bro grab

bro 1: [tenderly grabs bro 2′s hand, as though to pull him up from where he sits, injured] bro, are you okay?

bro 2: [looks down at their joined hands] 

bro 2: [looks back up at bro 1 and smiles]

bro 2: [softly] we did it, bro. we are a good team. 

bros 1 and 2: [smile fondly and look each other in the eyes, still holding hands]

Who wants to hop in?

Straight White Boy Problem #870

*at lunch*
bro: want to see something cool
me: ummm….ok?
bro: *grabs a whole banana*
me: oh god. don’t do it.
bro: *lets out a snicker, slowly starts deep throating the banana*
me: *laughs for a second but then gets freaked out* bro…..STOP!! we are in PUBLIC. those girls over there are watching us….. YOU GOTTA STOP DOIN THAT ALEX

Oops, My Bad

@umpeters hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Carlos De Vil

Word Count: 1,807

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘You’re lucky you’re a dog, because if you were a human.. Man, I’d take you down.’’

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Soooo @bendyinky​ and I have been talking about a crossover with Cuphead and Bendy and the Ink Machine… And this is what we came up with!! I. Really like how this came out, so I’m probably going to at least color the main picture in, not sure about the spider one. I LOVE this style though, holey wow. Rubberhose art is so much fun.

But yeah! Wally here is a debtor, and Bendy is his pal. More stuff under the cut! Not 100% sure if that’s how the fight would go, but I wanted to record their quotes and jot down the ideas we had.

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pictures of you

Jack was sitting at his desk off to the side of the open concept office that he secretly hated, scrolling through the pictures he’d just uploaded. They looked good. He already had a general idea of which ones he wanted to send to the writers he was working with, and none of them really required much editing, and he was pretty sure that he’d get home at a reasonable time tonight, which was a rare feat for him and his co-workers at the Samwell Press.

Really, Jack didn’t mind the late hours. He didn’t have much to go home to other than an empty apartment and a fridge that he really needed to clean out, and work kept him busy. It kept him moving and it kept him motivated, and the fact that all of his friends worked in the same place didn’t really hurt either.

Still, getting off on time would be nice for once. There was a new smoothie place across the street that he wanted to try, and he’d been meaning to sweep and mop his floors for a while now, and there were about a million new shows on Netflix that he’d been meaning to start and, if he got the chance, he could definitely do that tonight. Altogether, his plans for the evening weren’t groundbreakingly exciting, but they were nice and relaxing and still productive enough for Jack to not feel guilty about enjoying himself, and he was in the middle of coming to terms with them, when Shitty came out of nowhere and sat on Jack’s desk.

Years ago that would have been enough to startle Jack, but he’d long since become used to Shitty, abrupt entrances and lack of regard for personal space included, and, as it was, Jack just leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow. Shitty looked like he wanted something, and Jack wasn’t going to encourage him.

As expected, Shitty smiled and said, “Jack, my man, my buddy, my bro,” and he grabbed a pen from Jack’s desk and pointed it at Jack, as he continued with, “I’ve got an assignment that only you can do.”

Jack was wary. “Do you?” he asked, thinking back to the last time Shitty had come to him with ‘an assignment that only he could do’, and subsequently flashed back to the entire weekend the two of them had spent wandering around a petting zoo, looking for signs of animal abuse.

In the end they’d found some pretty appalling things and their piece had actually been pretty fantastic, but that was beside the point.

The point was, was that Shitty’s idea of special assignments had always been a bit out there and, when Shitty just hummed in affirmation before he asked, “What do you think about sports?” Jack was hesitant.

He wanted to say that he wasn’t the papers sports photographer so he generally didn’t think about sports at all, and he wanted to say that he’d spent the past 8 years aggressively trying not to think about one sport in particular, and he wanted to say a flat out no without asking any more questions because he knew that Shitty would accept that easily but, in the end, he asked, “What sports?” and prayed to every god in the world that Shitty didn’t say hockey.

Because of that, when Shitty said, “Figure skating,” relief washed over Jack.

“I can do that,” he said before he could think any better of it, and Shitty’s eyebrows shot up.

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