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Oh come on Batman don’t be so shy about it! :‘3

no hates plz! :c

Thanks a loooot to those wonderful artists who let me to use their art for the video!! :DD


look …… i know that connor murphy is a fictional character,, but i just ? miss him /// so much \

Update on my Richonner bros...

So my heart right now is so full of pride: two of my brothers are full-on Richonners. And one of them has finally convinced my third brother to start watching TWD (so fingers crossed)!

A few quotes from the bros this week:

“I think it’s great how this season they’re showing that Rick can’t lead without Michonne.”

“No other TV show has ever had its two badass leads get together like that. It just makes sense.”

“That episode with the two of them was awesome!”

“Oh yeah, that episode where the two of them were gettin’ it on.”

“They’re a power couple. It’s not even debatable.”


*mentions the Jadis and Rick shipping*

“Uh, no.” “Ah, gross.” “Maybe if Rick had a thing for Lloyd Christmas haircuts.”

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  • Lance: you're not living life if you spend all day playing World Of Warcraft
  • Keith: World Of Warcraft is my life
  • Lance: *slightly concerned* bro..
  • Keith: *tearing up* bro.....

SAM & DEAN GRAPHIC CHALLENGE | envydean vs. @moresam
↳ Prompt: “You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from.  Your only limit is your soul.” - Gusteau (Ratatouille)

Scott’s got a thing about plaid shirts.

It’s hardly a secret. Everybody on the island knows about it. How could they not when they find him sometimes, out like a light on the sofa with his nose tucked into plaid cloth. Sometimes Virgil’s there, eyebrows silently warning them not to disturb the sleeping one but it’s not like anyone really needs the warning. They get it.

Big brother doesn’t relax. Ever. Even out by the pool on a starlit night when there’s not a cloud or even a rescue in the sky, he doesn’t settle. He waits. Forever on duty, until there’s a soft sigh in the gloom and an even softer shirt gets folded around his tense shoulders.

One simple, kind gesture says everything.

It’s okay, big brother. Stand down.

And he does. Long limb by limb until nothing’s keeping him upright except for willpower and perhaps a broad shoulder too. Then his eyes go and the last thing he sees is black and red.

He sees home, wherever he is. Smells it too. Feels it as fingers curl in soft plaid and he remembers why. Why he does this. Why he does everything. And why he can’t stop even for a moment.

But stop he does, because damn does he love plaid shirts.

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