bro fist


Official handshake of The Bromance™ 


The Bubbler / Le Bulleur



Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon

So Sam breaks down and spills out that she didn’t want to be alone anymore and she wanted a friend. After she calmed down, she tells bro about her glowing green hair and eyes that she has and Bro gladly shows her his glowing blue hair and tells her that shes not alone. The two have ice cream together and play catch, when they leave for home Sam and Bro give each other a fist bump

Now I know what you are thinking if Bro has glowy hair like Sam why doesn’t he get bullied. The difference being is that Bro is special to everyone around him. He is meant to be the one to take over when Youtube’s reign is over. Youtube announced that. Sam on the other was announced to be heir of the septic Kingdom but Youtube did give out a name.He just said there will be an heir to the Septic Kingdom not specifically who… so basically Sam was nobody to everyone else except for the people in her kingdom.

Bro can use lightning… *cough* totally not like Sasuke and Sakura *cough* there is a portal to the Youtube World and Bean World and how Bro travels is different he comes in to each different dimension by creating himself into lightning and disappear into the other world he arrives into every world as a lightning bolt. So whenever Tina here thunder and sees lightning she would wonder if it is Bro or just a regular thunder storm coming. Other then this ability Bro has the ability to summon the Youtube staff making him even more powerful that he actually is.

Youtube Experiment Spoiler: Nova wanted to create Bro so she can make up everything that she had done to Cry, Mark, Felix, Jack, and Everyone that she harmed. Bro was not meant to be created to destroy like Youtube thought he was suppose to bring something better to the world.