bro chillers

you: tobin heath

me, an intellectual: tobin powell heath, #17, UNC alum, 2016 US Soccer Player of the Year, two-time Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup silver and gold medalist, plays for the USWNT and Portland Thorns, two-time NWSL Champion, born in NJ but calls Portland her home, is a SOFT cute attractive spicy woman who has the best smile, has crinkle crinkle™ eyes, snapback t-shirt calvins ripped jeans wearing, 23 loving, nutmeg queen, surfer bro, hard chiller, ‘um’ stuttering, orange backpack wearing, fantastic hugger, a harry and a new kid, tobin the toadbin, sweaty fly aways, God loving, major stud and dork, stupid half bun ponytail, lil shit on the pitch, jaw thing, ultimate hype woman, barefoot loving woman and should be loved by everyone.


Based on little ideas from work where the jobs people no longer have time to do, little demons sweep in and do them instead. In retail there’s no guardian angels but tiny demons who do the temperature checks in cold storage or for the hot ovens.
hence Oven and Chiller, my food safety demons.

Oven uses his massive gauntlet, the mighty Oven Glove, to take out hot food whilst his lil bro Chiller scans temperatures in the atmosphere to make sure everything is alright. Chiller was last seen in the back of the freezer scanning the air flow load lines generally doing a good job because they are precious and Oven was last seen in the staff microwave eating the baked beans that people were trying to cook (it’s an important temperature test)

I have a lot of free time to daydream on mondays at work ssh


Had a really fun time playing with Diarrhea Planet this weekend. Here’s a video of “Bro Chillers” from our set at Shea Stadium on Sunday.


Brand new music video for the LVL UP song “Bro Chillers”

(I’m in this a tiny bit)


playing lvl up at work today. nice way to pass the time being packed into a room surrounded with food.