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Tree Bros Neighbors AU

(Another late night and another crap ton of head cannons)

  • Their windows are directly across from each other, so they can literally see into each others rooms.
  • They both think of each other as “The cute guy next door” But neither are willing to admit it.
  • Evan knows all of Connor little quirks and habits, like how he leaves on a night light, how he listens to classical music to fall asleep, how he can see him putting his hair in a pony tail then taking it out and then repeating the method until he gets it “right”.
  • Connor knows that Evan has trouble sleeping some nights, so he leaves him a classical music playlist on an old iPod beside his bed table labeled “Evan sleep, you’re welcome”. (yes, Connor broke into Evans house)
  • Connor has see Evan come home crying on multiple occasions after hard days at work or school, he starts to comfort Evan and offer his advice.
  • Connor sees Evan shirtless all the time, he loves his little back freckles.
  • He also knows that Evan wears star wars pajamas to bed, (which honestly is the cutest thing)
  • They start having regular convos about each others day while leaning through their windows at night.
  • One time, after a particularly rough day, they have a secret slumber party. Connor basically just spent the night comforting the panicked Evan who doesn’t feel safe alone (moms out of town)
  • Evan and Connor continue to sneak into each others rooms just to chill and talk, its a lot more comfortable to sit down then lean out your window for an hour
  • Evan loves to braid Connor’s hair, Connor has no idea how he knows and one night he asks, turns out Evan used to have a padawan braid as a kid.
  • Evan literally meets Connor in his room after he heard Connor’s parents screaming to each other over dinner about Connor’s mental health. A hug was never more needed 
  • They fiiiiinaly have their first kiss in Evans room, after he said he needed help with something to get Connor to come over.
  • “You bastard, i knew their wasn’t a problem”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! when you’re lying your ears get all red”

“You can see that from your room?”

“I have good vision”

  • They date, but in secret cause Connor knows his parents will hate their relationship.
  • Evans mom catches them together one morning after Connor spent the night there after a particularly bad panic attack.
  • She rolls with it, but she invited Connors fam for dinner
  • It goes about as well as Connor expected
  • Zoe is just excited for them, saying that her brother has had a crush on Evan since they were kids.
  • Cynthia is okay, a little confused at how she didn’t notice, bit okay that her baby is gay/bi
  • Larry tho…
  • “I knew you were up to something, Cynthia you have to realize this isn’t healthy. I mean, the last thing he needs is a boyfriend.. especially that boy”. “Larry this isn’t the time..” “Its his depression, he’s confused!”
  • Connor’s dad threatens to move, Cynthia actually has wanted to move so she doesn’t bother fighting it. Zoe and Connor on the other hand-
  • “We can’t move! I just made a… friend..”

“Oh! Is that all Evan is Connor? Didn’t you just say he was your-”

“I don’t know Dad!”

“Well, for someone who is in love.. thats not a good thing to say.”

  • Over the summer, Connor gets sent away to a camp to “help” him with his sexuality and depression. Mostly just to be sent away from Evan
  • Evan sent letters to him after Cynthia helped him find the P.O. address, but Connor never replies.
  • When he gets back, they’re both so distant…
  • Evan had the whole “tree thing” while Connor was away.
  • “What happened to your arm?” “You’d know if you read my letters?” “What letters?” “I sent you over 30 Connor, did you read any of them?” “No… I-” “forget it..”
  • T H E G R E A T B R E A K U P O F 2 0 1 7 
  • Evan and Connor keep their blinds shut for awhile.
  • Finally, Evan opens his. Ready to talk to Connor and see hows he’s doing.
  • Connors room is dark..
  • Evan climbs over to Connor’s room to see if he’s okay, its midnight, Evan is freaking out until he find the body.
  • C O N N O R   D I E D 
  •  “He wouldn’t be dead if i didn’t send him away Cynthia!” 

“Larry please its not your fault!”

“It is.. he was getting better, with Evan.. I tore them apart.. Its.. It my fault”

  • F U N E R A L
  • Evan is sitting in Connor’s room one night (he gets permission to do that now) and he looks over where the nightlight usually is.
  • There’s a note

“Dear Evan Hansen, Im sorry. Im sorry i cut you out of my life, I’m sorry i let me parents do it. The truth is, you don’t deserve me, you don’t deserve the mess that i am… You deserve the best Evan. I hope you'll understand the reason i did what i did.. I opened my window and waited for you Evan, I waited for you to open yours. But you didn’t, and I’m glad. Im glad you can continue with your life, safely. I read your letters that you sent, i needed to talk to you and make sure you were okay.. I hoped you’ve moved on, I do hope that you’re happy too. I think Ill miss you the most, I love you.


Connor Murphy.

for @froggie-fran, the Enabler ™ of Things.

Reggie Mantle

(Okay, well I meant to write headcanons but then it turned into this. Like I said in my previous post. It seems I can’t write anything less than a thousand words. This has been in my head for a while and I intended to write it as a full fic, but decided on writing it like this instead?  I’ve been having serious Reggie Mantle feels lately, so here you go.This is also pretty much my Isaac Lahey fic, but Reggie. I’ve probably misspelled a bit, but it’s 3 am so I’ll edit it later. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy.)

Reggie falls for the new girl

 -The first time he sees you, he’s talking to someone from the team in the hallway.

-The second his eyes land on you; he trails off on what he was saying.

- “Reggie, bro you okay?”

- “Yeah who’s that?” he says pointing in your direction.

- “Oh, that’s Y/N. She just started here today.”

- “Y/N.” he repeats to himself. 

 - “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. I met her this morning.”

 -Even though his teammate is still talking, Reggie barely hears any it because he’s having a hard time not focusing on you.

 -Reggie hates 5th period, so he always shows up late.

-15 minutes’ pass before he decides he’s going to head to class now.

-That’s when he sees you struggling trying to carry a few books while you look over your class schedule.

-You’re late for your class because you have no idea where it’s located.

- “Hey.” you hear someone say behind you. When you turn around you’re greeted by a tall boy with a very nice smile.

- “Hey.” you say.

- “Here let me help you with that, Your Y/N, right? I’m Reggie.” he says as he grabs the books out of your hand.

- “Thank you. Yes, I’m new here. Which is why I’m struggling trying to find my next class.” You say looking over your schedule again.

- “I might be able to help with that.”

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anonymous asked:

I’m the anon who requested the rainy day kisses and you totally delivered the goods. :D Thank you!! I hope it’s okay that I send in another request because I really enjoy your scenarios. ^^ For the chocobros: post-game happy AU where everyone has a family and the bro has a heart-to-heart with their teenaged kid (for this request: a daughter for Gladio & Iggy, son for Prompto & Noct) who asked the bro about the moment they knew their s/o was ‘the one’. Thanks!


Noctis walked into the training arena, watching his son warping from one end of the room to the other. He stood by the doorway, watching as Ferox panted, dropping his dagger to the ground with his hands on his knees.

“Giving up already?” Noctis called, and Ferox rose to his full height. At thirteen, he was almost as tall as his dad, stretching his back and allowing it to crack loudly before loosening up his shoulders.

“Mom said I should take combat training more seriously.”

Noctis snorted. “Sounds like something she would say.”

Ferox tried warping a few more times under his father’s supervision, but eventually gave up, collapsing in a heap on the ground with his arms and legs splayed out like a drunken starfish.

“This is too hard,” Ferox groaned, pinching his eyes shut. “I don’t get why she’s being so strict with me about this warping thing.”

Noctis came to sit down beside his son, nudging him until he sat upright. “Your mother has been through a lot in her past. She’s lost a lot of people, had to make sacrifices to save others. Warping is something that only those tied to the King’s magic can do. She knows that mastering it will keep you safe in the long run, so trust her on that.”

Ferox leaned his elbow on his knee, propping his chin up with his fist. “Is that how you met?” he asked.

Noctis shoved him lightly with his shoulder. “Maybe.” He sighed, remembering the day. “We’d met on the road one day. Magitek troopers had invaded the outpost we were visiting, and me and the guys decided to try and fight them off. But we were tired, careless. It had been a really long day. But then your mother came swooped in and basically took them all down single-handedly.”

Ferox’s mouth gaped. “Woah.”

Noctis nodded. “Yep. I knew then and there, as the dust settled, that I was in love with her.” He patted his son’s knee. “Enough resting. Wanna try again?”

“I guess I should,” Ferox conceded, rising to his feet. “Do you think Mom’ll spar with me if I ask her?”

“Hey,” Noctis teased, grabbing a pair of wooden swords from a bin. “You too good to spar with your old man?”

“You just said Mom was a better fighter,” Ferox countered, and yelped as Noctis took a playful whack at his shin.


Solis was lounging on the couch, flipping through old photo albums. He had found one that was labelled with pictures from a little over twenty years ago. He blew his unruly blond hair, a feature he’d gotten from his father, out of his eyes as he opened the pages and scanned over the images.

The photos in the album were varied. Some were of scenery, some were taken during combat (Why, Dad. That’s definitely not a smart thing to do), and there were quite a few selfies that made Solis chuckle.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” His father’s voice made him jump as Prompto sauntered into the room and plopped down next to his son.

“Just looking at old photos,” Solis shrugged, flipping to another page. “Oh, hey, look…it’s Mom.”

Solis saw his dad’s face soften as he looked at the photo of the two of you. It was one that Prompto hadn’t taken himself—it was a candid shot Noctis had snapped of you at the Vesperpool by the water. It was right around the time you’d met, and you were standing too close together to be just friends. Prompto thought back to that moment, and chuckled to himself.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” Solis mimicked, causing Prompto to burst into a fit of giggles. Even at sixteen, Solis was the spitting image of his father. Same hair colour, same lanky build. But he had your eyes and your smile, which were Prompto’s favourite features.

“Just thinking about the moment I knew I wanted to marry your mom.”

Solis scrunched up his nose. “Dad, I don’t know if I want to hear that story.”

“Guess who’s gonna hear it anyway?” Prompto tousled Solis’ hair, much to his chagrin.

“Dad! I’m not five anymore!” he whined, but settled into the couch to listen to his father’s story. “Go on.”

“Your mom suggested one morning that we go take photos of the catoblepas,” Prompto pointed to a different photo, one that illustrated the creature. “She insisted on getting up close and personal with them. She figured it’d be better for the picture. So I’m set up with my tripod and my camera about five or six feet away, and she’s holding these mushrooms to get them to come closer.”

Prompto mimed the set up with his hands, and Solis nodded along the way.

“I was ready to take the shot, and she was posing, looking all cute. But then the catoblepas got so close. I yelled to warn her, but when she turned, she reached out her hand and pet the damn thing. And it actually nuzzled into her palm. Can you believe it?” Prompto sighed, a dreamy look in his eyes. “A legendary creature, yielding to your mother. What a lady.”

Solis turned the page of the album and found the photo of you cozying up to the catoblepas. “One thing’s for sure,” he decided. “You’re both nuts.” He paused. “But I’m glad you found each other.”


Gladio knocked on Acacia’s door. Having a teenage daughter was not easy, and having a teenage daughter in full mood swings was enough to want to make Gladio pull his hair out. It reminded him of Iris when she was younger.

A muffled voice rang out. “Come in.”

