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lol one time i met this really stereotypical drumline bro and i told him i was a french horn player and he tried to mansplain drum corps to me and was like “oh yeah it’s basically professional marching band. and they march these things called MELLOPHONES instead of french horns!”

and i was literally wearing a carolina crown shirt while i was talking to him

“Got to look pretty for the camera”

W Yannis Philippakis of Foals //

Fuji Superia 400

Dear Evan Hansen Jazz Band AU!

((This is taking place in the universe where Connor doesn’t kill himself and he’s friends with Evan.))

-The Murphy’s try to build their family back up after Connor’s suicide attempt.
-Zoe suggests he joins Jazz Band.
-At first, Connor is against the whole idea.
-It’s Evan who actually gets him to do it.
-While Zoe plays guitar, Connor plays saxophone.
-He’s actually really good at it?? Connor has never played an instrument ever but you’d never know it.
-The siblings bond over a love of music and Evan goes to every concert and claps a little too loudly for his friends.

(A happy ending for the Murphy’s.
I love this musical to pieces so I HAD write about it! I hope you enjoy and I will see you dudes later!)


Hey guys! Have faith in me because this week’s Fun Fact Friday post is on time! This week will be about everyone’s favorite cartoon eco-goth rock girl band, the Hex Girls!

For those Scooby-Doo fans who are (somehow) not familiar with the Hex Girls, the band is a fun girl band consisting of Thorn, Dusk, and Luna! Thorn (her real name being Sally McKnight) is the lead singer and guitarist of the band and is voiced by Jennifer Hale. Dusk is the band’s drummer and back-up sings. Dusk is voiced by Jane Wiedlin. The other back-up singer and keyboardist of the band is Luna who is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

Fun Fact: While Vincent Van Ghoul has appeared in two different Scooby-Doo series (The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated), the Hex Girls are the only characters in the franchise to be introduced in a movie and then appeared in another movie as well as two of the TV series.

The Hex Girls were introduced in Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost. They assisted Mystery Inc. in stopping the ghost of Sarah Ravencroft from causing mass chaos and destruction with her witchcraft. In this movie, Thorn’s real name is revealed to be Sally McKnight and she is 1/16 Wiccan on her mother’s side of the family.

Four years after the release of Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost, the movie Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire came out and this movie also featured the Hex Girls in a music competition in Australia.

Later that year, the Hex Girls would appear in the fifth episode of season two of What’s New, Scooby-Doo? titled “The Vampire Strikes Back”. The gang traveled to a Transylvanian castle to see the Hex Girls recording a new music video but arrive to find that they are considering breaking up due to fears of a vampire that’s been haunting them! Thanks to Mystery Inc. though, they were able to capture not one, but two vampires and save the band from calling it quits!

The band made their most recent appearance in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. They appeared in episode seven of season one titled “In Fear of the Phantom”. The Hex Girls are in Crystal Cove for a concert and the gang attends. Mystery Incorporated’s history with the band is rebooted in this series. Due to Fred hurting Daphne’s feelings, she writes a song and performs it with the Hex Girls going by the name Crush.

The Hex Girls appeared in one other episode in this series; episode 18 of season 2 titled “Dance of the Undead”. An undead ska band is terrorizing Crystal Cove turning all who hear their music into dancing zombies. Shaggy and Scooby, immune to the hypnotizing music, finds the Hex Girls who are performing on a cruise ship and convince them to aid in stopping the ska band. In this episode, unlike their first appearance in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series, the Hex Girls are seen wearing their original outfits from the movies.

Something awesome to know about the Hex Girls is that they’ve been voiced by the same voice actors in all of their appearances in the Scooby-Doo franchise!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Fun Fact Friday post! If you guys have any ideas, please send them in! I’d love to hear what you guys want more information about!

Dear Evan Hansen Jazz Band AU

I don’t get many asks, hardly any, but one person actually sent one in just to say that they enjoyed my Jazz Band AU and wondered if I would ever add on to it?? That was extremely nice and it melted my heart! Thank you, Anon. So, here we go, more DEH Jazz Band, one character at a time!

 Zoe: -We know she plays guitar already, but she is also really good at drums. 

