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For those who haven't realized

Johnlock is already canon.

I won’t be disappointed if there’s no kiss on the final episode. I mean to say that it could very well happen, but the writers have said and shown us that those two are already utterly devoted to one another in a way that transcends sexuality and physicality.

Although those things are nice, that wasn’t what I wanted. What I wanted was to hear it, and we did, both from Sherlock and Mary’s mouth. We’ve already seen it, because how many “bros” are so dependent on one another that they fall into despair and darkness when they’re not around one another. It’s crippling and not always healthy, but it is what it is.

Maybe that’s what Moftiss is trying to tell us. Their relationship cannot be labelled because in ways it is so intimate and beyond understanding if we are merely looking on a physical level.

These are soul mates and no one can deny it. Their lives are inevitably intertwined and as we’ve seen, destiny will always bring them back to one another. Sherlock is John’s Sun just as John is the center of Sherlock’s universe. No one can get in the way of that and I highly doubt Irene Adler could, either.

This is a love story and it will always be about John and Sherlock, sex or no sex; kiss or no kiss. I’m content with that.


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Imagine: The other clones teasing Fives about his crush on you and then finding out that you have already been in a secret relationship for a few months

– For Anonymous

“Hey! Eyes up Fives!” Called a teasing voice to draw the trooper out of his trance. 

“What?!” Fives called back to Jesse, obviously a tad annoyed that he had drawn his attention away from you.

“I’m just saying, I don’t think a certain someone would appreciate you staring at them.” Jesse jabbed with an amused grin.

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Realization #1: I don’t write nearly enough JackGyeom bromance and it’s one of the best things ever?


Kingsmanniversay Day 3: Feed My Lines: What is your favorite quote? My brother’s favorite quote is the top and mine’s the bottom.

My bro: It’s just really hilarious how he described Eggsy stealing his car, like he didn’t need to specifically say ‘15 donuts in my fucking face’ but he still did.

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Imagine Okuyasu proposing to Josuke by abruptly getting down on one knee, calmly staring Josuke in the eye and casually saying “Will you be my… Hus-bro?”

And Josuke’s only response is a soft gasp followed by a gentle “bro…” for he is truly astonished by his friend’s ‘bro-posal’

                                 Dumpster Bros Pocket Pillow!

We all knew it would happen one day. Some villain or another was going to toss these two in the same dumpster.

It might as well be you! [I’m sure you’re a very nice villain with only their best interests in mind.] 

**AOA Loki will be an additional option soon.


What’s included:

One 8" x 10" dumpster with pocket for storing Bros and trash bags.

[Depending on your order] One or Both 4" x 6" dolls to toss in the dumpster.

One 3" x 3" trash bag.