Gladio opened the door to his raven-haired daughter lying face down on her bed, not even attempting to greet her father as he took a seat by her desk.

“Wanna tell me what’s going on?”

Acacia peeked an eye at him. “Nothing.”

Gladio folded his arms over his chest. “Didn’t sound like nothing according to Mom.”

Acacia sat up, apparently triggered by whatever Gladio had said, irritation clear as day on her features. “She’s just so over protective!” she huffed, hands balling into fists. “I just wanted to go away for the weekend, and she won’t let me because she said she doesn’t know who else is going.”

Gladio raised an eyebrow. “Seems like a decent enough reason to say no to me.”

Acacia groaned. “Not you too.”

He smirked at her, shaking his head. “Do you know the moment I realized your mom was the one?”

She blinked slowly. “I don’t see how this is relevant to what’s happening right now.”

Gladio continued. “When I was on the road with the guys, I met her. She was definitely too good for me. Way too smart, way too pretty. And for some reason, she gave me the time of day. After what happened in Lestallum and we lost Jared, she offered to stay and take care of Iris and Talcott until we got back.”

Acacia looked at her father expectantly.

“I knew then, when she decided to put her whole life on hold to make sure that my family stayed safe, the last remaining family I had, that she was it. She cared so much about these people that she barely knew, took them in like they were her own and kept them safe while the world fell apart around them. And now she’s trying to do that for you. She lost a lot of people in the ten years of darkness, sweetheart. Try and understand that she’s being protective of you because she doesn’t want to lose you, too.”

Acacia let out a sigh, slumping her shoulders. “I guess I owe Mom and apology.”

“Guess you do.”

She nodded and rose to her feet, slowly making her way to the door.

“If you want to go camping,” Gladio offered. “I’d be more than happy to take you.”

“Thanks Dad, but no,” Acacia replied, stepping into the hallway. “I’ve got better things to do.”

Gladio rolled his eyes. Yeah, he thought to himself. Just like Iris.


It wasn’t often that Ignis and his daughter got to spend a great deal of time together because of his duties at the palace and her school schedule, but he relished the moments they did get to share. They often cooked together, concocting new recipes side by side.

“How come Mom doesn’t cook?” Aurora asked, popping a cherry tomato into her mouth. “Is it because she can’t?”

“She’s not extraordinarily proficient, but she gets by,” Ignis stated, and Aurora marvelled at how skilled her father was with a knife even though he was blind. “Actually, it was our first evening in together when she decided to cook for me that I realized how much I loved her.”

“Aw! Dad!” Aurora gushed. “Tell me! I love these stories.”

Ignis chuckled and kept at the chopping.

“She’d planned this whole dinner for the two of us. She knew that I enjoyed the culinary arts, and wanted to give it a go herself. I told her that it wasn’t necessary to go through all the effort, but she informed me that I’d cooked for her on multiple occasions, so it was only fair.”

Ignis smiled to himself at the memory.

“She ended up burning everything.”

Aurora couldn’t help but laugh. “Dad! Why are you smiling? That’s terrible!”

Ignis could still smell the ruined dinner, the smoke coming from the oven and the shrill sound of the fire alarm beeping in the kitchen. He remembered the sound of your laugh, the sound of you swatting a broom at the alarm to get it to shut off, as it was just out of reach.

“She took such care to ensure that everything was perfect, but in the end, the meal being ruined hadn’t phased her spirit,” Ignis continued. “She ended up pulling out two servings of Cup Noodles, and we ate them together by candlelight.”

Aurora leaned her head against her father’s shoulder. “Dad, that’s so cute.”

“It was a special moment,” Ignis agreed. “I knew then that her resilience was something to be admired. I knew her before I was blind, as just a friend, and after I sustained my injury, she refused to leave my side. She’s always been more than I deserve, and she even gifted me with you.” Ignis reached out and wrapped an arm around Aurora’s shoulders, giving her a light squeeze.

“Love you, Dad,” she smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ignis went to go stir a pot on the stove. “There is one thing you have in common with that night, come to think of it,” a mischievous lilt to his tone.

Aurora glanced over at Ignis. “Hm? What’s that?”

“Technically speaking, you were an accident as well.”

For a blind man, he was quite skilled at dodging flying spatulas.

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Hey so i read one of your works on Ao3 and it was super adorable and i loved it, it was about stiles and derek sharing a broom closet of an apartment in nyc and cuddling thier way through their issues with eachother and then you wrote a hashtag epilogue, and i can't stop thinking about how much i wanted the epilogue to be another story so i figured i'd ask, my names scarletwaters on Ao3, ok bye and thank you if you decide to write it :)

little spoon

I had given absolutely ZERO thought to writing a sequel to this, and then I read your message and the ideas started flooding in. Go figure.

also on ao3


Being Derek’s boyfriend goes surprisingly well for a whole year. They move out of the tiny “apartment” into a slightly less tiny apartment. They continue to spoon; they become spooning masters; they are the gods of spooning. Stiles gets the best sleep of his life, and so does Derek. The non-sleeping aspect of the whole dating thing takes a bit more time to iron out, sure, but they get there. Slowly but surely, they figure out how to hold hands on the couch while watching Netflix without getting weird about it. They figure out, to their mutual relief, that endearments weird them both out, but there are other little things they both like even if they’d never admit it on pain of death, such as forehead kisses. They figure out how to do the whole shower sex thing without serious injury. Stiles also finds out Derek is awesome at cooking, when he can be assed to do it. Stiles figures out a lot of very creative ways to motivate him.  

All in all, awesome.

Then…. well, then It happens.

It’s been about a year and three months when, one day, Stiles happens to see Derek coming out of a jewelry store.

He wasn’t following Derek or anything, he wants the record to be very clear on that; it’s just, they were going to meet up at the Chinese restaurant on the corner for dinner, and Stiles got there early. Usually Stiles doesn’t arrive early anywhere ever, but this time one of his classes got canceled at the last minute and he suddenly had all this spare time, and so he went ahead and snagged them a table at the restaurant.

That’s where he is when it happens, just people-watching out the window and contemplatively sipping his oolong. That’s when the door to the jewelry store across the street opens and Derek comes out, head down, busy tucking a suspicious little black box into his inner jacket pocket, and Stiles spits out his tea all over the table because what the fuck.

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Scenario where all the guys are arguing over being in love with the reader? (i want to see how they would handle that.)

I kind of made this an ailment thing anon, cause I just couldn’t see the bros arguing like that T-T I hope this is okay! 

While fighting a group of killer wasps, the boys are doused in an unrecognisable gas. It affects them in a most unusual way…

Fem!Reader x …all of the bros I guess!
WC: 4564 (another longer one, sorry!)


The sound of clanging metal was strong in your ears. You and the boys had unfortunately run into some killer wasps on your journey, and they were posing quite an annoying challenge. The three huge insects were rearing up again, and you knew that at any moment, they were going to release those horrible status ailment gases. Nimbly you dodged out of range.

“Guys! Look out!” But your warning call was too late as thick blue jets of gas expelled from the three wasps, clouding around the boys still in close range.

“Ugh, does it have to smell so bad?” cried Prompto, swishing his arms around desperately in a futile attempt to waft the gas away. You knew that it wasn’t going to stop the gas from working into their bodies though, once it hits you it’s like it clings to you.

“What even is this one?” Noctis yelled, warp striking to one of the wasps trying to fly higher out of reach. He plunged his engine blade into the wasp, bringing it back down to the ground where Ignis impaled it with his spear. One down.

“I must say I am rather confused myself. I’ve never seen that colour before.”

“Yeah well, I say we destroy them before it has a chance to work.” Gladio charged at the second wasp, knocking it to the floor with a heavy swing of his great sword. You agreed with Gladio, the sooner you got out of there the sooner you could see what kind of ailment they had and treat it accordingly.

“Just be careful you guys, don’t let them have a chance to do it again!” You told them, and Prompto swivelled around to face you, shooting you a beaming smile.

“It’s sweet that you’re so worried about us! Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

As the blonde was speaking the third wasp loomed over him, stinger posed ready to strike, but he hadn’t noticed.

Damn it Prom!

Swiftly you brought up your pistol, borrow from Prompto’s own collection, and fired straight at its body. Prompto turned to see the insect fly backward from the impact of the shot, and turned to you once more.

“Um, thanks!” He grinned sheepishly, resolving to get his head back in the game.

“No problem, let’s get the last one.”

All five of you turned to the last one, hovering above you. Prompto stepped forward this time, raising his gun square at its head. And with one shot, he sent the insect crashing down to the ground, where Gladio hit it with his sword to make sure that it was truly dead.

You relaxed.

“Ahh, thank the gods that’s over.”  You stretched, pocketing your pistol once more.

“Yeah, and you’re getting better with your aim too.” Gladio nodded at you, and you smiled at his praise. You’d only been practicing for a few weeks, and this was really the first fight where you helped in the attack.

“Soon you might be even be as good as me.” Noctis smirked, never passing on the chance to boast. Gladio biffed him on the back of his head, causing you to laugh. Never a dull moment with your boys, that was for sure!

“You alright Iggy?” You turned to look at the tawny haired man who hadn’t yet spoke, his hand cupping his chin in thought.

“Yes, thank you. I’m just wondering… I really haven’t seen that colour of gas before from killer wasps.” He adjusted his glasses, coming to stand beside you as all five of you set off back to camp.

“Yeah, blue is a weird colour for gas!” Prompto agreed from your other side.

“Indeed… and there’s something else rather peculiar.”

“What’s that Ignis?”

“Why has it not affected us yet?”

That stumped everyone. Ignis was right, going by the rest of the gases that the wasps sprayed, the ailment should have been almost instant. It definitely would have been showing itself right about now at the very least, yet none of the boys looked worse for wear.

“Uh… immunity?” Prompto offered hopefully.

“I doubt it. When have we ever been fully immune to status attacks while not wearing protective accessories?”

“Good point specs, but are you saying that there’s something wrong with us here…?” Noctis asked the question that was on all your minds. They hadn’t shown any symptoms yet… but was that really a good thing?

“To give you an honest answer, I don’t know. But I feel we should err on the side of caution.”

And with that thought, the five of you trudged back to camp feeling more than a little weary.


Your stomach was full, you were warm sat beside the fire, and you were very comfortably stretched out on the floor, leaning on one elbow.

That’s the life!

By the time that Ignis had cooked his meal and everyone had consumed their share, the atmosphere had lifted somewhat. There had been no symptoms from any of the boys, and a good couple of hours had passed at least. In fact, the only one still worrying about it was of course, Ignis.

“We’re fine specs. If something were to happen, surely it would’ve happened by now?” Noctis nudged the man in question from his chair, opposite you. Ignis shook his head in reply.

“We don’t know that. Perhaps because it’s a new form of gas, it is a weaker solution than the others? Therefore, it wouldn’t act as fast. Or perhaps it just needs time to slowly work around our bodies?” He mumbled again, staring off into the distance. He really was absorbed in his thought process.

“Eh don’t sweat it. Whatever happens, we’ll get through it.” Gladio gave him a swift slap on the back, bringing him out of his reverie.

“Yes well, I sure hope so.” He answered quietly, re-adjusting his askew glasses.

