk)
go to SSBB character: i’m assuming u mean super smash bros but tbh i always pick kirby just to annoy my brother
fictional character i’d date: renee walker + kate bishop
favorite band or artist: check out my navi yo cause there’s multiple
when did i make this blog: 2012 but i didnt do shit
how many blogs do I follow: 564
what do I post about: marvel + dc, hp, literatures, aesthetics, movies
do i get asks on a regular basis: how does one achieve this
aesthetic: dogs, piano music, cool socks, vintage collections, glowing lights, warm + cool tones, matte lipsticks, heels, roses + more

tagging: @tarjei-sandvikmoe, @hlalsey, @sttevie, @foxparty, @reysrogers, @ranvenclaw, @chherik, @audreil, @lunascope, @valxyries, @peggycarthr, @alexsummerrs, @anttonystark, @defendors, @buckthebarnes, @steueroggers, @fleurdelaccvr

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hi Avi I love your blog. I don't want to alarm you but there's a subset of liberal men, usually Bernie Bros, who pretend to be LGBT in order to sexually exploit feminists. straight dudes are posing as gay to score with transmen or as trans to hook up with lesbians. how well do you know your girlfriend? she might be one of them. stay safe xo

holy SHIT this is transmisogynistic why would you ever accuse my girlfriend of 3 years of being a secret straight man… we met at a summer camp, became extremely good friends and started dating and have built a 3 year relationship. you don’t know shit about us. the only info you evidently know is that she is trans, and based on that you sent this accusation. that’s fucked up. this is bad. please fix your shit. 

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What's ur fav blogs??

Oh thats a good question

I have to put @leticheecopae on the list cause like i used to be on there like everyday

and ummmmm idk?  shit idk man

@thatsthat24 is awesome

@fr0stmask and @willowstarr are awesome voltron bros oh mine

and @jamie-bennett deserves a shout out too cause of how long they’ve been around here for 

Other than that i won’t be able to really name blogs, i rarely travel off my dashboard tbh


yo this is jus a casual
public service announcement yknow how those work
but if ya dont then buckle the fuck up its time fer a lesson in psas
basically im just raisin awareness on a particular subject

the subject of choice today is some real choice blogs
ran by some equally choice peeps
an if you aint followin em
yer really missin out

first up we got my bro from another mo
dirks real fuckin rad an he could probably use at more pals
cause i know jammin with yer lil bro constantly has gotta be less than great
ya gotta mix that shit up from time ta time yknow

next we got
karks my man my dude my best bro hes real fuckin legit
super legit
like hes a legit rocket
made out of other legit rockets
just soarin up an up an up
dudes a real fuckin riot if you aint followin him yer really missin the fuck out

next up on the list of swanky ass dudes is my man john
weve been best buds for fuckin years an honestly
hes a real fuckin legit dude
hes got a major crush on some pretty shit movies but hey
hes still my best bro an i love him
regardless of his craptacular taste (tho some of the shit he digs aint that bad)
hes real chill ta jam with

what could i possibly fuckin say
copilot of the ss fuckin strider
were goin places
hes a real fuckin chill dude
like ta kick it back with him an relax when i got a sec

dunno if heph really needs an intro bc hes a fuckin god legit
dudes probably got pals for days but
if you aint met up with him an chilled yet yer def missin out
hes rad as fuck
plus how many of ya can say ya played halo with a god
in his house
an won
thats right
jus me
hes super chill an i look up to him a lot
hes kinda like a father figure for me

an heres another list of some peeps i really dig the hell out of but ta save yall the trouble of scrollin through a literal mountain ima just list their urls an hope ya realize how cool they are without me ramblin on about em

@kyra-koukouvagia @pinnae-caduceus @sunshineterror @sanandolacus @pastelanon @famelicosesanguine @homeslicedbread @grimxuxilixtrix

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ya know, I think I would get along p well with pansy bc I'm p salty and I feel like she wouldn't be the type to be insulted by the shit I say

i feel you on the salt thing

i watched the grossest most wannabe frat bro in the nhl score a goal tonight by like tapping it in off the fucking goalies leg ????????????? from behind the net ????¿??????¿??? like what the fuck it was infuriating its been an hour and a half and im still thinking about how smug and awful he looked afterwards like everyone who hugged him is on my shit list now im keeping track for when playoffs come around and i get all caught up in the excitement and forget i have standards about things like hairlines and harrowing upstate new york accents

…….anyway im not going to start a hockey blog that would be Bad that would end Badly that would probably result in rpf and just be Bad Bad Bad so

i haven’t slept in like three days can y'all tell or nah

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nickname: Some people call me Ryss, most people can be “bruh”, “bro”, or “babe” and occasionally “you ho”

star sign: Aquarius

height: 5′3

favourite music artist: Queen probably

last tv show you watched: The Rebels episode from Saturday. I watch tv like never so yeah.

