So this just happened...

Irrelevant to the blog itself as it is not about Accident Princess Britty Cat, however it is relevant to the subject matter we all enjoy so much. I don’t plan to make a habit of posting non Brittany things on this blog but I have to share this with someone who will appreciate it.

I was just on facebook and saw a post from this girl i used to work with, named Jenna. She’s probably around 25 or 26 now. She was a very goofy, outspoken and uninhibited girl when i knew her, but even this surprised me to see that she’d post it online. Her update says “that awkward moment when you have to go to the bathroom on your way home but you also really want a frosty so you get stuck in line at the wendys drive thru and poop your pants”. She added the little feelings thing to the post with a blushing emoji that says “feeling embarrassed”.

We need more Brittanys and Jennas in the world…girls who will put off getting to a toilet because they think they can hold it in, but then they have accidents…bless them.

Update: some stuff from the comments. Mostly it’s just her friends expressing shock and amusement at her expense. One comment was apparently from her mother, with a very disappointed “oh jenna… why…and why on facebook…” to which jenna replied “it was an accident mom and the world needed to know. How else will people learn from my mistake they need to know to prioritize toilets over delicious delicious frozen chocolatey bliss as difficult a choice as it seems” i appreciate her outlook. Another friend commented “diarrhea always strikes at the worst time…” and jenna replied “ugh. I can’t decide if this makes it better or worse but it wasn’t even diarrhea”. A friend replied “lmao how would that make it worse that it wasn’t” and jenna said “….cuz like why couldn’t i hold it”

“Cas, you got your ears on?”  Dean squeezed his eyes shut, whispering to himself as he paced the treeline.  “Cas, come on… I need you, man.” 

“Who are you talking to?”

Opening his eyes, Dean sighed, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiled at Mary.  At his mom.  “Just wait, mom.  You’ll see.”


Dean spun on his heels, finding himself nose-to-nose with Cas.  He didn’t have time for words before he was in Cas’s arms, nearly crushed by the strength of the angel’s embrace.  “Hey, Cas,” he whispered, letting himself lean into it.  He let himself bury his face against Cas’s neck.  

“You’re alive.”  Cas was near tears as he clung to Dean, his fingers gripping the hunter’s shirt.  

“I’m alive.”  Sighing, Dean forced himself to pull back ever-so-slightly to look at Cas, let himself get lost in that breathtaking blue for a moment, as he had so many times over the years.  “How did you find me?  I don’t even know where the hell I am.”

Cas smiled, sliding to Dean’s shoulder.  “Well, we do share a more profound bond.” 


Turning, Dean took a step back from Cas, smiling proudly.  “Mom… this is Castiel. Cas….  He’s… He’s my…” He paused, looking at Cas, his hand still gripping the angel’s arm.  “Angel,” he finished.  “Cas, this is my mom, M–”

“Mary.”  Cas stepped out of Dean’s grip, making his way toward Mary.  Smiling, he reached out for her hand, squeezing it gently.  “It’s good to see you again, Mary.”

Again?” Dean’s brow drew together in confusion.  “What do you mean again?” 

Mary looked to her son and sighed, a gentle, sweet smile tugging at her lips. When she smiled, Cas could always see where Dean’s beautifully charming smile came from.  “Castiel came to visit me sometimes.  He let me know my boys were okay.  That they had a guardian angel watching over them.”  She squeezed Cas’s hand, and touched Dean’s cheek with the other.  “That my boys were loved.  By so many, and so much, but by no one more than him.” 

Heart to Heart

“Sam, may I ask you something?”

Sam looked up from his book to find Cas standing at the head of the table. He looked concerned. Or distressed. Or upset. Perhaps it was all three. “Yeah. Of course.” He gestured to the empty chair beside him. “What’s up, Cas?”

With a heavy sigh, Cas sat down. His brow was drawn together. His hands refused to lay at rest. “Where’s Dean?” It was more of an afterthought; clearly not the question he had for Sam.

“Uh, grocery run, I think.” Sam closed his book and set it on the table. “What’s goin’ on, Cas? What’s wrong?”

Again, Cas sighed. “You… You’ve been in love, haven’t you?”

Sam’s eyes widened, and he sputtered out sounds that couldn’t quite be put together in a sentence. “Uh… What? I mean. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I have, Cas. But what… Why?”

Cas ignored Sam’s question, and persisted with his own. “What does it feel like to be in love with someone?”

A soft smile tugged at Sam’s lips. He huffed out a laugh, and settled back in his chair. “It, uh… It feels like there’s butterflies in your stomach. You hate being away from them for too long ‘cause you start to miss them. They’re the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last thing on your mind at night.

“You want to put their well-being before your own. You… You want to see them happy and okay, no matter what. Hearing their voice makes you smile. Seeing them after being away makes your heart skip a beat.” He paused and sighed, letting a wistful smile pass over his face. “Being around them makes breathing feel easier… Makes the world seem brighter.”

Sam fell silent, and Cas remained quiet for a long while. He let Sam’s words swirl through his brain, and rattle themselves into a rational thought. Finally, he leaned forward. “Sam?”

“Yeah, Cas?”

“I believe I’m in love with Dean.”

Phone Call || Bree
  • Kitty slumped against a tree, staring out dizzily at the lake in front of her. After going to the doctor, and getting her new walking cast, the blonde had went for a walk in the woods with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and was sufficiently wasted. Frowning slightly, Kitty pulled out her phone, scrolling through her contacts to 'B', before calling the number she wanted, bringing her phone to her ear.