“Hey [Name]! Do you want to go practice your shooting some more? You’re getting really good!” Prompto bounded over to you and tapped you on your back. He had been giving you shooting lessons for a while now, encouraging you to do your best so you could finally join in the fights properly. Today had been a big step for that, and you didn’t want to back down now.

“Heck yes!” You agreed, standing up instantly and scouring the area looking for the best place for shooting practice. Your eyes landed on a spot not far away from camp, in a clearing from the trees. The other boy should also be able to watch you and offer advice from where they were too.

“How about there?”

“Prefect!” And with that you followed Prompto down the hill, readying your pistol to practice. Prompto stood at the side of you, his own pistol aimed and at the ready.

“Right, so you wanna stand with your legs slightly apart to get the best balance, plant your feet firmly on the ground… well, when you can, I mean that may not be possible when you’re being attacked by killer wasps-”

“Get on with it!” Gladio called from the top of the hill, causing Prompto to flush in response. He loved this teacher roll; it felt great to be able to help someone like he was doing, to be needed by someone. So he felt anxious to not get it wrong.

“A-ah, you’re right! Okay so just copy my stance.”

You watched Prompto stand the way he just explained to you, his gun ready in an outstretched hand, and you did your best to mimic him.

“Like this?”

“Y-yeah you got it!”

That had sounded odd… Quickly you threw Prompto a glance. Was his speech getting slurred…?

“Okay, now raise your gun… aim for the branch of that tree there.”

Ignoring the slight slur and putting it down to exhaustion, you did as he asked and aimed for the tree in the distance.

“Now… shoot.”

The sound of the bullet echoed in the wide clearing, but the sound of the bullet lodging in the offending wood sounded even better to your ears.

“Yes!” You cried, hearing clapping from the top of the hill. The three boys were smiling at you, pleased you were getting better. It warmed your heart. Their support meant everything to you, and once again you were pleased that they had decided to let you join in their journey.

Gladio began chatting to Ignis, and you felt like having another go now two less people were watching. It would be less pressure for you. Cheeks flushed with excitement, you turned back to Prompto.

“Can I have another go?”

He chuckled at your eager expression, his big blue eyes sparkling.

“Of course! This time, try and show me the stance on your own.”

Nodding, you got to work.

Now what was it he said…? Stand with your legs apart for balance… feet on firmly planted… raise your arm…

“Is that it?” You asked, trying to look at the blonde over your shoulder.

“Nearly. You just need to move your leg an inch… no kind of like… hang on a second, I’ll show you.”

And in a completely unexpected move, Prompto came to stand very close behind you, his arms resting on your hips. It was like his proximity was suddenly all you could focus on, the almost feel of his chest against your back, the light drift of his breathing as his chin rested on your shoulder ever so lightly. The very real feeling of his fingers steadying your hips.


“Here, this arm needs to straighten out a little.” He uttered, his lips right at the shell of your ear, his voice taking on an unusually deep tone. His hands ran up from your hips, up along your waist and over your sides until he came to your arms. His fingers overlapped your elbows, gently coaxing them straight.

“Much better, though, your stance is still a little off…”


Suddenly you felt the pressure of Prompto’s leg sliding in between yours, tapping your feet slightly until you nudged them further apart. He kept his foot firmly planted between yours, his leg ever so slightly brushing against yours, sending chills up your body from the contact.

Well, this is certainly intimate.

“Prom, what are you doing?” You whispered, trying to turn your head to face him.

“Correcting your stance.” Was his simple answer, and suddenly you felt silly for asking. Of course that’s what he was doing. Perhaps a little unusual for Prompto who seemed to be a spluttering mess when he touched a girl, but maybe that’s just how bad your stance was.

Damn, I’ve really got to try harder.

So you left it at that, trying to ignore the slight buzz you were getting from his contact, choosing instead to focus on your aim.

Unbeknownst to you however, another set of piercing blue eyes were watching your every move.

What the hell is he doing?

Noctis had his head resting on a tightly closed fist, knowing that he probably looked as grumpy as he felt. But he just couldn’t help it. Prompto was over there just… just straight up fondling her in front of him. Under the guise of practice shooting, no less.

How dare he?

Shooting a quick look over at Ignis and Gladio, he realised they hadn’t noticed what was happening at the foot of that hill.

How could they not realise what he has done to get his grubby little hands on her?

Looking back down at the pair, his eyes zeroed in on Prompto’s fingers drifting over her body, his leg between hers, his arms pretty much wrapped around her…

He’s just imposing his presence on her like that!

He forcefully blew his fringe out of his face in annoyance, feeling his anger at the situation rise. And yet he just could not tear his eyes away from the scene unfolding before him.

“Noct, are you alright?” Ignis interjected his thoughts, draw by the annoyed huff.

“Just peachy.”

Ignis looked over to Gladio in confusion, who just shrugged in reply. Ignis knew at once what the big guy was thinking – bratty prince having another sulk, leave him to it. And so he did, continuing his earlier conversation.

Noctis meanwhile, was becoming increasingly frustrated. He felt his face becoming flusher by the second, his fists tightening as his blood boiled. His wide, piercing blue eyes alight with anger.

“You’re so good at this Prompto!” Came the sweet sound of her melodic voice, and he could stand it no longer. Forcefully, Noctis stood up from his chair and strolled down the hill, meeting the two at the bottom.

You noticed the raven haired boy’s presence before Prompto, and you turned around to face him, wiggling out of Prompto’s grasp. You smiled at him welcomingly, not registering the straight up scowl etched on his features as he continued walking, ignoring you completely. No, it seemed he had focused all his attention on the blonde stood next to you… Confused, you tried to talk to him.

“Hey, Noctis! Have you come to join in the- what the fuck?” You cried as Noctis had just continued on in strong strides, straight up to Prompto. Before you even had a chance to register what was happening, the prince had thrown back his fist and swung it straight into Prompto’s chest, causing him to stumble. It would have been his face had Prompto not moved at the last second, dodging to the side instead.

“Noctis – the hell are you doing?” You cried, dashing over to where Prompto had stumbled over with the intention of checking over the no doubt distraught boy. But as you reached him… you realised he had sat up himself, wearing a self-satisfied smirk.

Uh… that’s not the reaction I expected. You backed away slightly as Prompto rose to his feet, thoroughly confused at the scene unfolding in front of you. The air almost crackled with the tension in it, Noctis and Prompto pretty much squaring up to each other. The former was gritting his teeth in major annoyance, shaking his hand to ease off the sting. The latter was dusting himself off, that smirk never once slipping.

What… what has gotten into these guys?

“Did ya see that, your highness?” Prompto almost spat the title, something which you’d never heard him call Noctis even in a respectful manner. His tone had become incredibly cocky, it was completely jarring against his usual boyish voice.

Noctis didn’t answer, only glared back with shinning eyes.

“She came over to me. How do you like that? Mr I receive everything on a silver platter. This is one thing you can’t get – her!”

Hang on a second… what now? Since you were the only female around, they had to be talking about you. But you’d never disclosed your romantic feelings to anyone, it just wasn’t something you spoke about with the boys. Where on earth had this all come from?

“And it’s the one thing I won’t give up on.” Noctis answered angrily, balling his hands into fists once more. Prompto seemed to find this highly amusing, his smirk widening.


“Um, what the hell is going on here?” You cried, frustrated. This had to be some kind of wind up didn’t it? Quickly you flitted your gaze over to the two remaining boys atop the hill to see they were out of their chairs and watching the scene unfold with the same confusion in their eyes.

“Everything alright down there?” Came Ignis’ cautious voice. Even he felt unsure at what was happening, and also what to do.

Before you could answer, Prompto waved so casually to the tawny haired man, as if he was greeting an acquaintance.

“Superb, specs!” He called back cheerily, before his eyes rested on Noctis once more. His smile grew more pronounced, sending shivers up your spine. This… this wasn’t like your Prompto at all.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her. Pathetic.”

Noctis shook his head angrily, his frown deepening.

“Isn’t it enough that you have Lunafreya too? You always get everything Noctis.”

“Shut up.”

“And yet you still want more.”

“I said shut up!”

So ungrateful.”

And with that Noctis seemed to snap. With a strangled cry he charged forward once more, fists at the ready but this time Prompto knew what was happening. He swung back himself and soon the two boys were a flurry of fists, dull thwacks and crunches could be heard as the swings connected.

What…what in the…

“Noctis, stop! Prompto – ugh, help!” You turned pleadingly to Gladio and Ignis, seeing that they were already running down the hill to help break up the fight.

“[Name] get back!” Gladio cried, rushing forward to lock his arms around Noctis’ waist. Ignis ran behind Prompto to do the same, and eventually the two boys were pulled apart, breathing heavily. Prompto’s cheek seemed badly bruised, and Noctis has a shallow gash across his forehead.

“What in the name of the gods do you think you are doing?” Gladio admonished them both, the annoyance evident in his tone.

“Someone had to stop him from creeping on her.” Noctis kicked his legs out and struggled to get out of Gladio’s grip, meanwhile Prompto was stood calmly, not resisting Ignis’ hold.

“What are you talking about?” You’d just about had enough of this, whatever it was. You just wanted your old Prompto and Noctis back.

“He’s referring to his crippling jealousy, that’s what he’s talking about.” Prompto answered you, his tone still so sure and full of himself, rubbing a hand across his bruised cheek.

“Speak for yourself, you think you’re so slick? Don’t think we haven’t noticed how you always put your sleeping bag next to hers first in the tent. Desperate is what I’d call it.”

And for the first time since the whole thing had started, Prompto’s confident façade slipped at Noctis’ words and his features contorted in anger.

“How dare you?”

“How dare I what? Tell the truth?”

“Stop it! You sound like children!” You yelled at them both, finally causing them to stop squabbling for just a second. Were they actually both arguing about… about having feelings for you?

“Yes, I agree. You are both rather behaving like babies.” Ignis finally piped up, letting go of Prompto to straighten his glasses out. When he looked up, his eyes were shining. You sighed in relief, at least someone was talking sense.

“[Name] is rather befitting a man, wouldn’t you say?”

Maybe not.

His words took you by surprise, and even Gladio looked put out.


“What would you want these children for? I could really look after you.”

A slow smile spread across his face, one that didn’t sit too well with you. A sinking feeling coiled in the pit of your stomach as it dawned on you – whatever had happened to Noctis and Prompto had happened to Ignis too. All three of them were acting really strangely, and even if they did all feel that way about you, the normal guys would never have approached it this way!

“Oh no, not you too Iggy.” You whispered, wishing this nightmare would just come to an end.

“You hear that specs? She isn’t interested.” Noctis gloated and pulled free from Gladio’s shock loosened arms.

“That’s not what I – stop it!”

Straight away the prince had launched himself at Prompto once more, at the same time that Prompto had gone to knock Ignis over. The result was a three way fight, all participants using their well-honed battle skills against each other. None of them were listening to your pleas, and there was no way you could intervene. You had only just started your battle training, you weren’t as fast as Noctis, or as good an aim as Prompto, or even as lithe as Ignis. To stop all three of them would be impossible.

“Gladio, do something!” You turned to the only man left with his head not clouded with some sort of irrational anger.

