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Will You Be Mine? || Pierceman

Valentines Day had never meant anything to Puck, having always been a guy who hooked up and left before feelings developed. But as Brittany was back in town and she was queen of the holidays, it only seemed fair if he treated her in the way she deserved. Which meant her favorite Chinese food and beers, especially as it turned out that Cassie was at a friend’s sleepover so no brats and no parents. It was almost like high school again but without the necessary evil of teachers pervading almost every moment of their lives. 

The present she had left him was tucked away in his wallet and having debated it with himself, he put his guitar on the truck’s bed, just in case. Maybe he would inspired to sing or jam with her? But he decided he had better be prepared rather than need to go home. Once at the Pierces’, he had no desire to leave until the next day, at the earliest. He made sure to swing by the now infamous grocery store and picked up a small bunch of flowers, a jokey card and beer before going to collect their food.

He wasn’t a complete moron though and knew that while there were no expectations of each other, especially given he didn’t know how long either was going to be in Lima, they were still friends so if a cheesy present was what she wanted, he would supply it. They used to always do that, some of her birthday presents from over the years still sitting up in his room, making him smile whenever he looked at them. It didn’t have to mean anything anyway, right? Driving over to her house and parking in front of the garage, he collected everything except the guitar and knocked at her door. Glancing down at himself, Puck nodded, happy with his outfit and waited for her to answer.