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Iwaizumi Haijme

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Oikawa, in case you couldn’t guess lmfao

brotp: I really like him and Kuroo being bros and shit

general opinions: I love his eyes and his voice. Voice is a biggy for me. I love how much he fiercely cares for Oikawa, even if its just in a platonic way, and I love the way he looked when they lost against Karasuno, with his lips trembling and tears gathering around those beautiful beautiful eyes

blog rate: 10/10 (idk what this means but like whatever lol)

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Rfa+Saeran+V+Vanderwood reacting to MC saying weird things in her sleep, please? Like mc says "come at me bro" in her sleep and then softly giggles. Hope this makes sense (^~^) love your blog btw❤❤

Yeaaa boyyy gimmie dem vandy requests this is what i live for

also i needed ideas for what shit to have mc say so i found this askreddit thread and took some stuff from there and i cried laughing


  • Zen takes a lot longer than most people to fall alseep
  • But cuddling with you relaxes him and makes it easier for him
  • So he was spooning you as you muttered
  • “you have to use this one. Use this one to KILL HIM!”
  • He nearly fell off the bed he pushed himself away from you so hard
  • And then he teased you a lot about it in the morning


  • Oh my good grief god this boy is SHOOK
  • He was right about to fall asleep, then you went and shouted
  • Completely terrified from the sudden outburst
  • But once he’s calmed he’s so upset
  • Why’d you call him an idiot :(
  • He didn’t mean to cross the wrong wires :( :( :(


  • ???
  • Sleep talking can be a side effect of serious problems are you okay MC???
  • After making sure that you’re at least relatively healthy she’s….. slightly unnerved
  • She swears she once heard you could to ten in German
  • “MC do you even speak German???”


  • 99% of the time he ignores it
  • You can’t control yourself while your asleep, and he just wants to sleep, so he doesn’t mind it
  • But sometimes you’ll say the creepiest shit
  • Like one time, you sat up and said in a complete monotone voice
  • “There is always a perfect opportunity to kill everybody.”
  • That was the most terrified he head been in his entire life


  • It wasn’t rare for him to be up later than you
  • So of course he’s heard his fair share of your sleep threats
  • But he never gets tired of it
  • Every time he hears you he’ll go into a full blown sleep smack down with you
  • “Fight me bro”
  • “Come at me, babe!”
  • It’s a ridiculous mess


  • For the most part he doesn’t pay much attention to your sleep talking
  • He’s a p heavy sleeper, so if he’s asleep you could scream in his ear and he’d still be sleeping
  • But sometimes he’ll entertain your sleep-self and respond
  • “Wanna hear a funny story?”
  • “I’d love to, MC”
  • “….”
  • No story


  • He was peacefully sleeping next to you
  • Getting the best nights sleep he had in a while
  • Then you suddenly mumble out,
  • “There’s so much corn… And they’re all trying to… KILL me”
  • He’s so confused
  • He’s never heard anyone sleep talk he wasn’t expecting it to be a full sentence, much less a coherent one


  • They were peacefully sitting in bed, reading their book as you slept beside them
  • It had been complete silence for an hour, so they nearly jumped out of their skin when you shouted
  • “NO! NO! Use the QUADRATIC equation, you idiot!” 
  • They were confused
  • But they were mostly offended that you assumed they would use the wrong equation


Draw the squad like Game Grumps (cause how can you not?)

Too hot, hot damn~ Make a dragon wanna retire man~  B)))))
Also please don’t use this sketch ty

  • Some well-meaning Tumblr idiot: Umm? You forget that Asians and Asian Americans exist too??? Why are you erasing their voices??
  • Me, an Asian American: Hey. Fucking shut up already if you haven't personally interviewed every Asian American on their opinion.
  • Same well-meaning Tumblr idiot: You wouldn't understand oppression. Fucking stupid whitey.
  • Me, an Asian American with a pic of herself on her own blog: Yeah, okay. Sure thing, buddy.
An open letter to recast owners

I’ve been debating with myself wether or not to post this because I’ve been away from the hobby and this ‘discourse’ for some time doing my own thing and generally trying to get my shit together but then someone had the bright idea of posting that delightful list and attempting to brand myself and some 700 people as bullies and stalkers. Not cool bro, not cool at all.

So this is my open letter to the recast owning community, particularly those like the admins of the above blog. I always welcome discourse, if you want to discuss any of this or any of my points then I more than welcome you to my inbox, it’s always open.

Greetings fellow doll lover,
The thing I really, really want to emphasise above all else is that we get it. We really do.
Who wouldn’t want something they’ve been wanting forever and a day for cheaper than usual? It’s only natural and we’re a generation (or two) of people who’ve been brought up to search for a bargain every chance we can. So we understand the temptation. But the issue of recasts vs supporting artists goes much deeper than just the price tag and that seems to be where the disconnect is, at least from what I’ve observed the last few years.