Wait, clouded…? Clouded! The one word sparked a realisation within you – this had to be the work of that blue gas! It was the only explanation as to why the boys had all been affected in the same way; irrational anger, possessiveness…

And lust randomly? You remembered the touch of Prompto’s hands again, altering your shooting position earlier. You had thought it unusual for him at the time, but it made sense now. They were all reacting as if certain emotions had really been heightened, that had to be the symptoms of the gas. But they had all been struck by the gas, and that meant…

Slowly you looked up at the man stood beside you, to see that his eyes were also shimmering in the same, hazy way that the other boys’ eyes had.

Oh no

Your elation at figuring out what was wrong soon disappeared, replaced by an unsettled feeling in your stomach.

“Gladio…?” You whispered hopefully, but it was like he couldn’t hear you. He was listening intently to the three boys currently fighting.

“You both have no chance. Do you even know her favourite food? Her favourite colour? How about her favourite song?” Ignis taunted, ducking low to avoid Noctis’ leg swinging for him in a strong kick.

“That I can find out about her! You don’t know how best to comfort her. Oh yes, one night when she was feeling down? She came to me.” The prince goaded, grinning at their pained expressions.

“You? Now I know you’re lying, you’re about as comforting as a wet mop, Mr help-I-can’t-deal-with-emotions.” Prompto cried and tripped Noctis up, the latter landing hard on the ground with a dull moan. Angrily, he scrambled back up to his feet before Ignis could land a punch.

“I don’t know what you’re all squawking about.” Gladio interrupted, causing the three boys to freeze momentarily, looking at him wearily. “You know it’s me who can keep her warm at night. Has she ever cuddled up to you in our tent before? I didn’t think so.” He answered with a smirk, and you felt like burying your face in your hands.

When will this end? Other status ailments usually wore off on their own, but this one was so slow to start with, who knew when it would end?

Suddenly with a heavy thud, Prompto collapsed onto his knees and fell face first onto the floor.

Prompto!” You screeched, running forward and kneeling beside him hurriedly. You hadn’t even considered the possibility that this ailment could actually… kill any of them. Nervously, you took hold of one wrist, checking for any signs of life. A steady pulse thrummed under your fingers, and you sighed in relief.

“He’s alive! Just fainted.” You breathed.

“Huh, fainted. What a coward.”

Returning your focus back to Prompto, you brushed his blonde hair gently out of his face. From that touch alone you could feel the heat radiating off his forehead – he had a fever. Was this good or bad? Did it mean his body was fighting off the ailment?

“Oh Prom. I hope you wake up soon.”


The shout brought your attention back to the other three, and instantly your eyes clapped onto the fallen frame of Noctis. He had also collapsed in a similar way to Prompto. It had to be the effect of the gas.

“I can’t believe…that they…” But Ignis never had a chance to finish his sentence as he followed suit, hitting the floor with a dull bang. Gladio followed straight after, his immune system most likely the stronger of the four.

Looking around you, you sighed heavily. Now what?


In the end, you had decided to bring the tent down to the boys, doing your best to shove them into the small space. It had been a horrible waiting game, dabbing a cool cloth at their roasting foreheads and praying that they would be okay. You’d never been more scared in your life, and you were damn sure you hadn’t slept for longer than five minutes when you felt someone shaking your shoulder.

“[Name]! [Name] c’mon, it’s time to get up or Iggy will be furious!”

“Huh?” You groaned, sitting up and opening your bleary eyes to see…

“Prompto! You’re okay!” You gasped, now wide awake. He was knelt in front of you, his cheek significantly better and his usual happy grin on his face.

“Huh? Course I am! Though for some reason this side of my face is really sore… I must have slept on it funny.” The boy sat in front of you rubbed his cheek, in the exact same place where it had swollen the day before.

“What… do you not remember how you did it?” You asked, thoroughly confused.

“Eh, not really. But since we are fighting all the time, I was probably battling it out heroically with some sort of beast.” He chuckled, and then swivelled on his heel and left you alone in the tent. Unless he was a brilliant actor – which you knew he wasn’t since he was terrible at lying – Prompto had all but forgotten the events of last night.

Eagerly you threw on your clothes and scrabbled out of the tent. On top of that hill, stood all four of the boys, chatting and laughing as usual.

What on earth…?

As confused as you were however, the relief in your heart was overwhelming. Your boys were safe, they were alive and best of all they were back to normal.

“Come on [Name], your breakfast is getting cold!” Ignis tutted in his usual, friendly yet admonishing manner that hinted he was only slightly annoyed.

Without hesitating you ran up the hill happily, smiling at the welcoming sight of the group all back to normal, though confusingly, none of them seemed to remember what had happened in their hazy state the night before. But that suited you just fine. You weren’t about to relive the horrifying details, but you knew to stay away from killer wasps in the future.

“I still don’t know why you pitched the tent down there big guy.” Prompto gestured to the tent as you dug into your breakfast.

“Actually… I don’t either. But I thought of it, so it must have been a good reason.”

“Maaan, I was so tired last night I must have just blacked out when my head hit the pillow.” Noctis stretched, beginning to pack away the camping things.

So they really don’t remember…

“Me too.” Prompto agreed.

“And me… Iggy must have cooked us a fine meal that sent us straight to sleep.” Gladio nodded at Iggy who smiled and shook his head.

“I hope that you consider all my meals that way.” He half-joked.

After you had finished wolfing down your breakfast, you helped pack away the remaining items into the regalia and soon you were on your way again, sat in between a napping Noctis and a reading Gladio. Things had really gone back to normal.

But as you relaxed in the back of the car, pleased that your boys were safe, you couldn’t help but wonder… did that gas force the illusion of those strong feelings for you onto the guys, or did it simply heighten the feelings that were already there…? You cast a quick glance at each of them, all blissfully unaware of what they had said last night.

I wonder

A/N: What do you think, dear reader? :3

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Can i please have a warren worthington imagine where he acts very macho in front of his friends but when he is with the reader he is like putty in their hands. Just a lot of fluff and shy and in love warren 😭😭

Of course!!!!!!! I’m sorry it’s taken me fourteen years to get to this (sometimes I forget I have a side blog) but I hope this is okay!

I’m using s/o (and y/n instead of an actual name, but that’s a normal thing I think) instead of girlfriend/boyfriend because I try to keep things gender neutral! I hope that’s okay, because that’s how I like to write!

Warnings? Maybe some cursing but that’s about it (also mentions of dogs getting their lil baby paws stepped on and peter getting beat up?)

“Scott, don’t even try to act like you didn’t cry when you stepped on that dogs foot.” Peter said, crossing his arms.

Warren, Peter, Kurt, and Scott were sat in a circle. A bro circle, of course.

“Of course I cried, Peter. I have a soul. You nearly cried when Kurt bamfed in front of you and your pizza slice almost dropped onto the floor.” Scott snapped back, frowning.

“It was quite amusing, Peter.” Kurt smiled gently at him, causing Peter to smile to.

“Well, Warren cried last night when his-”

“I did what now, speedy?” Warren cut him off, his wings flicking out as a warning.

“You almost cried last night, when y/n started tearing up because Scott stepped on the dogs foot.” Peter said, raising his eyebrows at him.

“No,” Warren scoffed, his wings tightening up “I did not. I don’t have enough emotion for that, Petey.”

“Yes, you literally did. I saw the tears in your eyes. Warren’s a crier.” Peter grinned at him and dived when Warren launched his boot at his head.

“Shut it, speedo.” He snapped, glaring at him “I could, like, beat you up. So, fuck off with that shit.”

“Who’re we beating up?”

Warren sat up immediately, blushing “Hey baby”

He smiled, his arm wrapping around you gently, his wings fluffing up as you kissed his cheek in a greeting.

“We’re beating up Peter.” He said, softly.

“Awh, hell yeah. I’ve been waiting forever for a reason to beat up banana hammock.” You said, grinning at him.

“Banana hammock?”

Warren ignores Peter and smiled again, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, humming “We can tag team him.”

“I’m gonna go find Jean, I wanna show her the dog we found yesterday.” Scott left the room, dragging Peter behind him, who was pulling Kurt with him.

“Why do we wanna beat him up?” You asked, giggling as he said “He was telling everyone how I cried yesterday because you started crying and for some reason I couldn’t help it but start crying with you.”

“It was precious, really.” You said, smiling as he placed his forehead against yours. “You’re a very doting boyfriend. Very emotional… Very empathetic? That’s a better word. Empathetic.”

“It’s only because I love you.”

You could feel your heart stutter, thinking in the back of your mind that’s not healthy, grinning as you responded “I love you, Warren. My angel.”

“I love you, doll. Cupcake. Honey. My sweet baby love. Love of my life. Darling. Pumpkin.” He pressed little kisses to your cheeks as he went on, leaving you in fits of giggles.

“Are you done?” You asked, looking up at him.

“With loving you?” He asked, smiling “Never.”

“Get a room, you nasties!”

“Oh fuck off Peter!”

Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Episode 12-

•This episode was better considering RAS didn’t write it. Oops

•Omg Free FP dammit, whose ass are you covering??

•Jughead can’t catch a break.

•Really Momma Jones your nonexistent, non casted ass is rejecting Jughead in a time of need.

•FP why you lying?!

•Fred why you gotta do Jughead like that?!? I trusted you!

•Fred don’t say that to Archie you’re just scared take those words back!

•Archie hug your boyfriend ooops I mean bro. Bro hug because then RAS might get offended.

•Um okay is anyone gonna report Hal for breaking into the Sheriff home? Also was really hoping for Alice to accidentally shoot him, I mean c'mon it was obvious it was him who broke in.

•Poor man never had a chance with the nickname ‘Mustang’

•Still no Reggie (I just lost 26 more years off my life/ Lili & Madelaine confirmed his recasting in a Facebook Live video right before this episode aired) 😭😭.

•Still no Josie and the Pussycats (which performance wise is understandable bc well in words of beanie loving philosopher ‘A KID IS DEAD ARCHIE!’).

•We find out in this episode that Sheriff Keller isn’t the only cop in town.

•But did he really OD? Or did the illuminati make it seem that way?

•Did y'all see the flash of jealousy in Veronica’s face when she called Archie and he said he was with Betty? Petty Love triangle bait.

•Did they just say “Grandpappy” wtf

•Eww not twincest just incest…

•I bet Veronica’s ears are burning for calling it.

•"I’m sorry to distrupt the witching hour at Thornhill" -Alice My Queen

•"Pure Blossom" stooop you creeps

•"THIS IS SOME JERRY SPRINGER SHIT!“ (Ha get it bc Betty’s dad was in white chicks? Yes? No? Okay byyee).

•Okay but like you write incest into the story but we don’t get a scene as to how Polly is reacting to her former love which was her third cousin or something. The girl can’t catch a break can she. You drag her out of a home expecting her to be fine with these news???

•Kevin protecting his dad and his job and his boyfriend is so cute.

•"I’m sorry Cheryl” -Jughead Jones
And now he gets bitchslapped by Cheryl. (I’m a sucker for someone getting slapped 😬😂).

•But like Jughead didn’t stop her, he let her get out her rage. That is such a noble thing to do even if at the moment he feels like shit because of his father.

•"I barely touched him" *insert white guy blinking meme here*

•Someone just hug Cheryl dammit.

