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Captain Swan AU: Granny’s Diner

Emma barely registered the door to Granny’s Diner opening as the dark liquid in her glass slid down her throat, burning as it went.  She had been alone, having asked Ruby and Granny if she could close up.  With what had gone down earlier in the day, they were only happy to comply.  She’d felt hopeless and the only way she knew to combat that was with the alcohol that was now in front of her.  She heard the seat next to her squeak but didn’t look over.  It didn’t matter who it was.

“What are you doing here, lass?”

Of course it was him.  She glanced at him before refilling her class.  “Drowning my sorrows.  It’s the only thing I’m good for.”  She downed the contents of the glass again.

“Why aren’t you searching for your lad?”

She slammed the glass on the counter, turning to him.  “Because they took him, and I have no idea where to start looking for him!”  She glared shoving her finger into his chest.  “And you!  You and David said you had it handled!  You would fight them off until we could get away, but they got to us and took him!”  She dropped her head, unable to even be mad anymore.  It was hard to feel anything else when you were feeling hopeless.

“Emma, I know we let you down today, but we can’t sit here and do nothing.  You know that!  Your lad is out there, and I can remember a time when you chained me to a beanstalk for him.”  He leaned onto the counter, trying to get her to look at him.  “This,” he said, gesturing to her, “is not that Emma right now.  The Emma I know is a fighter, who doesn’t give up despite having the odds stacked against her.  She’s resourceful and cunning and-”

“No, I’m not.  I’m dried up, remember?…  I’m useless,” she mumbled, before she felt his hand on her cheek.  He pulled her gaze up to his eyes, the calming of the blue taking her over.

“You and I both know that’s not true, love.”  He stroked her cheek, trying to convey how much he’d never meant those words to her.  That she was so far from useless.  That when this was over, he wouldn’t be done with her.  Her gaze dropped again, unable to deal with the implications of what was behind his eyes.  He sighed, dropping his hand.  He knew when this was over, they could worry about the spark between them.  For now, he held out his hand, waiting for her to take it.  “Come on, love.  We’ve got your son to find.”

Fanfic written by the wonderful beautiful amazing Britt (notdonewithyou)


Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe (prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10) part 11

Emma was surprised when he removed his hands from her eyes and they were standing at the well.  She’d only been to it a couple of times in her Storybrooke, and it was the source of magic there.  But without magic here, there was nothing she could do with it.  She didn’t even know if there was the possibility of getting back.  That’s what made everything about being here so difficult.  She missed her family back home beyond belief, but if she couldn’t get back…  This family here was already starting to grow a place in her heart she didn’t know she had.


Emma took small steps up leading up to the well.  It was a bit different than the one in her Storybrooke.  There was no plaque on the side speaking of the legend.  She walked around it halfway, dragging her finger around the rim of it, before looking up at Killian.


“What are we doing here, exactly?”


He gave her a soft smile.  “Given recent events and how…odd things have been lately, I thought it would be a good idea to come here.  Relish in the memories and all.”


She looked down, fearing that if she met his eyes, he’d know that she had no idea what memories he was talking about.  She glanced down at the still waters, doing her best to focus on still her voice as well.


“You know there’s a legend about this well, right?”


He quirked up his eyebrow in question.  “In all my years of living here, I’ve never heard of it.”


“Legend has it that this well can return things that were once lost.”


Killian scoffed.  “What?  Like magic?”


“Exactly like magic, dearie!”  A voice boomed from the well.


Emma and Killian both stepped back from the well, the voice taking both of them by surprise.  They both recognized the voice as Mr. Gold, but Emma felt a fear go through her as the smoke came up from the well, hovering above the opening, his body starting to appear in it.  Killian stood wide eyed at the scene, trying to make sense of what was in front of him.  Emma finally gathered herself and stepped forward again.


“Gold, what did you do?”


“What’s the matter?  Not enjoying yourself here, dearie?” he asked, smirking.  “I only gave you the perfect family.”


She opened her mouth to speak.  He wasn’t lying.  What she had here was everything she’d wanted as a kid and having even a small taste of it brought up that flicker of hope she’d still had as a young child.  “Why did you do this?”


“To break his heart.  Simple as that.”  Gold glanced back at Killian, disgusted by even this version.  “You know how he feels about you.  Seems like even a different universe doesn’t change that.”


“Can I get back?” she asked, desperation creeping into her voice.


“Well of course you can!  It’s always been your choice, but it’s also in your power.  You’ve got to figure it out.”  The smoke started to fade away.  “Tick tock, dearie.  You can’t have both families.  I look forward to your decision.”  As the smoke started to fade even more, she heard a voice.  An all too familiar voice that she heard here every day, calling her name.


“Emma!”  But it was too late.  The cloud was gone, the voice lost on the wind.


Her heart clenched at the sound and she stood there, dumbfounded by what had just occurred.  There was a way home, but she was still no closer to figuring out exactly what it was.  She knew she had magic.  Maybe it followed me here.  She was so absorbed in her thoughts, she didn’t notice Killian make his way around to her.


He grabbed her arm, turning her to face him.  “What the hell was that?” he exclaimed.


Emma looked up, finally realizing that he’d witnessed the entire thing.  “I think…  I think I need to explain some things to you.”

Fanfic written by the wonderfully talented Britt (notdonewithyou)