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“What are you doing?  Why are you photographing us.”
“To remember the moment!!”
“Why would I want to remember any moment spent with you.”

free drawing for theoraclenaryu !! it was just supposed to be a sketch but i got carried away.  (A NOTE:  to anyone who has bought something of mine before, if you post a pic of it, you get a free sketch from me :))


So this is the project that Briz and I threw together in a little over a week for my final. I never would have finished without her helping me with some of these images, guys, she needs all the love for this. I was talked into doing something animated for Journey into Mystery and somehow I decided to (flub a few details and) do kind of a moving story book rendition? whatever. I aced my final and all’s well that ends well. (If this gets all pixely for anyone besides just me??? 360p plays fine.)

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I did this as a project for one of my finals. Brizy helped me a lot with 4/6 of the talk-sprites and with kicking flash in the ass when it tried to chew up and spit out the actionscripts. still not sure how exactly she got it to work, but I’m not complaining. thank you briz!

oh, and while this is avengers, it’s partially inspired by avenger’s alliance, which also has the x-men and countless other marvel characters in it. everyone should check it out, it’s an awesome game.