•Seriously you could’ve had a sweet moment where Betty hugs Cheryl like when she was there for Ronnie, but the writers are too scared bc this fandom is fierce for the ships.

•Joavin is dead 😭

•Technically Kevin still doesn’t know he only dated him for the sake of the investigation. 😭

•Who’d a thought it would be Mary Andrews who reveals Joaquin’s last name.

•Mary being there for Jughead thanks to Archie *heart is feeling something*

•Joaquin DeSantos everyone (FYI Rob just updated that on his Twitter Bio)

•Kevin and Joaquin kiss, my poor fragile heart.

•Where can I get a Southside Serpent leather jacket?!?

•FP talking to Jughead in the jail cell *My poor unfortunate soul*

•"Nancy Drew strikes again" -Kevin Keller

•But like is anyone gonna comment on the fact that Betty could’ve told any guy to put on the letterman. Like she did it to feel up Archie, just saying 🐸☕️😂.

•But like I’m surprised they didn’t bughead this too much.

•Does nobody in this town know that when sleuthing you wear gloves!!

•Like I’m so surprised these people don’t get caught sooner or later. They’re hiding spots are just terrible and they don’t seem to grasp that their fingers can leave traces or DNA.

•These poor kids straight up watch Jason die. We all watched it! These kids need support.

•Cheryl baby she warned you to leave not confront the killer…

•"You did a bad thing daddy" super cringy for me.

•Poor Cheryl just wants happiness.


•Clifford keep your dirty hands off Juggie!

•Omg his name is Clifford like Clifford The Big Red Dog and he’s a ‘redhead’.

•All because of Maple Syrup?

•That ring I swear holds a single drop of every redheads blood and that is why it is so dear to their hearts.

•You killed your son bc of a ring? Maple Syrup? You were okay with Incest! So what was it? We need a better explanation!

•I’m sorry but if you wanted to get away with it you should’ve checked them cameras.

•I’m sure Hades is happy to have Clifford Blossom back, but I feel sorry on how this ended.

•R.I.P: Mustang, Jason, Clifford.

•Bye Molly Ringwald just like other every other characters we may never see again. 👋🏽

•Every character in this show needs a therapist please make them seek help, especially after all they’ve been through.

•Y'all get mad at others shows *cough* 13RW *cough* for being triggering even though that one has warnings unlike this show which has shows pedophelia, Mental Illness, emotional and physical abuse, drug abuse, suicide and it has no warnings and no one calls them the it on this.

***Feel freed to add on***


Summary: You’ve been friends with the twins for a couple years now, you’ve had a big crush on Grayson but you don’t know if he likes you back you told Ethan but you don’t know what else to do.

Originally posted by dolanslife

So today Ethan had this idea to go to an abandoned insane asylum for a video you were all for it, but Grayson wasn’t too excited for it “Come on bro, thats creepy.” Grayson whined as he picked up the camera pointing it at Ethan “Bro, its for youtube.” Grayson sighed and looked over at you “Aren’t you worried?” You smiled and shook your head “Im down for it.” Grayson groaned and handed you the camera “Film us, please?” You nodded and held the camera pointing it at them. They stood beside each other getting ready Grayson took a deep breath and they both started on their signature intro you just stared at Grayson getting lost in his smile. “Y/N, you ready?” You stared blankly at Ethan who was smirking at you “Oh uh yeah, lets go.” You handed Ethan the camera and picked up your camera followed by your book bag. “Bro, I’m not too sure about this.” You giggled and patted his back “Dont be such a baby, its abandoned nothing is there" Ethan chuckled as Grayson pouted because of what you said. You were the one driving because Ethan was filming and Grayson was just too scared to do anything else but sit in the back complaining about how long its taking “Are we there yet?” You and Ethan both rolled your eyes as you pulled into the parking lot “There’s security that we have to sneak pass” You looked at Grayson smirking slightly “Do you think you can handle that?” He rolled his eyes but flashed a cute smile before getting out the car. You looked back at Ethan watching him shake his head slightly “What?” You asked raising an eyebrow “You need to tell Gray.” You sighed and looked at Grayson holding his go pro “I want to tell him but I dont want to ruin our friendship. E just please keep this between us and edit that out.” He nodded and the two of you got out the car meeting up with Grayson “Okay let’s go in this side” The three of you ducked and ran to the side hoping to not get caught. “Bro there’s no way we can do this.” You took the lead guiding them into the room. Somehow you lost Ethan because he wanted to explore on his Own “Aw come on dude answer your phone” You flashed your light around looking for Ethan when something started limping toward you, you lightly hit Grayson’s shoulder “Gray… Gray!!” He groaned and looked at you “What Y/N im trying to call Ethan.” You stood frozen as the thing stopped limping and stared at the two of you, once Grayson looked up the being started limping again “Gray… what is that!!” Grayson couldn’t move he just stared “Grayson!” That seemed to snap him out of it he turned toward you cupping your cheeks lightly, connecting his lips to yours after he pulled back he looked into your eyes and said “I love you Y/N. I always have please tell me you love me too.” You looked up at him and nodded “I love you too Grayson.” He kissed your forehead and walked toward the being who was now smiling at the sight of you two “Finally! It took an asylum to get you two to confess your feelings point Ethan.” You punched Ethan’s arm causing him to whine and rub his arm “So are you two dating yet or?” You looked at Grayson and smiled “Absolutely.”

A/N: ITS DONEEEEEE IM SO HAPPY thank you to @cassmoreiraxo for helping me decide who the reader had a crush on shout out to you babe. xo

Naruto Shippuden episode 497

Let me just get this out because this is the only episode where I have no complains. So far this is my favorite episode out of all the blank period episodes that were released. It was just oozing with purity.

I love how Gaara is just so innocent when it comes to weddings. I love how he values his friendship with Naruto. I love how he and Lee, along with Kankuro and Tenten, just stroll around Konoha as pals despite what happened between them in the past. I love how Lee is like ‘Gaara, bro i missed you. Been a long time. Sake? No? I won’t get drunk. Still no? Okay. Let’s go get em golden barbells" lol. They are just soooooo close. I love how Gaara and his siblings just get along and act just like normal siblings (e.g blaming the other sibling for this and that, teasing each other, bluntly saying what’s on your mind). And I just love his haircut.

I hope that everyone noticed what Teuchi has been doing. He was low key worrying of what to give to Naruto. And that scene when the card showed All You Can Eat Forever, I just got teary eyes. I mean dude, like you’ve been doing that the entire time. It was just touching. For me, he was the father-like figure to Naruto. And Iruka is like an older to Naruto IMO.

Did anyone else notice that Tenten just gets prettier and prettier each time she’s on screen? Am I right or am i right?

Kakashi sure knows how to treat his guests. I mean look at those accommodations he had for the Kages! I wish Kakashi had dated. I wanna see how he treats his girlfriend/wife.

It was nice seeing and hearing Killer Bee again. God, I miss his annoying rap. Hahahaha it was refreshing to see his ideas of the Hidden Cloud’s wedding gifts. He sure know how to throw an extravagant partyyyyy!!! (And Kankuro too!)

ShikaTema moments?? Alrightieee, we got them again! This time, we get to see them dining together. Plus, Ino and Choji lurking and stalking them. I love Team 10’s supportive nature. Damn I like how we get to see all these ShikaTema moments. If only one major couple gets these too… hm……(Sp? Nah don’t even think about it). I mean next week’s episode we’ll see KibaTamaki moments.. le sigh…

This episode is just refreshing. We get to see everyone’s pure intentions. 😊😊😊

Last but not the least: I still want to see that Hidden Sand Samba and Hidden Cloud Dance!!! Lol

anonymous asked:

hello!! i love your hcs on the boys as big bros! im curious on what your interperation of the protag/akira kurusu is ;0 ? good luck with the blog!!

okay i’m honestly really surprised to be asked a question like this?? and i have no idea why i mean y’all are here for the stuff i put out but at the same time i feel like how we interpret the characters is p personal to us? so i’m shocked but also pleased?? lol it’s not that deep i know but

anyway!! on to the bullet points. (y’all like them, right? i can stop if u don’t lmao)

  • akira was basically conceived because his grandparents were pressuring his mom and dad about having kids and they were like “fine” and “also maybe having a kid will save our failing marriage”
  • spoiler alert: it didn’t
  • the grandparents died when he was like ~10 and ever since then life has been sad bc his parents are The Literal Worst™
  • so because of all that he’s kind of developed this…distance from people, at least before he came to tokyo
  • he kind of wandered through life with his parents, and then he was in this state of shock after the incident that got him arrested
  • as bad as his parents were i’m sure he at least expected them to, y’know, not send him to live with a complete stranger
  • but w/e right?
  • he’s the deadpan snarker kinda guy who always has something sharp and maybe not that nice to say and he kind of has to beat back that instinct when he starts to give a shit about his surroundings
  • so in my head he just always says no, like you’ll be like “do you want to see a picture of my girlfriend” and he’ll immediately be like “no” (but if he likes you he’ll smile and hold out his hand for the phone so he can see)
  • he has an immediate snarky response to anything said, ever, like it’s p much kneejerk to be a bit of a jerk and he’ll give you the Dead Eyes if you say something stupid
  • but he’s also incredibly charming when he actually puts out the effort, too, because he’s akira freakin kurusu man.
  • he’s pan and a terrible flirt
  • and i don’t mean terrible like bad at flirting but terrible like he’ll flirt with just about anything that moves
  • and no that headcanon absolutely did not come from the fact that my roommate and i have spent her entire playthrough of persona 5 just saying “lemme smash” at the screen every time a cute boy comes up.
  • that would be ridiculous
  • (honestly the need to flirt with everyone just became ingrained in the character for me, it’s kind of inseparable now.)
  • he’s flirted so much with each member of the phantom thieves and NO ONE knows whether he’s joking or not
  • spoiler alert: he’s both joking and not joking with all of them. everyone is right and wrong at the same time
  • i don’t have any clear ships for him but i’ll support him in a relationship with p much anyone because yes. he deserves so much love.
  • I actually imagine him being p damn intelligent. as the leader of the phantom thieves he’s gotta frontrun the whole group during all those logic puzzles. not saying he didn’t get help but
  • lemme put it in the game’s stats for you. i feel like akira starts out at
  • charm = 5 bc boy is a beast
  • intelligence = 3 or 4, he gets smarter as time goes on
  • guts = 3, he’s never had to take that many risks but he is Done with the universe
  • proficiency = 2, he’s never really applied himself before
  • kindness = 4, he’s only had the barest need to interact with actual humans before now but he’s still got so much heart and soul
  • he and morgana stay bffs forever


