Hiddleswift - That sinking feeling.

It’s one of those phone calls you really don’t ever want to receive. One of those times your heart plummets in your chest and your legs give way underneath you. Those heart-wrenching words no human wants to hear.

“Don’t panic but…” The voice said on the other end of the phone, making Taylor tense up immediately.

It was Luke, Tom’s publicist, calling from Germany where they were shooting parts of “Avengers: Infinity Wars part 2”. It was late morning there, meaning it was early in the morning in Nashville, where Taylor currently was.

“…Tom got himself in a bit of a mess early this morning during one of the stunts… basically he is in hospital.” Luke said, sighing slightly, having never wanted to make these types of calls to Tom’s family or significant other.

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I love how my parents argument for me not to get a tattoo is that “I’ll regret it when I’m older”, yet at the same time they want me to decide on a career for life at the ripe old age of eighteen…Like as if I won’t regret that decision in the future. At least if I regret a tattoo it’ll be a cool regret, unlike a boring career.
—  @jarfidd