Allow me to make an analogy;
Imagine, if you will, that you’ve got yourself a job cleaning floors, be it for a bit of money on the side or your sole source of income.
You’ve got yourself all set up, you’ve bought the brooms, the dustpan, the garbage can and bags. Not to mention you bought all those cleaning chemicals which weren’t cheap at all. So you’ve come up with how much you charge your clients based on the cost of your equipment and you manage to squeeze in a little on top to cover your labour and time. You come up with what you consider a very fair price considering the time, effort and cost involved in your work. Sounds fair right?
Now imagine you’re cleaning a floor, you’ve done a good job, you could eat off that floor. Some guy comes along, tells you what a good job you’ve done and even picks up a piece of rubbish for you but the second your boss appears to pay you what you’re owed this other guy, we’ll call him Mr R quickly shows him the garbage can, telling your boss at length what a wonderful job has been done and he’ll only charge half of what you where asking for.
Oh! Well your boss loves that idea, a perfect floor for half the price! Who wouldn’t jump on that deal! So MR R leaves with the money, having done a tiny amount of work compared to you. You’re left out of pocket and with nothing to show for all that time and effort your poured into your work.
How would that make you feel? Maybe you could let it slide if it happened just once but imagine that Mr R keeps coming back, he’s got the money now to follow you to your next job and the one after that and so on after all.

I’m hoping it’s obvious where I’m going with this… on a simplified level that’s exactly what recasters do. They make money off the hard work, skill and all that time an artist pours into making dolls and deny those same artists potential sales by poaching customers with an artists own work. I don’t know about you but I’d find that so incredibly beyond galling if it were me in the artists shoes. And if your work is constantly being sold out from under you, why bother to continue?

That is the crux of why recasts are so harmful to the BJD world. Creating a BJD from scratch takes skill (something which might have entailed formal education and the debts that go with it), a hell of a lot of time and development and a lot of money sunk into it along the way for equipment and materials. Why should anyone sink all that into making dolls when someone else is going to come along, make the minimum amount of effort and make money off that artists hard work?
And if artists decide they’ve had enough and it’s just not worth their time to make dolls anymore then we ALL loose out. Even recast owners. Because what’s there going to be to recast if dolls aren’t being made in the first place?

There’s been many good posts made about the costs of producing dolls and I encourage and implore you to go look for them. Do some research on what’s involved in producing the dolls we all enjoy and you’ll come away informed and hopefully with a good sense of what it’s like for the artists who’s work we all covet.

So much of the narrative being used by blogs like bjdrecastpositive and the people behind them relies upon is attempting to paint anyone who disagrees with them as bullies and stalkers.  I can’t speak for all 700 people singled out on that list they complied but I know that I’ve never stalked anyone in my life (who even has the time or energy for that?) and I certainly don’t bully anyone. Being vocal and disagreeing with something someone posts publically is not bullying.
And once again I implore you to use your own common sense and take that list and posts like it for what it is; an attempt to shift focus away from the real issues at hand.
There’s some very impressive mental gymnastics going on (which we’ve seen before) comparing recast owners and their side of the ‘debate’ to the struggles of the black community or the LGBTQA community among others, not to mention all that intersectionality but and I really must emphasise this as hard as it may be to hear it; recasts owners are not the victims, they are not being persecuted or discriminated against. That isn’t what being disagreed with in a debate is. That isn’t what having your decision to buy a fake doll called into question is.
And a decision is exactly what recast ownership is, with the exception of course of the poor people who get scammed, it is a conscious decision to put luxury wants above all else, regardless of whom it hurts. How ever someone wants to justify it to themselves on no level does deciding to buy a fake doll and having that called into question compare to being persecuted for your skin colour or sexuality. And I honestly cannot believe that’s even something I have to explain. The mind boggles.

Like I said at the beginning. I get it, I really do. None of us are pretending to be perfect or to have never made questionable decisions but the point is that we are all capable of looking back on our decisions, realising it was a mistake and doing the right thing. Be that by changing our ways or by making amends. Even some of the big name doll companies have made such journeys, Dollzone started out as a recast company, they decided to change their ways and they’ve since flourished into what they are today, likewise Fairyland fucked up pretty big by copying the designs for their steampunk weapons a year or two back but they realised they’d messed up and made it right. We are all constantly growing and learning. It’s part of life and learning from our mistakes is a fundamental thing we all share.

All I’m asking with this letter is to encourage recast owners and supporters to simply put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to think about the implications of buying fake dolls and to have a good hard look at their decision to do so. There are so many alternatives, be it layaways or this awesome list of dolls under $300 that @bluekitsune put together. The alternatives are there, you just need to look for them.

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bro i come back to your blog every few weeks and i am blown away by how much you improve and grow each time, like SHIT i've sent you four asks and every time i'm just flabbergasted, god bless

ohmygosh????? please take this insufficient wip,,,, I haven’t drawn anything good in forever asjdkfld


CM - Jared would always try to play it off, but he was definitely head over heels for his best friend.