“ I always thought the greatest thing that happened to me was being born. ”
“ I’m gonna tell you everything. It’s not very pleasant. But it’s the truth. ”
“ Sometimes - you know something’s coming. ”
“ We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing. ”
“ You supposed to be drinking? ”
“ I’m supposed to be dead. ”
“ The one who got away, you might say. ”
“ Your life’s not always gonna be this perfect. ”
“ Hey, how bad a thing are we doing here? ”
“ Don’t worry, bro. You ain’t Capone. ”
“ Well, if it isn’t the lesser of two evils. ”
“ They’ll be divorced by the time I’m through. ”
“ Are you seriously trying to threaten me? ”
“ No, baby. I’m not threatening you. ”
“ It’s never been our relationship, though, has it? ”
“ I could do the big-brother/sister thing. ”
“ Even when we were little kids, I felt sorry for you. ”
“ Now, I don’t care if you’re fucking around. ”
“ I got your back, Mister. I just hope you got mine. ”
“ Hey, I wanna tell you something. ”
“ Are you keeping secrets from me? ”
“ Oh, baby, I got a million of them. A million of them. ”
“ Okay. What are we talking about? ”
“ That little fucking game that you’re playing outside. ”
“ So you’re not having fun anymore? ”
“ What is it? You think you have something on me? ”
“ You think you can manipulate me because I cheated on my boyfriend? ”
“ It’s over. The game’s over. Do you understand me? ”
“ I don’t think now’s an appropriate time. ”
“ I don’t care. I’m not gonna live in fear of you. ”
“ What a fucking thrill for you to humiliate me. ”
“ Does this mean that I’m not gonna be doing the catering for the wedding? ”
“ Or what? What are you going to do? ”
“ You never protected me. I never felt safe in this house. ”
“ What the fuck is that supposed to mean, huh? ”
“ It’s good to have you home. ”
“ When is it going to end? ”
“ I’m taking you to the bus stop tonight. ”
“ Oh, that’s kinda sweet. Like a… a bit like a sailor’s ass. ”
“ I just gotta chill my family out. ”
“ It doesn’t end for me, why should it end for you? ”
“ Why don’t you ask your parents for the money? ”
“ The secret of life is knowing when to leave. ”
“ All right, now let’s think this through. ”
“ Shit, that would take balls. Even I’d be impressed by that. ”
“ Yeah, don’t worry about it. ”
“ Sorry to hear about what happened to you over at the boat. ”
“ I want you to make this investigation go away. ”
“ I want you to stay away from them. ”
“ What happens, is a bunch of rich people pay me to cook. ”
“ We all get the family that God dumps on us. ”
“ Yeah, fuck it. Just drive. ”
“ What does that mean? ”
“ I’ve got a few tricks. ”
“ So I’m gonna be around - for a while. ”
“ But if you confess, then everyone’s gonna know. ”
“ You’re not me, right? ”
“ If only there was another way through this. ”
“ You’re a fucking embarrassment to them. ”
“ No, you got it the wrong way around. ”
“ So, you’re ready to bet on yourself? ”
“ Wanna know when that happened? For real? ”
“ You know what? You’re no longer my fuckin’ problem! ”

anonymous asked:

So I've had a kind of rough dayand was wonderi g if you could right about Ransom and Holster being protective of Bitty. Like, some is mean to Bitty or aggressively hitting on him and R&H go into protective big brother mode.

(let it be known: my kryptonite? coming to me b/c you had a rough day. i’m so flattered i’m blushing.)

It starts on the ice. The jerk from BC can’t keep up with Bitty. He knows it, and Bitty knows it, and by the time Bitty’s on the breakaway and shooting past the glove of the BC goalie to tie it up, everyone in the stands knows it too. The BC crowd, bloodthirsty as ever, boos their own guy. He gives them all dirty looks, and after the next faceoff, he blatantly trips Bitty hard. It’s only the ref’s quick shuttling of the bastard – Mason’s his name – to the box that saves him from getting to be the filling in a Ransom and Holster knuckle sandwich.

But the shit really hits the fan after the game. Bitty’s showered and changed, and he’s heading out a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the crew. He likes the scenery here, and he kind of wants to walk around the BC campus a bit before he’s got to head back to the bus. He sent tape here too, even though Samwell was his first choice, and he really does enjoy the look of the place, even though he’s so happy where he is.

And then he’s facing down a gang of hockey goons, like something out of an ‘80s movie.

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(Jumin, Yoosung, and Saeran are my top faves! But if I don’t fit with any of them I’m curious to who you’d think I’d fit in with the most!)

It’s slightly very embarrassing talking about myself, buttttt….

- Very big lover of Halloween, Skeletons, general scary things. Loves Silent Hill, Horror Movies (Good ones at least ahfb), Batman, painting, writing (fellow MM hc/fic writer orz), video games (With good plots!), sci-fi, and …so much stuff.

- Sleepy a lot, loves dressing in a failed punk style, loves stuffed animals, usually advice friend/mom friend, stressed 24/7, works a lot. Loves watching youtube too much (lets players) and reading smut often (…a bit of a pervert I guess dhsbfsj). If not smut, then mystery/thrillers. Ends up staying up too late playing dumb rhythm games. Embarrassing selection of music, usually tries being as nice, patient, and understanding as possible, unless the person is a relentless asshole. 

- Coffee is the best, so are jackets and obscure weird shirts. Black/dark lipstick is a must! Has a hidden set of piercings and a wrist tattoo! But embarrassingly cheesy at times with not very good self confidence. Likes to try and pump others up if they’re feeling down! Proud big sister to a dorky little brother!

…..I’m too embarrassed to keep going on! But thanks for reading, haha!

HIII FRIEND after our talk last night I went and binged buzzfeed blue anyWAYS I’ve shipped you with *drum roll*


The first time I saw your selfie he IMMEDIATELY popped into my head. You guys would be perfect together as long as you don’t mind sharing eyeliner with him. He would LOVE your piercings and “failed punk style.” Also, anytime you have a birthday, expect him to get you a shit load of stuffed animals. He knows you like them and now that’s ALL HE GETS YOU he’s just so bad at shopping


  • “This is an absolute joke.”
  • You watched as the cheesy special effects make the ghost pop up again
  • “I mean, this isn’t even scary! It’s more of a comedy, right Sae-”
  • You stopped
  • When you looked over at your boyfriend, he was petrified
  • Seriously? He can join an evil organization without batting an eye, but this scares him? 
  • “Uhh, Saeran?”
  • He glanced over at you
  • “I know what you’re thinking,” he sighed, “and no, I’m not scared of this movie.”
  • You scooted closer to him and furrowed your eyebrows
  • “Then why-”
  • Saeran held up his phone, shoving the screen in your face

“Hey bro, let’s hang tomorrow! I’ll pick you up at 10am, be readdyyyyyy~”

  • You looked back up at Saeran’s distressed face and felt laughter escape your lips
  • “It’s not funny!!”
  • You turned away, desperately trying to stop
  • “I-I can’t help it, you look so scared… and of your own brother!”
  • Saeran grabbed your hand and pulled you toward him
  • He lowered his voice to a whisper
  • “If you don’t stop laughing, I’ll tell the entire RFA about your little… smut reading habit.”
  • and that definitely made you stop

all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash  asked:

Heya! My name is Bee & I was wondering if you could do an imagine with UF bros, US bros and SF bros where they have a short chubby S/O and get really jealous about something? You don't have to if you don't wanna! bye, have a great day!

AAHHHH!!!! My first ask! Whoop! Okay that’s out of my system. HI Bee! Sorry this took so long to get out I work overnights and your message showed up in my inbox sometime while I was sleeping. Hope you like it!

Blue (US! Sans) Blue doesn’t get jealous often. Despite what people think of him, because of his optimistic and happy-go-lucky behavior, he is not a child nor an idiot. And the fact that you (his adorably cuddly S/O) are one of the few people that recognized this from the start? It makes him love you all that much more. He does, however, acknowledge (to himself, and very deep down) that other people seem to see his optimism as childishness and think because of this that you would want them over him.

He knows, of course, you are far too kind to think something that petty but this small insecure part of him worries you might think so one day. Whenever this happens his bouncy energetic personality becomes unnaturally subdued so it’s easy to spot and usually pretty easy to fix. Usually, all you need to do is, if the situation is easy to walk away from, express your need to be elsewhere with a cute pout (he thinks all your expressions are cute but this one makes him melt) and he will scoop you up and carry you away. Not only do you not have to walk but also this is an instant cheer up for him to be reminded that you think of him as a strong and capable individual that you can rely on. And if that doesn’t work 100% he always turns into a puddle of goop when you give him smoochies.

Stretch (US!Papyrus) Stretch seems chill whenever someone is hitting on you and while you are sitting there being adorably oblivious, his usually low-key salty attitude has been dialed up to 100. There is no way he can resist sassing the ever-living hell out of the creep who thinks since you are so smol means you would be an easy target.

It’s not even that he’s actually jealous (okay maybe a bit, a tiny bit… okay a lot) he’s actually very secure in the fact (and it is a fact) that you love him. It’s just that… he believes very firmly despite your reassurances, that you deserve better. So when he’s being saltier than the Dead Sea the best you can do is distract him, he gets hilariously flustered retreating into Hoodieville at the smallest amount of PDA when he’s feeling insecure. So just combat his salt with a cup of sugar ;-)

Red (UF!Sans) Hooo boy… if you thought Stretch could be salty this poor anxiety flavored bean is over 9000 with his sass. Unfortunately, he tends to get a little snappy too when jealous because he KNOWS you deserve better (despite your insistences otherwise) and he’s just too selfish to let anyone get the chance to get you to see that. So once he’s scared off your admirer he teleports you two straight home.

You would think from how gruff he normally is this would lead to an argument but if you just pay attention to his mood and wait, he’ll start cuddling you and he’ll apologize for if he embarrassed you. After that, you can start to talk about what happened. He’s not used to the whole “communication” thing that is more popular on the surface but he’s getting there. Let’s just say things don’t stay PG for long is you don’t let him think his actions through first. Sooo… yeah depends on your mood too. (Please communicate with the bean he’s trying really!)

Edge (UF!Papyrus) He surprisingly has the best response out of the skeletons. He trusts you, inordinately, he wouldn’t have let you get under his well-crafted armor if he didn’t trust you fully. However, there are a few “admirers” that he feels the need to scare off with his frankly intimidating height… n-not that he’s jealous or anything! He just doesn’t trust the intentions of that guy! Or the one before… or before that, and… Either way, he’s going to be extra affectionate once you get home he can’t ruin his public image after all.

Raspberry (SF!Sans) This boy here? Yeah, he’s not a skeleton he’s a cat. He’ll do something ranging from silly, to infuriating to uhh steamy, to get your attention back on him. When he does that though he acts like it suuuch a burden to allow you pet him (yeah that happens literally sometimes) but he’s internally melting and can’t hide his preening.

He’s still really bad at expressing positive emotions but like his Underswap counterpart, he turns into a puddle of skeleton goo when you give him smoochies to distract him. The best part is? He’s such a tsundere, the entire time he’s melting he’ll act like it’s you turning into mush. 10/10 very fun and funny.

Rus (SF!Papyrus) And then there’s this asshole. He’s the perfect combination of Stretch and Red with his reaction. He just outright ignores the other guy and does his best to get you so damn flustered and cute. He picks your blushing tush up off of whatever you were sitting on and smooches you right there. Making you even MORE flustered. So yeah, this asshole’s reaction is right next to Edge’s in perfection if a few points below cause it’s rude. Just… so rude man.

Just Friends - part 4

Jared lies in his bunk, his body rocking softly to the bumps on the road.  He tries to sleep but he can’t get her out of his head.  “I miss you baby.” He texts her quickly, not even noticing the time, and dropping the phone by his side.

