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I don’t know how Tada-nii would react to Hiro dating, because Hiro has never dated.  Huh.  Wonder why.


(little note, I’m not an ask blog and I usually don’t take requests either >.<  This was just a cute ask I had sitting in my inbox for a really long time, and happened to fit well with something I wanted to draw anyway ^ ^; Thanks for understanding! <3)


This pretty much sums up how I feel about the whitewashing of Hollywood. Waiting for something to happen, puts us as the Asian American community in a vulnerable spot. Instead, We should look towards the online media! Youtube has provided a space where creators can make what they want, when they want, how they want, and with whoever they want. Even if you aren’t a creator, support the amazing Asian American content online! 

And so much moresupport this content, and do not support whitewashed films 


Seiyuu Matsuno Bros. and Totoko-chan!

A commission I finished up recently! 

The commissioner asked that I draw the Matsuno bros and Totoko wearing very specific outfits and flaunting the hairstyles of their voice actors! They also asked that I record myself working on it–so enjoy both the illustration and the video!

seventeen as brothers

seungcheol: the bro that will always protect you at all costs

jeonghan: the “cut your hair it can’t be longer than mine” bro

jisoo: literally the perfect bro; lets you borrow anything you want from him

wonwoo: the bro that bangs on your door because you’re too loud but is blasting his heavy metal song in full volume

mingyu: the bro that will constantly tease you for being short

chan: the bro that’ll dance billy jean during dinner

jihoon: the hardworking bro who always gets straight A’s

minghao: the kind of bro that you’ll brag about to your friends

junhui: the bro that all your friends have a crush on

soonyoung: that one bro that creates dances with every single word you say

seokmin: the optimistic bro that all the teachers love but he’s actually just a professional pranker

seungkwan: the sassy bro that’ll always invite you to go shopping whether you like it or not

hansol: the “stop saying oh my god oh my god” bro