meetmeinmymindpalace asked:

4, 5, 31, 38~, 87, 88, 93, 95, 98, and 99

4. Last song you listened to — Because - The Beatles

5. Last time you cried - Yesterday.

31. One thing I wish I could change about my life - My location.

38. Relationship status - In a serious relationship with youWhat answer were you expecting..? 

87. Do you believe in miracles? - I suppose so.

88. Love at first sight? - Yes.

93. How would you label yourself? - Cold, quiet, and subtle. Though I’m most likely leaving out many of my other qualities. As in, the ones I’d rather not think about because I don’t really like myself but anyway

95. Did you sing today? - Yes.

98. Out of everything in the world, what do you wish for? - To be close to you.

99. Are you afraid of falling in love? -

I don’t know how scared I used to be. Of just about everything. Talking to somebody was even a struggle. Whether they were in my family or otherwise— I’ve always had problems with that. I’m not sure how you made me this way, but I wouldn’t want to change back.

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