 In his nearly comatose state Jared jumps when his phone buzzes next to him.  “So call me.”  He smiles and instantly dials her number, eager to hear her sweet voice.  “Hey.” She whispers and he swears he can hear her smile through the phone.  “I miss you so much.” She confesses, sighing on the other end.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Jared groans, turning to face the wall in an effort to muffle his voice.

She laughs in his ear. “Where are you?”

“The bus.” Jared whispers, asking her again why she isn’t sleeping.

“Where on the bus, silly?” she asks again.  “I went shopping today.”

“My bunk.” Jared answers, his mind wondering.  “What did you buy?” he whispers, remembering the sexy lingerie she purchased and wore for him the morning before he left town.

“I miss you so much baby.” She whispers, groaning into the phone.  “I wish you were here next to me.”

“I do too.” Jared whispers, sensing her need for him through the phone.  “I’d give anything to kiss your lips right now…and run my fingers down your spine, to make you squirm.”

“You’re making me squirm right now.” She giggles.  “Where is everyone else?”

“Sleeping.” Jared whispers, turning to open the curtain and see if he can hear anyone, before securing the curtain and flipping back towards the wall.  “Baby, I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” she asks, innocently.

“Take off my shirt.” Jared whispers into the phone.  He listens on the other end and imagines she’s taking off his old t-shirt that she stole months ago, when they were still just friends.

He can hear her moving around and when he’s regained her attention she giggles.  “Now what.”

“I thought I’d have to at least beg a little.” Jared laughs, amazed at how eager she is to please him.  “You’re such a little slut.”

“Shut up.” She laughs. “You love it.”

“Tell me, are you wearing those dark purple lace panties that I love so much?” Jared asks, reaching into his pillowcase and pulling them out, wondering how she’ll respond.

 “No.” She groans, running her fingertips down her stomach, imagining it’s him.  “I know you have them.”

 “Don’t you fucking touch yourself yet.” Jared demands, raising his voice a little, his dominant nature taking over.

“I can’t help it. I miss you so much.” She whines, circling her fingers on her hip, refusing to let him down.

“Look in your night stand.” Jared whispers.  “I left a gift for you there, for nights like this.”

“I hope you’re hiding in there?” she giggles, reaching over the bed and finding a box.  “You did not!  OMG, I can’t…we’ll save it for when you…”

“Turn it on.  Let me hear it.” Jared demands, smiling when he hears the slight humming sound through the phone.  “Good girl.  Now lie down and close your eyes.”

“Okay.” She whispers and Jared laughs to himself and the image of her running through his head. “Now, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to pretend I’m there and…”

The curtain opens and Shannon is standing there laughing.  “Bro, tell me you’re not having phone sex?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jared yells, rolling over and falling from his bunk.

“Who is it?” Shannon laughs hysterically, grabbing Jared’s phone from his hand.  Jared sits up from the floor of the bus, arranging his erection the best he can manage, a smug look on his face.

“Give me my fucking phone back Shan!”

Shannon looks up from the phone in disgust.  “Tell me you deleted it before you handed me the phone.”

“Nope.” Jared spits, forgetting that he has her number saved under “Mom” so prying eyes couldn’t figure out who he was really talking to.  His eyes dart back up at Shannon.  “Fuck!  No, not mom!!!  You fucking dick!!!!”

Shannon busts out laughing.  “Dude…what the fuck?  Are you so ashamed of this chick you won’t even tell me who it is?”

“No!” Jared spits. “It’s just…she…” Jared finds himself desperately wanting to tell his brother the truth, and struggles to keep his promise to her.  “She…you don’t have to know everything!”  Jared climbs back into his bunk and closes the curtain without a second thought, texting her a quick “good night” and changing the contact name.

The next several weeks aren’t much different.  Jared’s phone is clutched in his hand at all times.  The boys are sitting in an interview and Jared places his phone on the table in front of him when a text pops up of a photo of the tiny vibrator he left for her.  “Join us for a bubble bath later?”

The interviewer stops the interview to ask Jared if he needs to answer his phone.  Jared laughs it off until Shannon reaches for the phone.

“Who is Baby Cakes?” He laughs, looking at Jared.  “She wants to know if you’ll join her and her vibrator for a bubble bath later?”

Jared looks into the camera with a serious face.  “Yes. Later.  Wait for me.”

After the interview, Jared rushes to his hotel room and locks the door behind him, desperate to escape Shannon and his million questions, and calls her.

“Just in time.” She giggles and Jared can hear the water running in the background.

“I was in an interview when you texted me that shit!” he exclaims.

“I’m sorry baby. What did you…I mean…did anyone see?” she asks, frantically, turning the water off.

“Lucky for you, I changed your name in my phone so no one knew it was you.” Jared hisses.  “You owe me a fucking blow job for that.”

“Yes, sir.” She answers softly.  “Whatever you say.”

“Don’t do that! You can’t turn into a fucking submissive thinking you’ll get out of trouble,” Jared laughs.  “I know you’re not like that.  Don’t put those thoughts in my head.”

“You’re not mad at me are you?  I’ve been waiting all day to be able to talk to you.” She says seductively into the phone and Jared falls onto the bed.

“I’m not mad baby,” He sighs into the phone.  “You’re ruining me, you know?”

“I’m sorry.  You sound so stressed.” She whispers and he smiles, his thoughts taking him back to the night everything changed for them, hearing her sink into the tub.  “Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I hate lying to my family,” Jared confesses, covering his face with a pillow and mumbling into the phone.  “I’m against this.  I need you to know that I’m on the verge of cracking but…” he smiles hearing the hum of the vibrator through the phone.  “Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, baby.” She mumbles.

“Do you have me on speaker.” Jared asks.

 “Ummm-hmmm.” She groans. “Talk to me.”

“You like your gift?” Jared mumbles, listening to the sound of the water and her breathing on the other end.  “God, you’re beautiful baby.”

She giggles on the other end of the phone. “You can’t see me.”

“I see you clearly, in my head.  I wish I was there with you.” Jared sighs. “I need to see you.  I need to touch you…kiss that tattoo on your spine…” Jared’s thoughts are interrupted by a knock on his door.  “Fuck! Baby, I gotta go.”

“Again…” she whines through the phone.  “I’m not waiting.”

Jared smiles at the thought of her sexual frustration and sighs.  “Tell me about it later.”  He hangs up and opens the door.

“Jesus, Shan. What do you want?” Jared sighs, turning to walk back to the bed, throwing himself onto it.

“Did I interrupt your bubble bath?” Shannon laughs.

“Yes!” Jared mumbles, his head buried in the pillow.  He quickly flips over. “Shan…you ever have something drive you completely insane yet make you so happy at the same time?”

Shannon sits on the couch across from his brother and smiles.  “No. Never…of course.  Is it her? Who is she?”

“I can’t tell you. She made me promise we’d be quiet about it.” Jared sighs, running his fingers through his hair.

“Is it the girl from the party?” Shannon asks inquisitively.

“What girl?” Jared mumbles.

“The blonde…I don’t remember her name.  You know, she was all over you when little miss ‘I haven’t had anything to drink’ carried you away for the rest of the night.  Jared smiles at the memory and shakes his head.

 “She wasn’t all over me,” Jared laughs.

“When?  How?  I mean, you two…not while…OMG…you bastard.” Shannon exclaims.  “Your friend was sleeping in your fucking bed…drugged! Where did you…”

Jared just pulls the pillow over his head, listening to his brother ramble on, closing his eyes. “I’m…I can’t even talk to you right now.”

The brothers spent the rest of the night talking tour details, filming and recording schedules and Shannon managed to only poke fun at Jared a couple dozen times more before they passed out.

Jared opens his eyes and sighs, the sound of his phone pulling him from his dream.  “Hello.” His groggy voice mumbles into the receiver.

“Good morning sunshine,” She giggles.

“What time is it?” Jared mumbles, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“It’ almost noon. I waited for nearly an hour for you to call me back last night but then I decided to…”

“Almost noon! Fuck!  I’m sorry baby I’ve got to go!” Jared exclaims.  “I’m so fucking late!  I fell asleep last night talking to Shan.  I’ll call you later, I promise.”


“Please, I just need…look, I have proof…I’m not some stranger.  I swear,” She pleads, rummaging through her phone for photos of her with Jared, pleading with the clerk at the front desk.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Shannon exclaims, running up behind her and lifting her from the ground.

“Surprise!” she laughs nervously, looking around for Jared.  “I missed you guys and ya’ll were kind of close so I decided to come.”

“Does my brother know yet?” Shannon smiles, putting her back on the ground and picking up her bags. “What’s your room number?  I’ll help you with your bags.”

“Ummm…the hotel was full so I don’t have one,” She mumbles, biting nervously on her fingernail. “Where’s um…Tomo and Jared?” 

“Vic just flew in so Tomo escaped with her and my brother probably snuck off to have phone sex with his girlfriend,” Shannon laughs.

 “What?  Who?” She asks, grabbing her smaller bag from Shannon as they walk towards the elevator.

Shannon shrugs his shoulders.  “I don’t know.  He’s being secretive.  He hasn’t told you either, I’m assuming.”  The elevator opens and they get on, she stands in the corner as she always does, looking up at the ceiling.  Shannon presses the number to his floor and turns to face her.  “Just breathe.”  Before the doors close they’re both startled by the sound of Jared’s voice.

“Shan!  Hold it!”  Jared makes it onto the elevator just before the doors close, his eyes fixed on his phone.

He’s so focused that he doesn’t even notice her standing in the corner of the elevator.

Her phone buzzes in the pocket of her jeans and she pulls it out to see a text from Jared.

“Get your ass naked and in the tub now!  Bring your gift.  I’ve got a million things I want to do to you.”

She manages to hold her composure, glancing up to see Shannon holding back from laughing at his oblivious brother.  

“Yes sir.” She types quickly responding before switching to Shannon’s number. “Shhhh…let’s see how long this takes.” Shannon glances at his message and over at her and winks.

Jared sighs in front of her, his fingers typing away at the keys.  “Again with the submissive talk.  I thought I told you to stop that!  Where’s my bad girl?  I really want to spank her.”

She smiles, glancing over to make sure Shannon isn’t paying attention to either of their phone screens.  “Right here baby.  Hurry before I…”

“I’m in the elevator right now. Don’t you dare!!!” Jared responds quickly, looking over his shoulder to see Shannon’s eyes buried in his phone. “I miss you so much I swear I can smell you.”

“Dude!  Are you fucking serious.  How has he not noticed you!” Shannon texts her, making her giggle and Jared turn around.

“No fucking…are you…you…OMG!” Jared exclaims, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her from the ground, pressing his lips to hers, immediately remembering his brother standing with them on the elevator.  In an effort to play it off, Jared kisses her repeatedly, all over her face, making her squeal.  “I’m so happy to see you.”

Jared takes her bag from her hand and practically pulls her towards his room.  “I can’t believe you’re here.  I can’t wait to ravage you.” He whispers in her ear, ignoring Shannon trailing right behind them.

“The hotel’s full so she couldn’t get a room.” Shannon chimes it, not looking up from his phone. “She can have my room and I’ll stay with you.”

