Celebrating the refurbishing of this little sweet channel we would like to present our first official PURE video, song that will come out in the, to be released next week, II ep. 

We’re glad things are right on the track and from this time to the end of march 2012 we’ll me producing and recording our first full length play, which will be released under the name of III. 



Music: Monaco, Bomilcar, Zarpelon
Lyrics: Monaco

This song was recorded @C4studios and it was Mixed and Mastered by Edu Recife @REVO Studios

This song was performed by PAX, featuring Alan Lopes on the electric guitar and crazy pedal gadgets and Nathan Bomilcar o guitars and Bass.

This video was conceived and directed by the BRNWSH Consortium and counted on the essential aid of Jean Machado and Mr. “D” Martinelli.

I was searching for some inspiration one of these days when I stumbled upon an incredible photograph in at Flickr. I quite can’t remember the name of the photographer, but my old lady was in need for a drawing of a couple kissing each other for a short film she’s producing about an artsy gal who discovered she’s about to die from some extra bad disease. At first I was hover over some books for inspiration, later I read a sentence -True love is blind. - in a song which droves me right to that picture again. So I decided to help my gal painting that pic in watercolors and pencils this painting here is the outcome. 

A special thanx to whoever captured that moment on film. It’s led me into places I’d forgotten in years. =) 


Como dizia o poeta… “Que seja infinito enquanto dure”

Short film, 2011, directed by Sérgio Santos, produced by Ana Beatriz Tabosa


I’d contributed to this short film with some sketches and watercolor Illustrations.They can be seen during the film and specially in it’s opening sequence. =]


E só sabe rir, quem muito chorou. E só sabe ser, quem jah foi privado de ser. E só sabe viver, quem já morreu pelo menos uma vez… e meu amor, tenho dito - se das outras vezes não aconteceu, não deu certo, essa pode ser sua vez.E porque não?Há mais entre céu e terra do que paredes teto e chão;Existe um mundo lá fora que é novo e é renovado todos os dias pra quem busca ver algo diferente do que já se viu.E se as vezes a gente ainda volta para os mesmos lugares, é porque alguma coisa ali sobrou à ser concluída.Então coloca a pedra, feche a mala, bata a poeira da roupa e dos sapatos e siga seu caminho;Uma pessoa querida demais me ensinou que o importante é ir, por vezes sem saber pra onde, mas ir.

Come away with me, my sweet relief

I’ve been numb for too damn long

Medicated, so wrong

Anesthetized to the voice that whisper in the wind

That softly surrounds me

In these cold days

In this turning point of cold times

This window seems to take me back to a place

Where You is whom I ought to find

From horizon to horizon, a friend 

I miss you 

I truly keep you alive

In my words, in my eyes

Wide awake and hopeful

Wide awake and grateful

Wherever you are

Thank you

What I have here in my hand

Is like faith but not faith
For those without faith also have
What I have here in my hand

What I have here in my hand
Is like feeling but deeper
It’s why I am here



Excerpt from Marillion’s song “Faith”.

O menino de ontem constrange; O homem de hoje indaga - O que fazer para que nao se apaguem as cores e os dizeres das paredes, testemunhas de tantos primeiros e segundos minutos?! - mantem-se a verdade de sempre ser, por trás da vaidade do crescer e esquecer-se do que se é feito; conheça um homem pelas perguntas que ele faz, nao pelas respostas que ele dá.

Ela Vem (Angústia)

Ela vem de leve e

Vai levando o

Vazio velado

Lava o véu e

livras lágrimas

levadas ao léo

Só quero que deixe

Que seja cedo,

Silenciando o sentido,

Desfalecendo o falado…

De onde você vem?

Letra: Victor Souza

Projeto Caixa Preta é:
Victor Souza, Rafael Mimi,  J.Monaco, Phillip Barboni, Cintia Tchy e Victor Paschoal

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Rurality for a better livin’.

There is something about the air of September that makes me wonder  

In this road I’m running through i didn’t know what to hope for

For having gone too far, disbelief came in rage pounding everything down. 

Remission; whispered words of love to my soul

- everything is gonna be alright… 

Steady, get ready, set and go! Back on the track

I looked back at the mirror this morning

And deep inside of me i saw you

Ain’t no more dirty hound tied to a post

Blood-thirst packed up with fury so grand 

Give one something to fight for

and one will give everything in return. 

Perfect shapes, flowing like a river running through my veins

Crashing onto each other like the tides and the northern cliffs

And yet soft and pure as the clouds i watched and dreamt about

Thought I would never feel that again, I realized i’ve never felt like this before

I find myself struggling to keep it under my skin just before i crawl for more

Something far beyond my control

We took the plunge

All hell broke loose, somehow unleashing the ties keeping my soul from rising

So a heavenbound figure came

From the other pole of the hive

Blurry lights took place all around

And just before i could see

Queen bee you were humming for me.


Damn! Where are those chords when I need ‘em?! ^^