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This video from Nike’s The Pool this weekend has some of the best BMX riding I’ve seen in a very long time. Dayyym good.


Here is a little iPhone video of the madness that is cycle speedway, that I filmed on sunday afternoon in Newport. Filmed & edited on my phone, with no added music, enjoy!

Time Trials

Last night, I decided to enter a local 8 mile time trial, against a bunch of geared riders. Being on a fixed gear with a not too high gear inch, I thought I was bound to come last, but to my suprise I didn’t! My fellow fixed riders (also of Track Dropouts) did a whole lot better than me, but they’re just faster in general. Next week I plan to step up my gear inch from 74" & get a much better time & position than this week’s 14th. I’m happy with the 14th that I got, but being my first ever ride, on my daily gear inch & not knowing the route, I’m sure I can knock a few seconds out of it!

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The riding in this cotest was next level. This video has some killer riding in it. Monster Energy at The Pool.