She looks at Jared, who’s staring back at her, both of them amused that Shannon still hasn’t gotten a clue.  “That’s not necessary.  Her stuff’s already here.  She can have my bed.”  She squeezes Jared’s hand, looking back at Shannon, who’s still looking down at his phone.

The trio enter Jared’s room and place her bags in the bedroom.  She plops down on the bed and sighs.  “Ohhhh yeah.  This will do just fine.”  Jared crawls in the bed across from her and sighs, sneaking a tiny but passionate kiss before Shannon realizes he hasn’t followed him out.

“I swear you love him more than me.” Shannon teases, walking back into the bedroom, noticing the pair laughing quietly.  “How do you get him off his phone?”

“I’ve got boobs. It’s easy.” She laughs as Jared grabs her around her waist pulling her closer and burying his face in her neck.

“She smells nice too.” Jared mumbles trying desperately to hold her close as she pulls away.

“Tell me about this girl, Mr. Leto!” she asks, jumping off the bed to stand next to Shannon.  “Is she hot?  She’s not gonna steal you from me is she?”

“Fuck you both!” Jared mumbles pulling the pillow over his face.

“Welcome to my hell!” Shannon mumbles, wrapping his arm around his friend.  “If you two will excuse me, I met this little blonde beauty earlier and I’m going to get laid.”

Shannon nudges Jared’s leg, who mumbles from under the pillow “Wear protection!”

“I’m glad you’re here. Call me if you find out anything about his mystery girl,” Shannon insists, kissing her on the cheek.

She eagerly watches Shannon exit the room, her heart racing with every inch he takes towards the door.  As soon as the door closes Jared grabs her pulling her down on the bed with him. “Get your ass over here.” His hands are all over her, his eyes searching her features as if he’s trying to memorize everything he’s forgotten about her face.  “I can’t believe you’re here.”

She pushes his hands above his head, straddling him and kissing him madly. He intertwines his fingers with hers, squeezing her hands, desperate to touch her skin, nibbling at her bottom lip.  “You trying to dominate me baby girl?” Jared groans from beneath her. “You know I’m stronger than you, right.”

“Sorry, I got carried away.” She whispers, easing her grip on his hands, kissing his jaw line, down to his collar bone and pulling away to sit up.  “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything baby.” Jared whispers, sitting up, resting his hands on her thighs.

“Have you…um…been with anyone else since you left?” She asks, focusing on the knob of the nightstand, instead of looking at him.

Jared sighs, taking her head in his hands.  He runs his fingers through her hair and kisses her cheek before running his lips across her jaw. He smiles to himself when her breathing stops and he can feel her fisting the material of his t-shirt. He looks into her eyes and smiles.  “You are so beautiful.  There’s no one I’d rather be with.”

She blushes and smiles, kissing him softly.  “Even though I’m boring?”

Jared pulls away in disbelief.  “Boring how?”

 She shrugs and sighs, looking down at a hole in his t-shirt that she’s fumbling with.  “I don’t know.  Like, we’ve never um…I’ve never done anything like in your Hurricane video.”

Jared smiles and laughs softly.  “Baby, we’ve only had sex like seven times and three of them were the day I left.  I was satisfied every time.  Weren’t you?”

She rolls her eyes and buries her head in his neck.  “Yes, of course i was but…”

 “But what?  You want me to tie you up…punish you…tell me,” Jared asks excitedly.  She smiles and kisses him softly, hopping off of his lap and walking out of the room. “Baby, where are you going?

She walks back in and hands him a wrapped box.  “I bought something for you…well…me…I guess, “ she says nervously, tucking her hair behind her ear.  “I know you probably have it already but the thought of…” she shakes her head and smiles. “Just open it, please.”

Jared glances up at her innocent, nervous face and smiles.  “Is this something you want me to use on you?” he asks, loving the way she squirms in front of him.

“Just open it!” she insists, leaning against the wall, fidgeting with her own hands.

 Jared stares at her, forcing her to look back at him as he slowly unties the bow, ripping the paper from the box to reveal his gift.  Jared shakes his head and lifts himself from the bed just enough to reach the hem of her jeans and pull her close to him.  “Baby, you want me to use this on you?”

She squirms and giggles. “I thought if you wanted to then I’d rather have something new than something you’ve used before…and you gave me a gift so I wanted to give you one.”

Jared unbuttons the buttons on her blouse, untucking it from her jeans and pushing it off her shoulders. “You’re so cute when you’re being shy.” He places his hands on her hips and pulls her in, laying feather light kisses along her side. He reaches around her, unhooking her bra, pushing the straps from her shoulders.  He runs his fingertips across her abdomen unbuttoning her jeans, looking up into her blue eyes when he feels her body trembling.  “Not yet, baby girl.  You’ve got to breathe.” He whispers pushing her jeans from her hips.  She places her hands on his shoulders and kicks her flats off while he helps her step out of her jeans.  Jared stands up from the bed, her eyes follow his and he can see the fear, desire and maybe even love in her eyes.  “Tell me you want me.”

“I want you.” She whispers, her voice unsteady and she takes a deep breath closing her eyes.  “I want you.” She says again, steadying her voice as much as possible, her hands just as shaky, reaching up to touch his face.

Jared smiles and grabs her hand, placing it on his chest, knowing he’s got to push her to get her where he wants her.  “Show me!” he demands.  “Don’t be so afraid.  I know you don’t want to be…boring.”  He pronounces the word boring as if it’s the most important word he’s ever said.  He points to the box on the bed.

 “We’ll never use that if you’re afraid to take what you want.”

She looks down at the box and flashes her innocent eyes back at him, a small grin on her face and she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes.  When she reopens her eyes, something’s changed.  She places her hands on his chest, using her finger as a hook, her smile wide as she rips the shirt right from his body, laughing mischievously and kneeling in front of him, untying the string on his joggers and pulling them down, along with his underwear.  “For nearly a month you’ve sent me dirty text messages or called talking dirty to me.  You get me all worked up and just when things are getting good you hang up and disappear, leaving me aching and alone.”  She takes his length in her hand, licking him from base to tip before wrapping her lips around him, hollowing her cheeks as she sucks him hard.  She takes him into her mouth until she’s gagging and he pulls her hair by the roots.

Jared moans softly. “Fuck baby, I’ve dreamt of that for so long.”

 She moans in turn, her tongue vibrating his entire being.  He feels his legs getting weak as she continues to suck and he feels as if he could lose all self-control right there. “Stop,” he growls breathlessly, pulling her from her knees.

“What did I do wrong?” she asks, the fear returning to her eyes.

Jared kisses her softly. “Nothing, unless you want me to leave you hanging again.”

She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck.  “I’d die. I need you to fuck me now.”

Jared twists her around, bending her over the edge of the bed and leaning over kissing her back. He can feel the heat radiating from between her thighs, his erection teasing her entrance, her hands fisting the bed sheets, her back arching.

“Please Jared, I need you now,” she groans, steadying herself as he eases into her.  They both moan at the friction between them and he slaps her on her ass.

“That’s my bad girl,” he grunts, thrusting into her without mercy, her groans telling him over and over that she’s loving every second of it.  “How many times did you use your present, thinking of me?” Jared groans, lifting her head up by the roots, forcing her head back.

“Every fucking day,” she groans, raising her body till her back is against his chest and she wraps her arm around his neck, kissing him madly while he fucks her into climax, her legs shaking.   Jared pulls out, flipping her onto her back and forcing her up the bed, crawling between her legs and easing inside her again, needing to be as close as possible to her.  He slows his pace, kissing her passionately, grabbing her legs and wrapping them around his hips.

“I missed you baby,” he whispers in her ear between mindless kisses.  “Can you cum for me again?” he asks, thrusting harder.  She nods, clenching her walls around him. “That’s my girl,” he groans, nibbling on her collarbone, her nipple clenched tightly between his fingertips. “Let it all go baby.”

“Fuck me, Jared, I’m…I….ffff…uuuu…JJJaarrr…” She groans, scratching his back with her nails, sending him into oblivion and he lets himself go inside her.

They lie there in silence, catching their breath and drifting off when Jared hears the door. “Fuck!!!  It’s Shannon!!” he whispers, jumping up and pulling her from the bed.

He grabs her clothes, tossing her into the bathroom.  “Turn the shower on.” He hops towards the door, tying his joggers just as Shannon opens the door.

“Hey bro. Where’s…”

“She’s in the shower.” Jared interrupts his brother.

“It’s kind of early. I thought we could all go do something fun.” Shannon mumbles, looking around the room.  “What happened to your shirt?”

 “Um…” Jared laughs nervously searching for a story then decides to be honest.  “That bitch ripped it off me.”

“What?” Shannon laughs. “Stop lying.  And don’t call her a bitch.  I’ll have to kick your ass.”

“Who’s getting an ass kicking?” She asks, from the bathroom.

“My brother.  He’s in here lying on you.” Shannon teases.

 “What’s he saying?” she asks, leaning on the door, her eyes fixed on Jared’s.

 “You ripped his shirt off.” Shannon laughs, holding the shirt up.

 She blushes and laughs, her eyes still fixed firmly on Jared.  “I did.  It had to be done.”

“Okay…now I’m fucking jealous.  You’ve never ripped my shirt off.” Shannon confesses, throwing the ripped shirt at Jared. “You do love him more.”

 “Your shirt isn’t full of holes.  Look at this thing!” she laughs grabbing the shirt from Jared who’s now standing next to her waiving the shirt in front of her face.

“Lets all put on some non-holey clothing and go out for dinner, maybe hit a club,” Shannon says, laughing. “Come on, I don’t think I’ve seen Jared keep his hands off his phone for this long in weeks and I wanna take advantage of it,” Shannon pleads with her. “We can gang up on him and get him to reveal the identity of his mystery girl.” Shannon is pulling full on puppy dog eyes at this point.

“Okay, fine. But no phones the whole night! When you’re hanging out with me I don’t want either of you texting your little whores,” she teased, watching Jared’s eyes for his reaction. He beamed at her, eye shining with a look that was something dangerously close to love.


“…It okay to be nervous, I was like you once.” Alba turned around and walked into his den for a second and came back out with a bundle of bluish fur, “This is the fur from my tail, it’ll make a great nest for the egg to rest on and will keep it warm. Make sure you keep your egg near you and always hold it with both hands.”


Enzo Amore - “I’ll always be here”

Prompt: Enzo being attacked on raw again
Requested: No
Warnings: None
Words: 1100+

“What happened?!” Big Cass yelled walking down a hallway with a referee. He had just received the news that his partner Enzo was found backstage unconscious.

“I don’t know they didn’t say!” the ref exclaimed quickening his pace. Big Cass was furious. They turned a corner and there was Enzo sprawled out on the ground with another ref at his side, one shoe off. Cass was quick to his side.

“Enzo! Enzo wake up man!” Cass said shaking his partner in an attempt to wake him up

“Hey hey hey watch his head-”

“What happened!?” Cass yelled at the two men cutting them off.

“Calm down!”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” Cass sneered at him “Who did this!? Somebody do get some help!” the ref that had brought Cass to Enzo ran off, quickly returning with two medics and general manager Kurt Angle.

“Has anyone told y/n?” Kurt asked as the medics looked at Enzo who was still out cold. As if on cue you ran around the corner.

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