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Us:wow dc is actually feeding us really good movies I’m so hyped!!!

Dc/warner bros: thanks but we’re not stopping there!!!

Us: omg what if they give us Jason????

Dc/Warner bros: what’s that? You want more movies???


Dc/Warner bros: did I hear joker? And Harley? Omg a Harley Quinn and joker movie sound great!!!!


Us:…but that’s not what we asked for….

Dc/Warner bros: ……:)

Stay Safe (Damian x Reader)

Request: Please do a Damian x reader where the reader (who is dating Jason) is very close with Damian, like in an older sister/motherly way

A/N: I hope you like it anon! Don’t forget– Q and A and requests are open! Have a great day/night loves!


“You’re sure that you have your phone?” Damian asked you. The 11 year old sitting on the couch was probably 10 times more paranoid about you going on a date than you were. “And your house key? What about money in case you need to call a cab?”

“I’m good, Dami.” You slipped on your shoes and gave yourself a once over in the mirror on the wall. “Jason and I have been dating for 4 months now, remember?”

“Text me or call me if you need anything– and by anything, I mean anything. I can hide a body–”

“Damian, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear that.” You gave him a stern look before giving him a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Be safe on patrols, okay?”

“I’m not the one you need to worry about.” He grumbled, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. “Todd better keep it in his pants.” He said lowly enough that he thought that you couldn’t hear him, but you laughed and he went red.

“Don’t worry about Jason.” You stepped back and booped him on the nose, smiling when he scrunched up his nose in distaste. “I’m perfectly capable of handling myself kiddo.”

“Have fun.” He begrudged before the door closed behind you.


“How’s short stack?” Jason asked you as you laid on his chest. “Still a demon?”

“Damian is good. And definitely not a demon. He was very concerned about me dating you though.” You laughed. You had met Jason through Damian– or, rather through Bruce. You were a confidant to Bruce Wayne (yes, you knew his identity) at an early age when you interned under him at Wayne Industries. He let you in on all of his secrets and ended up giving you an executive job there when you were old enough to apply.

Damian was your ‘little brother’ of sorts. Bruce had called you in to watch him on several occasions when he was out on business trips. Since then, he had grown very attached to you. And when you and Jason started dating, he’d become even more protective of you.

“Of course. He cares about you.” Jason said, trailing a finger down your back. Your date had eventually led back to his apartment; well, it was more like it had led back to one of the walls of his apartment, then the couch, and lastly his bed. It was a great date.

“He’s just always worried about me.” You sighed. “I wish he wouldn’t worry so much. He’s going to have an ulcer at 16 at the rate he’s going.”

“He doesn’t need to worry about you.” Jason smiled down at you. “That’s my job, remember?”

“Sure.” You rolled your eyes. “Fine– you can worry about me, but it’s pointless, because I can take care of myself.”

“Of course you can.” He kissed you softly, and you relaxed at his touch.


You were walking back to your apartment when someone crept up behind you. You didn’t have time to react before there was a gun pressed to your back, and a voice in your ear.

“Give me your wallet.” A man growled in your ear. You handed your wallet over wordlessly. “And your pho–”

He collapsed in the middle of his sentence. You whirled around, bewildered, when you saw Damian standing there. “Y/F/N? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You looked down at the guy on the ground. “Can’t say the same for him.” Damian retrieved your wallet and handed it to you.

“From now on, you should have someone walking with you when it’s dark out.” He sighed. “I thought Jason was giving you a ride back after dinner?”

“I was just walking back from his apartment.” You said. Damian looked up at you questioningly. “It’s only a couple of blocks. I would have had the situation under control, but unfortunately there was a gun barrel pressed to my back.”

“Yeah, well, we’re going to have to fix that.” He started walking you back to your apartment. “What were you doing at Jason’s?”

“Hanging out. Talking.” You said, not necessarily lying per se. He was 11, he didn’t need to know that the two of you were having se–

“What did you talk about?”

“Taxes. Life. College. Grown up stuff.” You said. He nodded in agreement, and you smiled internally. When you got back to your apartment, Damian waited until you were inside and the door was locked before beginning to climb out the window. However, he turned around at the last minute.

“Stay safe, Y/F/N.”

You walked up to him and kissed his forehead endearingly. “Bye, Dami. See you.” With that, he left your apartment. You chuckled as you closed the window behind him, making sure it was unlocked in case he needed in. You loved him– in a fraternal sense.

Damian Wayne: your overprotective, adorable, brave ‘little brother’.

  • Jason: You know the apples and bananas song?
  • Tim: Yeah?
  • Jason: So what if like, we replaced vowels in other words with only one vowel like in the song?
  • Tim: Jason no
  • Jason: Just imagine
  • Tim: Please, I really don't want to
  • Jason: Like, instead of Bruce Wayne it's pronounced:
  • Breesee Weenee
  • Or maybe-
  • Jason: Instead of Damian Wayne:
  • Demeen Weenee (De Mean Weenie)
  • Tim: Jason this is how you're gonna get killed again

OK so since @tom-hiddleston-god-of-mischief and other people showed interest, I bumped up my schedule and so…

Here is my ‘Craig is totally gay and was in love with the MC in college’ post!