-Convinced all her friends to join.

 -Jared once balanced fidget spinners on her guitar while she was practicing and she was holding back screams (“Kleinman, I swear to god I’ll destroy you”)

 -Jams out with Alana sometimes because it’s a nice way for the two of them to destress (Zoe has played her a love song once or twice.)

Connor: -Saxophone MASTER (You’d never know he’s new to playing instruments. He’s that good.)

 -Zoe forced him to join so they could possibly bring the family back together after his suicide attempt (see first Jazz Band AU post.)

 -Definitely has played Careless Whisper to make everyone uncomfortable -Loves when Evan is cheering for him <3

 -If people are being too loud at practices, he screams into his saxophone to shut them up. 100% happens at least once a week.

Jared: -Trombone player for the sole purpose of doing the “wah wah waAAAH” sound whenever someone messes up.

 -Interrupts conversations with it for fun. The band teacher is no longer phased by it.

 -Has had a loudness competition with Connor and Alana. He won and has never been more proud of anything.

 -It was extra hard to even get him to join Jazz Band. Zoe told him about the weird jokes that usually form in band (as a person in a jazz band myself, this is extremely true.) he joined to learn the memes because that’s Jared.

-Does homework in the back when bored. Gets caught almost always. -Hot Crossed Buns master!

Alana: -Trumpet! She can also play the flute because of lessons she did when she was little, but prefers the loudness of a brass instrument (just like the transition between instruments, Alana became louder and more confident. Yay!)

 -Stares at Zoe during practice sometimes a lot. (Jared teases her about it.)

 -Got a few solos! 

-Her high functioning anxiety makes her want to practice a lot so she can be perfect and not mess up/embarrass herself in front of everyone. She believes that she’ll be a disappointment if she fails. Connor admits he feels the same way about band because of what he did to his family. They connect over this. 

-Makes music puns. A lot. (“You’re gonna get in treble, Jared.” “Shut uP!” “But puns are my forte!”) 

-Music calms her down, so when Zoe asked her to join, she said yes because she thought it might help with her stress.

Evan: -Not in band. Mr. Hansen can not play an instrument to save his life. (“Does a recorder count?” “You still have yours from 5th grade?!” “I was talented!”)

 -Goes to all the concerts.

 -Jazz Band has really helped Connor recover and become a better person with all the support he’s been getting. Evan loves seeing him smile while he rocks out on his saxophone.

 -Has a shirt that that says “I heart jazz” and the heart is made of music notes. The gang finds it hilarious.

 -Snacks! He likes to watch them practice so he is always ready with the candy and chips.

They love music. They love each other. They’re happy.

Other Headcannons...

Along the same lines as Historically accurate fashion in Hetalia: music. And again I’ll use America, because that’s what i know, maybe one day I’ll become more cultured,(I’m trying): America would be AMAZING at Jazz, the Blues, country– obviously– and hip-hop. 

Beyond that I bet all the other nations have thier own little niches, and they would be so cute in a band!! I know, for a fact, that Islamic spiritual music is beautiful. A lot of music around the world is breathtaking! What if they all performed thier own little parts around a campfire? Or just hummed different things in moments of silence?

I love that Prussia plays flute in the manga, I think it’s adorable. And there’s no way at this point they haven’t all mastered at least one instrument. (Not sure about voice. I bet America can sing… I don’t feel like England can.)   

(Alfred and Matthew can duet guitar.)   

my band in choice quotes
  • tubas: "lol look at what i can fit in my tuba"
  • euphonium: "why didn't you just play a tuba, they're -" "DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO A *TUBA*"
  • trumpet: "we are awesome"
  • trombone: "i broke my trombone again"
  • baritone: "why am i surrounded by these people"
  • flute: "i would murder you for first chair, no offense"
  • clarinet: "its harder than it looks ok"
  • saxophone: "if you shorten my instrument's name it's one letter away from sex. speaking of which..."
  • drums: "let's continue to play whenever there's a silence" "sounds like a good idea bro"
  • band director: if you don't play this correctly i will *mutters curses under breath*
  • < my high school band is small as balls so feel free to add on guys >