Marque de l'imprimeur Jehan Calvez, sur l'édition de 1499 du Catholicon de Jehan Ladadeuc (sign of the printer Jehan Calvez, on the 1499 edition of the Catholicon by Jehan Ladadeuc

Catholicon (from the Greek Καθολικόν, universal) is a Breton-French-Latin dictionary. It is the first Breton dictionary and also the first French dictionary. It contains six thousand entries and was compiled in 1464 by the Breton priest Jehan Lagadeuc and printed in 1499 in Tréguier. A manuscript of the dictionary is preserved in the national library in Paris identified as Latin 7656.

Britton Belongs In Birdland...Just Not For Opening Day

Since I only got one comment on my Opening Day roster predictions yesterday, I felt like it deserved the honor of being the focus of today’s post. The comment itself strongly disagreed with my exclusion of Britton from my projection of the O’s starting rotation. Thus, let me explain…

Until I see him on the mound against the Twinkies come early April, I will persist in my belief that Zach Britton starts the year in triple-A. I understand that this is not a popular view. However, I don’t understand why so many people are for perpetually promoting a MLB sophomore who only posted a 1.45 WHIP and a 4.61 ERA over a career 154.1 innings in the bigs.

Yes, Britton was magical for April and May last year. But he was only okay in June. And then he was…well…a 2011 Baltimore Orioles starter. He was demoted. He was called back up. And he finished the season with a 5.76 ERA over 50 IP in the second half. Now, exactly why is it unthinkable that Britton will be sent back to the minors for a bit more seasoning this year?

Say what you want, but the fact is that Britton was called to the Show before he was ready last year. Frankly, there was no one else in town to cover for the injury to Matusz. This year, there are plenty of pitchers in town. And now Britton has this weird shoulder thing that every one is monitoring.

Let him go back to the minors for the start of this year…and, unlike last year, let him stay down there for a month or so. When he pitches so well for a couple of weeks that he forces Dan Duquette to bring him up, great. But, until then, there are too many horses in the stable not to send a young guy like Britton for one more jog around the farm.

Go O’s.