So, first off- this is Craig Cahn and the thing that made me first think that he was gay instead of bi. (And fyi I am a Bi myself, so this is more headcanoning and exploring character and not trying to stomp on other headcanons, jsyk.)

Yeah the very first time we met. But look- divorces do happen, and do happen in a chill manner. But… let us note a couple things. One, the divorce literally only happened ‘last year’. Which could mean anywhere from (assuming this is the spring due to college letters and school timetables) 12+ to only 3-ish months ago depending on what counts as ‘last year’.

You only get a SECOND of him being uncomfortable while breaking the news before he is on even ground and is like ‘yeah it’s old news and everything is in perfect order now’. AND THE DIVORCE HAPPENED EITHER WHILE SMASHLEY WAS PREGNANT OR JUST HAD RIVER. Now, this could be a him lying, except… it’s never really brought up again as a thing? Like, we deal with Mat’s feelings for his dead wife, Joseph’s failing marriage, and etc but despite how recent it was we are lead to believe their divorce was perfectly amicable despite the timing.  (Now placing a cut here because this gets long and has more pics.)

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  • Bruce: Alright, we have to get a move on- Bane has the whole city being held hostage- any guesses what he is using before I tell you?
  • Tim: Well, I'm guessing it could be a type of bioterrorism-
  • Jason: IT'S A BOMB
  • Dick: *ignoring Jason* -or it could be a liquid substance in the water- poison- or-
  • Jason: It's a BOMB
  • Steph: *also ignoring Jason* I'm pretty sure he's got the mayor hostage or someone else important therefore making the rest of town unable to do anything against him.
  • Kate: *sighs* Can you just tell us, B?
  • Bruce: Jason was right- it's just a bomb
  • Damian: Just a bomb?
  • Jason: A BOMB!

Here we go:

Tim’s chillin, wearing a Superboy shirt in the Cave (even though that’s totally not okay) typing at the computer and ignoring Damian who’s training in the background, when Steph and Dick descend upon him - as birds do.

They start teasing him-

(“Oh, wearing your boyfriend’s symbol, huh?” from Steph.

“It’s kind of cute that he’s bought like a million of them” from Dick)

-and Tim is so unfazed, he just responds with “Because experience has shown I’m such a doting boyfriend - and I didn’t buy them. I stole them. He has like 63 of these. And I only have 7.”

And Dick and Steph are laughing and Tim is trying to focus.

Want to know who’s not unfazed?


He overheard the conversation and is, quite frankly, offended. On Tim’s behalf.

He’d never admit it, but he definitely thinks Tim could do better than the alien.

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Literally Salty Jason
  • Tim: *doing work on his laptop*
  • *Dick walks in*
  • Tim: Hey, did you know there are alternate universes?
  • Dick: Yeah, there's one where we are all bad guys and another where-
Hour Thirteen : Brothers

Prompt : “I’d rather trick than treat those imbeciles.”

A/N : 13 out of 24

Pairing : Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

“Come on, Damian!” You said, dragging your reluctant boyfriend out of his room so that he and his brothers could spend some time together.

They were going trick-or-treating of all things, and Damian did not feel like going. Especially with them.

“I’d rather trick than treat those imbeciles!” Damian said in his usual ‘I’m the most superior Robin’ voice. “Y/N, you cannot let them force me to do such…childish things!”

You rolled your eyes, “Trick-or-treating has no age limit, darling.” You told him, handing him a large empty bag so that he could put all of his candy inside it.

“This is preposterous.” He muttered angrily under his breath, “Even my own lover won’t come to my defense.”

“Y/N!” Dick called, “Is Dami ready yet? The candy won’t be waiting around all day, you know. Kids are greedy.”

“One more minute, Dick!” You shouted, facing Damian with a loving expression on your face. “Enjoy yourself, all right?”

His lips pressed in a firm line, “With them? Impossible.”

“I know how much you love them, Damian.” You chuckled, “You don’t have to hide it from me. Spend some time with them before they decide to settle down and become all serious, will you? Who knows, they might not even be here tomorrow.”

“Don’t talk like that!” Damian suddenly lashed out, “Of course they’ll be here tomorrow. This is Drake, Grayson, and Todd you’re talking about, they wouldn’t dare leave me.”

You smiled softly at his way of trying to hide his distress at the thought of never seeing his brothers again. “They wouldn’t,” you agreed, “but sometimes we don’t have a say.”

“You didn’t have to say that, you know.” Damian said after a brief moment of silence. “I would’ve went anyways. I have no choice.”

“I know you don’t have a choice.” You said, “I was just trying to persuade you to loosen up and have some fun with them. They are your brothers, Damian. No matter how many times you try to deny it.”

“Yo, Y/N! Tell the brat we’re coming upstairs to get him if he doesn’t come down!” Jason yelled, impatiently.

“Fine.” Damian sighed, giving in, “I will act as though I tolerate their existence.”

You shook your head fondly. At least you got that much out of him.