CM - Alana didn’t actually like him (she’s an asexual lesbian) but she wouldn’t shut up about what a great friend he was.

CM - And Zoe- god, zoe was obsessed with him. Every other word she said was “Evan this, Evan that.” Ugh.

CM - But then I met him…or, I started talking to him more.Yeah…now I see what everyone was shitting themselves over…he is pretty cute.

[ ah sorry for my terrible handwriting ]

you're cool with the penis
you're cool with the penis

Hurk: You gonna be a gentleman and help me up? C'mon.

[Hurk wraps his arms around Ajay as he sits behind him on the elephant’s back]

Ajay: You know what… That’s… That’s enough.

Hurk: ‘Kay sorry…

Ajay: Yeah, just watch the beard on my neck.

Hurk: Whatever man, this elephant got two buttholes, two taints, and four balls on his back, and you’re complaining about one penis!

Ajay: [Sighs] I wasn’t talking about your penis. I-It’s your beard. It’s itchy. Get it off my neck.

Hurk: Oh, sorry man, no problem. But you’re cool with the penis then?

Ajay: …That too, back it up.

Hurk: All right, man…

me: starts thinking about how i’m attracted to men in theory but in practice i’d much rather be with a woman so is this compulsory heterosexuality and am i just pretending to be bisexual am i actually a lesbian do i really want—
me: instantly stops thinking bc i just want to chillax bro


Actual footage of me logging on to this blog (Note my followers’ screams of terror)

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can you jikook shippers stop with the victim card already? it's getting boring. what kind of shippers are you that you have no clue that some of your fellow shippers are as disgusting as some of taekook shippers, sending death threats to taehyung and taekook shippers, saying hurtful things about taehyung and taekook shippers, just being agressive and toxic. so think before you guys go all nuts with omg vkook shippers are this and that they hate on jimin they r cancer they the worst. smh.


1. i have never hated on tae/kook or taehyung. EVER. i have said that tae/kook is not a romantic ship, in my opinion and that is it. 

2. taehyung is literally my bias why on earth would i ever hate on him???? like, you’re coming for the wrong ji/kook stan if you think i would ever disrespect my king. 

3. i ALWAYS say that not every tae/kook shipper is problematic and i ALWAYS say that there are some ji/kook shippers that are problematic. 

4. i literally censor tae/kook or v/kook whenever it appears in one of my asks, so um. how you find my account 👀🤔

5. get the fuck outta my asks accusing me of shit i’d never do. go fix your own problematic shippers and i’ll talk to mine. don’t come on here acting like y’all ain’t just as bad as some ji/kook shippers. 



Saeyoung: Bitch we just hit 2k!!

Saeran: What did you just call m—

Saeyoung: Cherrycaaaaake! Can you believe it?! We’re so busy nowadays but people still come to us for entertainment!

Saeran: Seriously? What are you all still doing here

Saeyoung: We gotta celebrate! Look, I brought wine from Jumin’s place! Hasta la grapes!

Saeran: Great, now I can get drunk until I pass out and no longer have to listen to you.

Saeyoung: :’( Where did my sweet birthday boy go? You were all smiles that day!

Saeran: He’s still here. Just in the darkest corners of my soul.

Saeyoung: Wow, where’d you pull that line from, McEdgy?

Saeran: Okay yeah yikes that was bad even for me. Give me that wine.

Saeyoung: CHEERS, SAERAN!! Here’s to all the wonderful people out there and to my favorite lil bro in the whole wide world!

Saeran: I’m your only brother, you moron. And yeah, cheers ‘n shit.

…Mmm, this wine is good. At least Jumin has nice taste in that.

((OMG TYSM FOR 2K FOLLOWERS?? You guys are so amazing!! And don’t worry this blog isn’t going anywhere, sorry I haven’t updated recently, but I will as soon as I can! I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️))


*channo voice* we back !! and we back and we back…. rap just made me anxious !  -no okay but we back with another installment of crybaby cancer’s follow forevers. y’all i really tried to find another peach pun ( not really spent like 3 minutes searching and gave up ) but i really outdid myself in stupidity with my first follow forever. sorry i wish i was funnier, but all cancers do is cry according to every tumblr blog so it ~must~ be true, so jot that down. i’ve had so many of these for all the godforsaken blogs i make smh, but i don’t think i disclosed why i make them. i’m gonna be real like this is one big ass promo/celebration for you guys. like i couldn’t give a rat’s ass how many 0′s i have behind my followers, i’ve really made really cool friends over all the years i’ve wasted on this ridiculous site. so i’m just here to spread some positivity and love and shit. alright let’s get to @’ing people bc we all loveeeeee to be @’d~ ( bro i’m sorry like right fuckin now… i’m really gonna forget to tag someone and i’m gonna freak out but i love y’all and i have my blogroll up bc i’m #nostalgic and bc i want you guys to see the awesomeness that i follow )

i mean they cute or whateva…

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fuckin admire them from afar, jot that down

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