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Why are all the alpha kids such terrible pre scratch guardians except Jane who lived in an abusive home for years

The Beta Guardians are basically the Alpha’s flaws increased ten-fold, reaching adutlhood without the friendship and balance they have kind of found with each other’s friendship.

Dirk just goes unchecked and doesn’t have Dave’s positive influence, leading him to being Machiavellian and excessive more like AR than Dirk. Roxy never quits drinking and overcompensates by trying to over-coddle Rose, leaving her sending mixed signals to her daughter and never actually bonding meaningfully. Jake sinks so low he stops trying to face reality and just makes adventure his life, even when he actually seems to settle with a family, he ends up unable to bear that life and simply goes back to adventuring and isolation as a bad coping mechanism. And Jane has to deal with Condy all alone for much much longer, and eventually she disappears before she can get any sort of meaningful resolution with her. We don’t quite see if she’d have any more specific Jane-related flaw though, given, you know, she’s dead when the story starts and then comes back as a clown.

Why is no one talking about how Marinette just transformed in the middle of a train car full of passengers?????

I mean she literally screamed “TIKKI, SPOTS ON!!” and no one noticed??