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We have been talking to the Traders and Residents of Brixton about the nature of the businesses in the Arches on Brixton Station Road and Atlantic Road. A week ago, the businesses were all told that they will be evicted for redevelopment of the area for a year. Confusion over the right to return and mixed messages from the Landlords have since ensued. 

Whilst filming for a short film about the matter, it is clear that a majority of the community, from a wide range of backgrounds, old residents and new, love what these businesses have to offer. Fears that these established businesses will be replaced by larger chains are not unjust, following the recent changes to the area.

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ブリクストン・ビレッジ・マーケット ー 落書き。これはアートとジュエリー屋『ジョ・ダル・ポッツォ』。今開いていない。

Brixton Village Market - Art on shutters. This is “Jo Dal Pozzo” art & jewellery shop. Sadly it is closed at the moment.