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How about you not be so rude next time? Sirius is straight. End of story

((OOC: You’re entitled to your wrong opinion, it’s fine, love. And I can’t help it, I guess. I’m just a big, gay, rude asshole. What’s your excuse?))

Hey gays guys, so today I woke up and saw that I hit 3k so i’ve decided to do a follow forever!! I’m shook tbh, I never thought I would ever get 100 followers let alone 3k and I’m grateful for every single one of you. I love you guys so much!!

Kik squad *go follow them rn*: I love you guys so much!! Thank you all for being the greatest friends I could have ever asked for!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! @kinjongdae @blackveilsociety @futuremrsfitz @jasundilaurentis @bellamieblaike @benzolicius @spencerssauce @lisamanobanz @jesusjason @ianssmoothies @tokillamockingliar 

Fandom Friends *go follow them rn*: Honestly thank you so much for putting up with my trashiness (is that a word idk probably) I love you all so much and thanks for being my friends and making my time on tumblr a great one (cheesy af but true) @sophers @slightly-addicted-to-pll @spezriona @ezria-trash @waverlyswan @shayspieterse @im-so-fitzy @emilyseggs @not-a-renegade 

Awesome people you should go follow rn (Mutuals/Faves in bold): @3facedmirror @addictedtoprettylittleliars@adelemorav @aliciaclarksflannels @alisemily @alisondilasaurous @alisonfields​  @alisongaylaurentis @alisonisuniverse @alisonlovesemily @annabellisario @benzisario @bilaurentis @bitch-chipped-us @captainprettylittleliarsfanposts @dilaurentisfields@drink-your-sauce @e-m-i-s-o-n @eddieordie @eemersonm @emalison @emilyalisons @emilyandali@emilyandalisonforever @emison @emisonandchill @emisonbitchhh @emisonblogin @emisondifields @emisondilaurentis @emisongray @emisonisforever @emisonislifeok @emisonpains @emisonslut  @emsion @ewmushysquash @ezriaisbaepll @fuckyeslittleliars @hashtagpll @heathersapples @howtogetawaywithpll@ilykriz@immortalitymydxrlings@jellybeanfreak@justemison @justspencersluttinitup @keepingupwiththedilaurentis @liarsloveletters @littleliardiaries @lmunion @lostintheshapelessclouds @miss–montgomery @monavanderslayy @mr-cavanaugh @parisianmermaid @pinkdrinkhanna @pllrose @pretty-little-misery@prettylittleliarsxxxx @queerpuff @qweensasha @rosewood-fever @shqymitchell  @simplyemison @spariadically @spencerspookiebear @subjectx17 @sweetparie @takeanempanada @twistedlittleliars @wrenkingston

Sorry if I forgot you or if we’re mutuals and I didn’t put you in bold, message me & I’ll fix it!! Thank you so much for helping me reach this goal before the Summer Finale, I’m so grateful for every one of you!! Ily guys!!

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You seem like one of those people that get, what I like to call 'angry calm'. Like you can be swearing and everything and being really bitchy and argumentative or whatever but your voice is so fucking calm and face blank as you snap at someone.

((OOC: You would be correct. There are two types of Andy Anger. 

1. Swearing, cursing, pacing <—- this type is usually my heated political activist type. It’s the anger that I fuel when I am passionate about something.

2. I turn into Sherlock Holmes

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