what kind of stuff do you post: Inquisitors, OC stuff. Art and fics. Also my opinions and shit that happens in my day to day life.

do you have any other blogs: Yeah so many… main/store blog @3-pico, nsfw art blog @the-grand-sinquisitor, for funsies blog @the-new-fulcrum, and my redirect blog from by old url @kylo-ren-is-my-space-husband

why did you choose your url: Have you met me lmao

hogwarts house: Slytherin

pokemon team: Valor

favourite color: Black/dark grey

how many blankets do you sleep with:  2-3

following: 591

followers: 874

Don’t really have the energy to tag anyone right now but if you want to do this alas, DEW IT

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I'm too lazy to make sideblogs so my main has changed from Homestuck (truly awful) to Supernatural and now it's Sunny

i have like 8 sideblogs but the only ones that are actually like Active and In Use are this one and my art blog lmao i mainly just enjoy the excuse to screw around w html on themes tbh. but same my main Absolutely just cycles around watever im hyperfocusing on at the time tho its a mess always



NAME.    ginny
PRONOUNS.    she /  her
SEXUALITY.    straight  from  hell
TAKEN OR SINGLE.     married  to  my  plans


ONE.       i  fucking  hate  private  international  law  with  all  my  heart
TWO.      my  fav  book  is   a  midsummer  night’s  dream
THREE.   im  a  virgo


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).     jesus  i  have  no  idea
BEST EXPERIENCE.   canon  muses,  mostly  with  my  sarah  manning  blog


FEMALE OR MALE.    female
MULTI OR SINGLE.    single  bc  im  too  slow  for  multi


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT.     im a slut 4 angst
PLOTS OR MEMES.     plots.  but  memes  are  also  gr8  to  break  the  ice
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES.     i  have  no  preference  tbh
BEST TIME TO WRITE.     evening
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).     in  some  ways,  i  guess

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Your blog is a fucking goldmine of arguments for the far right... I have used so many of your posts in arguments at my college, just wanted to say thank you so much for running this blog bro! I know it can't be easy with all the shit you get, keep strong!

Thank you very much, stay resolute in your beliefs my friend.

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Nickname(s): Lion, Lies

Star sign: Aries i think?

Height: 5′ 5″

Time rn: 5:03 pm

Last thing I googled: Lion movie

Favorite Music Artists: Paradise Fears, Fall Out Boy

Song stuck in my head: Waving Through a Window

Last Movie I watched: Moana!!!

Last show I watched: Touch the Skyrim(if that counts)

What I am wearing rn: An Undertale t-shit and sweatpantsss

When I made this blog: I forget where 2 find that info but like 2014 or smth??

Kind of stuff I post: A clusterfukc of fandoms and memes iv spiraled out of control

Do I get regular asks: Nah really

Why did I choose my url: lions + eyeliner = eyelioner >:3c

Gender: Male dude bro

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Number of followers: 449 omg <3

Pokemon Team: :(

Favorite Color: Navy Blue!

Favorite Characters: Evan Hansen and almost every Ninjago character

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Hi hello yes I just wanted to say your blog is so aesthetically pleasing and you make really good aesthetics and wowie I love this whole thing so much anyway, have a lovely day :D

HOly SHit? oh my god thank you? i love you too?   wow? bro this is wow thank so glad you love this trashy blog? you are so nice wow

i am currently working on "we need to talk" (the dave bro convo), "darker than black" (the sideblog story), a shit ton of additional art for my blogs, a huge art commission and an even bigger animation commission

please, allow me to do things in my time, else im gonna have to go on a search to find all the shit i lost so i can flip it and have a fucking mental breakdown

Follow & Support the fashion game.

Ight y’all, you guys know I don’t ask y’all for shit. I don’t ask you guys to put my name out there to get bigger, I don’t ask y’all to reblog my shit like I’m some desperate nigga, I don’t do any of that. But what I would like for you all to do, is like & support my bro hazebeforerodeo fashion line backyardworldwide. He based off in Switzerland & trying to make it worldwide. He came to me personally to help get his stuff known and I’ll gladly help him out. Now this is a A$AP Rocky blog and you’ll only see Rocky content (with the exception of Yams RIP), but for a while, you will be seeing his clothing line on here. This is in no way a paid deal or anything lol I’m supporting because I want to see niggas with talent come up. If you into fashion or anything like that, follow the label on here and on instagram. #BackYardWorldWide time to make it happen. Keep it trilla. A$AP.

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